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Hitachi TV Model: C2133TN (Nokia Stereo Plus) Chassis)
Very strong red content in the picture, sometimes the fault would clear with the strong red content fading until the correct greyscale was achieved
After much searching around i found the problem. There was a very small crack in the solder at RH23, this is a 2K4 surface mounted resistor located at the back of the tube base. Resoldering both sides of it cured the fault
Jvc TV Model: C-V14EKS/B/W (Onwa Chassis)
No Red
I was hoping the nvm had become corrupt and turned the red drive down but it was fine (To enter service mode press and hold vol up and vol down on the front panel and switch set on). Thankfully ZD405 (8V2) had expired (almost s/c) and removed the red
(Andy Doswell)
Sanyo Video Model: VHR776E
Check and replace PR512 (which is located towards the front right hand side)
(T.t.r.s. - Tim)
Nikkai TV Model: BABY 10
No / int luminance
Poor contacts within the service switch
Sony TV (AE1 Chassis)
Field non linearity and short picture
Check / replace C531 (680uF, 25v), only slightly leaky, but a new one cured the fault
Philips Video Model: VR200
Unit not working, no FL display, ticking from PSU, head drum twitching
Electrolytic cap in PSU primary dried up (47uF, 50v)
Ideal/Slx TV Model: IDTV28T/IDTV28N/SLX28T2/28N (SM2 Chassis)
EW fault then set went dead (tripping), R711 on EW panel burnt
Check for dry joints on C620 (0.47uF, 250V), if dry replace then check Q602 and R618 (5K6). Also it is worth replacing Q580 anytime these sets come into the workshop with a BF422
(Leonard O'Brien)
Philips TV Model: 25PT4423 (L6.2 Chassis)
Stuck in standby, LED on, no HT
There may be no 5V to the microprocessor. Check R3509 and D6501. Replace R3509 with a 47k 1 Watt version (4822 053 10473). D6501 is type BZX79B5V6 (4822 130 34173). Check the +150 volt rail, 145V is too low
(Adel Ibrahim)
Rca TV Model: F27442 (CTC203AD5 Chassis)
No picture and sound, only a high pitch sound at switch on
Remove horizontal transistor and measure the resistance across any two pins. This value should be no less than 200ohms
Sony TV Model: KV-M2131U (BE1 Chassis)
Intermittent loss of syncronisation, both horizontal and vertical
The surface mounted power transistor on the teletext module requires resoldering. As there is evidence of scorching on the board the use of a more substantial component would be indicated perhaps with small heatsink
(Desmond Armstrong)
Samsung TV Model: CZ-21D83NS
Double picture or raster shifted
Check R414 (15K)
Sony TV Model: KV2565
Dead with H. output short circuit, replacment blows short again
First check power area and repair dry joints then change all high voltage (PF value) capacitors in the horizontal section, this fixed the problem
(Imran Khan)
Mitsubishi TV Model: CT29B2STX
Various faults, dead, int. dead, poor frame, poor E-W
Change all electrolytic capacitors in the primary. Check all large electrolytics in the secondary (Ie bigger that 470uF), check all capacitors around IC950 (error amp.). Most capacitors you will find are leaking electrolyte. Might be a long job!!!
