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The Service engineers Forum needs YOU !!

The service engineers forum is now an established net resource and is visited by around 80,000 service engineers worldwide every month !!

The forum is currently looking for contributors who would like to share their servicing knowledge with like minded engineers.

We welcome any service articles, repair tips or your experiences with the service & repair trade. Don't worry if your not sure how to word an article, send us whatever you have & we'll give it the spit & polish treatment if needed.

Although at present we can not offer any financial rewards for your input, we do offer you the opportunity to help others by sharing your expertise & servicing knowledge with a worldwide audience & the recognition of your fellow professionals.

Don't forget, The service engineers forum is a FREE site to all engineers but we DO need your input!!

Please E-mail any contributions to the site editor: Click here
Don't forget to include your name (or pseudonym) for your articles, Tips or Repair Experiences.

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