(Andy Doswell)
Sony Video Model: SLV-E800
No picture - screen is empty. Sound is ok
Check IC101 (BA7630F), if video signal comes to input (pin 1) but not present at output (pin 14) then replace this IC
Panasonic Video Model: NVHD650B
Fault code F80. works occassionally then doesnt work at all
There is a plastic piece on the motor which rotates when you press play or eject. A plastic cap fits on the spindle of the motor. This slips and doesnt grip the motor hence does not turn the drive gears. Just glue or replace the part (use loctite or super glue)
Philips TV (A10 Chassis)
Procedure to view customer service menu
Press Mute button on handset and any button on the TV, hold for a few seconds and menu will appear
Ferguson Video Model: FV105HV
Vcr dead, slow oscillation in p.s.u
Replace CP007 and CP008 close to the U4614B (Found this tip posted under Thomson VPH6601 which seems to have the same PSU)
Philips TV Model: 32PW6526-05 (SA10E Chassis)
Procedure to exit child lock with pin unknown / "locked" displayed on screen
Switch set on, press menu, select feature and press enter, select parental lock and press enter, then enter the code 0, 7, 1, 1 twice, the lock should now have cleared
Fermendi TV (F19 Chassis)
Procedure to invoke service mode
I have used this method and it works (supplied from the makers manual). With tv off, hold volume up button on tv, switch tv on and keep holding volume up button whilst pressing standby on remote (this must be done within 4 secs of switch on) at no time let volume go, press the yellow memory button on the handset to store
(Steve Taylor)
Toshiba TV Model: 28W23B (11AK37 Chassis)
Procedure to enter the service mode
Press the menu button then 4,7,2,5
Toshiba TV Model: 28W23B (11AK37 Chassis)
Picture displaced vertically, picture too high or low
This problem was cured by entering the service mode (menu then 4,7,2,5), then pressing the green fastext button to access geometry settings, selecting VP1 (vertical position) and adjusting as necessary
Sony TV (BE3D Chassis)
Procedure to enter the service mode
Press standby, i, 5, vol+ and tv (TT should now be displayed on the screen indicating the set is in the service mode)
Grundig TV (CUC7301/3 Chassis)
Power supply blown
This is often caused by a dry joint at C669 in the snubber network but also check the mains bridge rectifiers reservoir capacitor (47uF, 385v) for o/c, this item is not included in the ususal p.s.u repair kits and if not checked may result in a repeat blow up !
Sony TV Model: KV32TS20
Dead no click, Q502, Q601, Q602 shorted and blown fuse 602
Change all the above parts and also check R647, C512, C525, D607, D608, D609, D610, D622, VDR601 off primary side of T605. I`ve also found T605 bad too. ToughDog, Sony has bulletin out on this model
Sony TV Model: KV32TS20
Dead, good tip that I always use to save changed parts after replacing Q502, Q601, Q602 and blown fuse 602
I hook up 100 watt light bulb across fuse conection, then turn on tv, if light is very bright you still have a short. You saved the parts you changed, light should be dim and or blinks
Sony TV Model: KV27TS20
Intermittent video or snow
Resolder points A, B, C, D in tuner PCB, check cold solder on tuner shield 2-106-349-21
Ferguson Video Model: FV70B
Dim display
Check capacitor CP41 (220uF, 10v)
Panasonic Video Model: NV-L20
Poor playback and recording (looks like poor heads). Also shows as interference when playback appears
Check all electrolytics in secondary of switch mode power supply
Hitachi Video Model: VTM640
Low video level
Replace C1530 (47uF, 16v)
Jvc Video Model: HRJ235EK
Rubbing noise at start of full tape with horizontal picture judder
Excessive take up tension! Replace take up clutch item 25, Pt no PQ46323A-1
(E.T. Sandy)
Vestel TV (11AK19 Chassis)
Dead, ticks from switch on
Lop transistor dead short (BU2508AF) also check cap (12nf)
Bush TV Model: WS6671 (11AK19 Chassis)
Very low width and bowed verticals,no ew correction. R626 o/c
C630 (390nF, 300v) faulty, located next to scan socket. This fault can also be caused by R629 (2R7 fusable) o/c. In my set C630 was dry-jointed but not faulty. Check generally for dry joints in the E/W and PSU areas. Note that R629 is a safety component
(Ian - Brighton)
Ferguson TV Model: TX98 (TX98 Chassis)
Intermittent tripping and switching to channel 1
Replace IC11 (TDA8138) 5/12 volt regulator ic
(Steve - Comet service)
Metz TV (11AK20 Chassis)
Switches to standby when hot
Check 4.00Mhz Xtal
(Wayne Haverson)
Sony TV Model: KV-M1400D (BE2A Chassis)
Retrace lines on picture, 60V on RGB transistors
C700 (100nF, 250V) seems to be leaky, but main problem is R723 which had gone from 27R to 1.2M, both on CRT board
Sony TV Model: KV-M1400D (BE-2A Chassis)
Dead, after replacing ic601 (STR54041) and Q601 (BC637) standby led blinks red twice, then blank, no HV
Replace fuse p801 (ICPN15 - 0.6A 50V, TO92)
Amstrad Video Model: DD8900
Bottom deck fails to load tape when pressing play/record. Sounds like loading motor is labouring when the pinch roller engages capstan shaft
The loading may complete if black pulley wheel on motor drive is 'helped'. Look for stiff linkages before suspecting Motor
Tatung TV (F Series Chassis)
Starts up with black raster, then shuts down with LED blinking 4 times
This is the micro telling you that the auto grey-scaling procedure has failed. Change resistors R909, R913 & R922 (180k, 1%) on crt base PCB. You will probably find that all these have gone high
(Rob Hancock)
Matsui TV Model: 1408T
Locked out by incorrect pin number being used - and Dixon's want 25 to do this!
1: Press standby on remote control to switch TV on
2: Press volume minus button on set front, while pressing 7 on remote control for at least two seconds, until 'OK' appears in the middle of the screen
Thanks to my son who has no TV training at all!!
Panasonic TV Model: TX28W3 (EURO 1 Chassis)
No raster, only heard a pip from speakers that went after a few seconds
C623 and R628 changed
Grundig TV Model: ST70-460 (CUC4635 Chassis)
Intermittent start up and tripping
Dry joint on R636, vertically mounted 4.7 ohm wirewound in sw mode circuit
(Peter Nutkins)
Nei TV Model: 2031TX
No Power
R802 open circuit. Unknown device (poss. Thermistor). Replaced with 15K, 2Watt
Sony TV Model: KV-2565MT (SCC-E64P Chassis)
Horizontal output transistor Q802 goes short repeatedly
C818 (1uF, 250v) had lost capacity, replaced C818 and Q802 and unit was ok
(Fiesta Service)
Sony TV Model: KVD-C21MF1 (SCC-K68A-A Chassis)
No sound and screen not appearing, B+ ok
No input on pin 5 of IC301 (MC44002P), R339 had failed, once replaced the unit was ok
(Fiesta Service)
Bush TV Model: 28ZKF
Set powers up but no sound and blank raster
RF10 o/c (33 ohm)
Panasonic TV Model: CT20G12V
This was found to be due to the STR58041 chip
Philips TV Model: GR2.4AA (GR2.4AA Chassis)
No picture, just black screen
Check R3414, an SMD chip on the CRT board. There could be invisible bad solder joints
(Kalle Birgersson - Sweden)
Panasonic Video Model: NVJ40
Poor picture, may clear as unit warms up
Check C27 in the power supply secondary
Philips TV Model: TX2112 (U5N Chassis)
Sound mutes for too long when changing stations (up to 30 secs)
The MAB8441-T005 was faulty (no longer available)
Thorn Video Model: VR414LVA
Dead, no functions, no display
Replacing CP19 (1000uF, 10v) in the PSU restored operation
Goldstar Video Model: P13I
Dead, no functions, no display
Replacing CP19 (1000uF, 10v) in the PSU restored operation
Goldstar Video Model: P13I
E-E in playback & dim display
CP25 (100uF, 10v) in PSU cured dim display. No need to dismantle whole deck. W152 was ok
Thorn Video Model: VR414LVA
E-E in playback & dim display
CP25 (100uF, 10v) in PSU cured dim display. No need to dismantle whole deck. W152 was ok
Jvc Video Model: HR-S4700EK
Intermittently crunches tapes on eject
I had to use a clear service cassette to see what was occuring during the eject sequence and found that during the unthread, the take up reel was rotating anti-clockwise and was not being braked, the felt pad on the take-up sub brake had fallen off the arm, a new brake cured the problem
Firstline TV Model: 1433GR
Chopper secondary voltage (115V) was way too high (around 220V)
C615, Q605, Q606 and R308 had all died, The value of C607 (47uF) was out of range. Note: This set is equivalent to the Princess GT-1412
(Armando Valente)
Sony TV Model: KV-HF14M80 (BG-3S SSC-U21F Chassis)
Dead in standby mode, no primary voltages, led orange
Change uMICOM CXP86449-627S

Thomson TV (ICC17 Chassis)
Picture lacking in contrast and brightness
The symptoms suggested a beam limiter fault, replacing transistor TL02 (BF422) which was found to be leaky produced excellent pictures
(Kind Regards - LB)
Philips TV (L6.2 Chassis)
Power supply will not start up
Resistor 3506 (0.33 Ohms, 1w fusible) had failed, a replacement brought the set to life
(Kind Regards - LB)
Schneider TV Model: TV9
Line output transistor short circuit
Replacement did not clear the fault and the protection circuit was operating. C307 (0.047F, 200V) was found to be o/c, when removed it had a bubble on the side, it's part of a potential divider network (C306 & C307 in series, centre of which goes to the protect circuit), it is hard to get to being right by the line output transistor
(Kind Regards - LB)
Beko TV Model: 14.2
The +Ub voltage (+140V) was not present, fault in switching power supply
Transistor T601 (SK2545) had failed, replace/check resistor R602 (1Meg ohm) in switch control circuit, also if T601 is s/c the control chip TDA16846 will also be damaged
(Gordon w.Cox)
Sony TV Model: KV25K5U (FE1/FE1A Chassis)
No sound or vision, front led flashing
Replaced line output transistor, resoldered dry joints on driver transformer. Also check for any other poor joints in this section. Have used a 2SD1878 as replacement, This seems to work ok as the Sony original is very expensive
(A. Gould)
Sharp TV Model: 6GF63H (DA-50W Chassis)
Noise from speakers / center speaker even with the volume set at minimum
Replace IC1300 (BA4558F 8pin smd) and IC1302 (TDA7480) which are both located on the central speaker amplifier plug-in PCB
Jvc Video Model: HRJ205
Dead, no negative voltages on psu connector
Check R32 (100 ohms) in psu for o/c
Normanse Spectra TV Model: 5207 (F11 Chassis)
Dead set, power supply ticking
R164 was found to be open circuit
Decca TV Model: D28NT92S (PT92 Chassis)
Dead set, no stby led
Check RP06 (3.9meg), RP05 (1meg) and RP07 (15R) in psu
Sanyo TV Model: Spectra 2000
Picture had only wide screen effect
Found set on the street ! beautiful little 14" tv, still looks like new, replaced 33uF, 160v cap in power circuit as it was bleeding its guts onto the pcb, has worked perfectly ever since !
(Ronyec Andras - Montreal)
Teac TV Model: CT-M685 (ONWA Chassis)
Set stays in standby intermittantly or will int switch off to standby also brightness and contrast slightly low
Resolder all joints in the power supply (very small dry joints that need a microscope to find !) also check / replace replace capacitors C109 and C110 and check condition of other psu caps.
Panasonic Video Model: NVJ30 (G-Deck)
Severe patterning of white streaks filling the screen in playback. E-E is ok
C1122 in the power supply unit. It is probably leaking its contents
(Rob Marshall)
Panasonic Video Model: NV-366
Front buttons (Play, FF etc.) don't work
Caused by faulty remote control jack socket - this machine uses a wired remote
Matsui TV Model: 1420T
Dead set, P.S.U. not firing up
Resistor R511 (1.8M) open circuit
Salora TV(J Chassis)
Start up problems
Replace CB712 and CB726 in the power supply. Both are same value (4.7uF, 50V)
Goldstar TV Model: 20A80
No picture, FR406 ok
Check the video output amplifier stage for failure
(Zubair Almas)
Panasonic Video Model: NV870 (D1 Mechanism)
Noisy FM audio
Add a 0.01uF 50v ceramic capacitor between pin 9 of IC4509 and ground (only applies to units with serial numbers prior to D5K)
Panasonic Video Model: NV870 (D1 Mechanism)
Mode switch chatters
If it still does this with a new mode switch, check the serial number. If it's prior to numbers beginning A5K... then add a 560 ohm resistor and a 50v 0.68uF electrolytic capacitor in series, between pin 2 of IC6002 and ground.
Panasonic Video Model: NVF70
No sound via SCART socket
Fit R4908 and R4910 on input/output pack, as they may be missing ! (Both 47 ohm)
Panasonic Video Model: NV730B (D1 Mechanism)
Video heads wear very quickly
Check the back tension if you haven't done so already - it was set too high when manufactured.
Sony TV Model: KV2020
Picture is folded over at the top and curled at the top left hand side
Replace C559 and C560
Sony TV Model: KV1412
Noisy picture
Replace relay RY481 on S2 board
(Nigel Burton)
Sony TV Model: KV1412
Vertical line at the left of the picture
Replace L506 on A board, replacement part number 1-407-366-00
(Nigel Burton)
Sony TV Model: KV1412
Set reverts to standby mode when switched on, because IC003 does not reset correctly
Replace IC003 on A board, IC type CX523013P
(Nigel Burton)
Medion TV Model: MD7103VTS (11AK18 Chassis)
Power LED and Sound OK. EHT Voltage for 1 Second after switching on via Remote Control
Replace vertical deflection circuit IC605 (TDA8361) - dont forget to apply Heat transfer compound !!
Sony TV Model: KV28WS3 (AE3 Chassis)
No sound or picture, in protection after 2 seconds
No 6.5 Volt on G-board. Fuse resistor PS605 is broken on G-board. Cause: bad contacts
(Jan Post)
Philips TV (ANUBIS A-AC Chassis)
Low 95v rail, (35v)
C2530 open circuit completely
(P willis)
Panasonic TV Model: TX28W3 (EURO 1 Chassis)
At switch on a strange sound comes and goes for a few seconds, no sound and vision
Check R622, Q624 and T639
Grundig TV (CUC5310 Chassis)
Dead, no shorts found
Look for dry joints on the scan coil plug (may not be visable) also resolder the 12v and 5v regs
Sony TV Model: KV21GMR1 MkII
No raster, flyback squeeking
Check the damper diode, in my case it was leaky, also check the electrolytic capacitor connected from the collector of the pin out trans.
Rca TV Model: F19220BK (CTC175L2 Chassis)
Erratic screen / intermittent, eprom causes multiple possible symptoms, clicks on/off, tuner, you name it !
Mass defect caused by bad solder in tuner, once fixed will probably last forever. Resolder tuner wrap-around groundings and all pins under tuner shield (bottom), if no success suspect a corrupted eprom
Sony TV Model: KV20TS20
Snowy or intermittent picture, makes popping sound
Solder all coils in stand up board and tuner
Philips TV (A10E Chassis)
Randomly switching to scart input when the programme output from the tuner should be displayed
This is now becoming a common problem, the cause being the painter chip IC7064 which is located on the small signals panel, there are 8 different versions but only 3 common versions
Schneider TV Model: DTV2
Shuts off after 20 minutes or so
Dry joint on FBT
(Chris Prestwich)
Sony TV Model: KV-M21TU (AE1 Chassis)
Intermittent rolling and loss of luminance, improves as set warms up
Dry joints on tuner / IF board
Sony TV Model: KV-21FS100 (BA6 Chassis)
No power, R640 open
Change R640, IC600 and associated electrolytic capacitor
(Ivn Melndez)
Philips TV-Vid Combi Model: Televideo
No vcr transport functions via remote
This is the symptom when the remote control has switched from the correct VCR1 mode to the VCR2 mode (usually due to low battery voltage or the batteries being replaced), to rectify the situation hold both the stop button and button 1 together for 5 seconds, alternatively for different remote versions holding the stop button and button 2 together for 5 seconds will rectify the problem
Toshiba TV Model: CF3060K
Problems with screen size
Look out for 2 x 2.2uF electrolytics (sometimes red in color)
Daewoo TV-Vid Combi Model: DVT-1482P (CP310 Chassis)
Totally dead except for a few rapid flashes from the green led at switch on
C811 a 100uF, 16v capacitor in the power supply was the cause, it is located next to the chopper transistor's heatsink. This is the same TV/Video as the Goodmans TVC14VP
(Rob Marshall)
Panasonic Video Model: NV-HD675 (Z-Mech Chassis)
Intermittently shutting down with HO1 in display
Problem can be caused by stator board VEK9017 but in this case the problem was the upper drum assy! The bearings seize up when warm!
(E.T. Sandy)
Sanyo TV Model: CEP3011V-30 (A1-B14 Chassis)
After switching on, no longer able to switch-off with remote control, standby light comes on with sound muted. (Original remote control: RM-700)
Opto-coupler PC113 faulty
Ge TV Model: PTK195AA (PTK195 Chassis)
Works fine for 10 or 15 min. (or sometimes 1 or 2 days) then bows from top and loses convergence
Replace the STK730-130, located on small board above the convergence module
(Clonch tv)
Lenco TV Model: 14P1MNA
Standby only
Check R101 (4.7ohm), TR102 (C6180) and C126 (47uF, 16V)
Sony TV Model: KV-M1400 (BE2A Chassis)
Insuficient vertical deflection. Line rolling on top of picture
Replace ceramic capacitor C524
Tandberg / Seleco / Sinudyne TV Model: 3TS645 (PC170 Chassis)
No vertical scan, just one bright line in the middle
Suspect R235 (18kohm), in some cases the TDA3654 may also have failed
Grundig TV Model: M70-490/9 TEXT (CUC3800 Chassis)
No sound, picture ok
When shifting up the channel frequency using the fine tuning, a very weak sound could be heard. Replaced the sound IF demodulator chip U2829B(IC2110)
(Rui Loureiro - Portugal)
Sanyo TV Model: CEP2190M
No sound
IC901 (TDA4935) blown due to excessive supply voltage, capacitors C619, C623, C810, C600, C601, C859 defective. Also verify R822
(Jeroni Paul)
Jvc TV Model: AV25S1EK
Field collapse
Resolder TDA3654 as joints appear good but on application of soldering iron show to be dry
Mitsubishi TV Model: CS40503
Sometimes will not power up, missing 15 volt standby
Replaced D982 and C982, both leaky
Sony TV Model: KV24FS100
Will not power, led blinking
check R640 (1K 1/4w) if open replace ic600 (8-759-670-30)
Schneider TV Model: STV630UK
Only half a screen of frame scan
Replace IC401 (TDA8177F). If any blanking problems occur after chip replacement, check R327 (1ohm) next to IC401
Sharp TV Model: DV6632H (4BS-C Chassis)
Led changes from green to red, fails to start up, no EHT but secondary voltages in psu ok (150V ok)
Check Q601 and Q606, these are Q600 LOPT drivers, there should be 2V P-P on base of Q606 and 150V on collector of Q601, replace Q606 with a BC182 (check pinout)
(Steve May)
Matsui TV Model: 25M3
Failure to start up, led pulses
Check for dry joints on R541 and D436 located next to L.O.P.T
Proline TV Model: 28N1 (F19 Chassis)
Procedure to invoke service mode
I have used this method and it works (supplied from the makers manual). With tv off, hold vol up button on tv, switch tv on and keep holding vol up button whilst pressing standby on remote (this must be done within 4 secs of switch on) at no time let vol go
(Steve Taylor)
Sharp TV Model: DV7045SN
No vertical deflection
R615 open (0.13 ohm 1/2W). Also resoldered many bad solder joints
(Jeroni Paul)
Jvc Video Model: HRD750
Tracking does not lock. Picture runs up and down occasionally
(Very) Small electrolytic caps on the drum circuit board must changed (They may be the bigger can type, if you don't find small ones)
(Lassi Uuu)
Toshiba TV Model: 175T9B
Line tearing and incorrect field lock when cold
47uF electrolytic AGC decoupling capacitor inside tuner/if unit
(Colin fairfield tv)
Philips TV-Vid Combi Model: 14TVCR240
Poor tape transport, tape is crumpled, upper or lower side gets rippled
Replace the capstan roller, if the tape transport is still not smooth check the guidepole (between the audio/control head and the capstan), tape must touch border-ring. Adjust the audio head position (screws marked A and T)
Bluesky TV Model: TDX-70 (11AK19 Chassis)
HT low / missing
Q608 (BU2508) dead (short-circuited). Needed replacement. That's all...
Panasonic TV Model: TC2195DRS (Z3T Chassis)
SMPS noise. Low volt and high current on Usyst, no screen or sound
Irradio TV Model: MC-FBC-006
Dead, i.c. oscillating (may start if i.c. heated)
Check / replace R602 (2.2M, 1/2w)
Sony TV (FE-1 Chassis)
Procedure to return EEPROM to factory default settings
Select programme 59, enter the service mode and at the TT-- prompt enter 49 then 24 (for UK)and 08 then switch off at the mains
Sony TV (FE-1 Chassis)
Main p.s.u starts up then almost immediately shuts down
This was due to IC603 (SE135N) being faulty
Sony TV Model: KV-E2543E
Set goes to V protection mode (led flashes 13 times)
Check if there is saw signal at STV8379. If there is no signal, suspect dj in connector links between both motherboards, especialy the one very close to plastic frame
(Jose Carlos Pinto - Oporto)
Toshiba TV Model: 2505DB
Stretched frame or frame collapse
Replace modification diode 570 on copper side
Hitachi TV Model: C2846TN (311 Chassis)
Frame collapse or dotted line
Check and replace frame ic (TA8427K) or check R710 for open circuit, also check for possible dry joints on D601
(Jimmy n)
Sony TV Model: KV-A2923
Set starts, horizontal and vertical deflection work, HT ok, crt heaters ok, but no sound or picture
I turned the G2 voltage up and noticed a white screen with flyback lines, frame ok. I detected two badly soldered double diode rectifiers in the secondary part of the power supply ! I checked all other joints, and everything was ok !! success
Hitachi TV Model: C1714T
Frame collapse, causing set to go dead, also can cause the regulator transistor, to go s/c. BUT12AF. H.T. unstable
Check R951 (39K) goes high, in this case 65K, causing HT to go high
Philips TV (GR2.1 AA Chassis)
Poor picture quality from CVBS EXT1 and EXT3. Low intensity high saturation. Loss of sync. Shock and temp dependent
Dry joints on SMD resistors 3014 and 3019 on IF/Sound module other side of encapsulated TDA2549
(Choc's maker.)
Sony TV Model: KV-A2923
Standby led blinks slowly, a few times, chassis won't start up
I changed the vertical deflection ic type TDA8170 and I measured two leaky capacitors in the power supply. Better to change all 4 capacitors in the power unit, everything was then ok !
Sony TV Model: KV21M1D
Picture disapears a moment after changing program. Raster/OSD ok
Replace TDA9806 ic
Goldstar TV Model: CBT-9745 (PC91A Chassis)
Attempts to start up. When main switch is pushed ON, relay coupling and decoupling (on-off, on-off)
Replace: C805 (47uF, 50V) next to the TDA4605 and C801 (1uF, 50V)
Goldstar TV Model: CBT-9745 (PC91A Chassis)
TV dead. PSU ok, led lit. When button pushed on remote the LED goes out but set does not start (Missing HF voltage)
Replace: C417 (1uF, 250V) Elko for HF oscill. (next to HF trafo)
Philips TV (FL1.1AA Chassis)
Int shutdown with lights flashing
Check the 18v zener D6376
Philips TV Model: 20PV164-05
Vertical frame collapse
Change vertical output drive IC and nearby electrolytic capacitor
Nokia TV (FX Chassis)
Left part of picture missing after fitting vertical modification kit
Make sure you have fitted the extra capacitor between pins 8 and 9, instead of 10 and 9. Fitting incorrectly will destroy the sandcastle pulse and make the picture appear strange
(Kalle Birgersson, Sweden)
Nei TV (CE25 Chassis)
Dead - PSU clicking
Dry joints on D116 and C131 causing blown BU508A
(Andy Fraser)
Grundig TV (CUC5310 Chassis)
Picture int disappears leaving snow on screen
Resolder the Xtal in the tuner
(Kalle Birgersson, Sweden)
Schneider TV Model: STV630UK
Frame Collapse
Replace IC401 (TDA8177F) and resistors R325, R326, R327
(Jim Ross)
Matsui TV-Vid Combi Model: TVR185
Int sound
Check voltage on sound IC, if it drops with high volume change C620 (1000uF, 25 vdc)
Sharp TV Model: 66GF-63H
Blank grey raster with flyback lines,sound present and ok
Check pin 2 on connector H on tube base for 12V if high then check Q912 (BC337) for o/c
(David Mclellan)
Sony TV Model: KF60XBR800
No picture no sound timer light flash 44 fast 45 then 5 times then 5 times
Replace power block part # 1-468-510-11
Toshiba TV Model: 198X6M
Horizontal output continues to short
Check capacitors C403 and C408 (both 50v) these two caps tend to change capacitance
(Aze - Philippines)
Philips TV Model: 28PW6005 (A10 Chassis)
Changes to ext 1 when watching tv (ok with video input)
Painter ic IC7064 failed on the ssb (small signals board)
Philips Video Model: Turbo Deck
Chews tapes and poor tracking
Fit new pinch roller
(Cee dees)
Thomson TV Model: RP46
East-west and north-south bowing. Really bad convergence
The extra power supply is not working. Check R18 on primary side. It should read 220Kohm
(Kalle, Sweden)
B and O TV Model: LX5500
Sound disappears from time to time
If there is sound all the time via scart, but problem with both mono and stereo via tuner, check R137. It is a 4k7 pot on the tuner board
(Kalle, Sweden)
Rca TV Model: F27442 (CTC203AD5 Chassis)
No power, all standby voltages ok
Replace the guide plus. is located to the side of the tuner
Philips Video Model: VR678
Reel brakes not operating
Due to broken plastic pivot for pulse slider (item 110) mounted on chassis (does not look like replacement part but wve stock holder, pulse mech kit Pt no. 16256HL)
Bush TV Model: 2071NTX (11AK19 Chassis)
Black screen from tuner but OSD (menus and channel no.), teletext and sound work normally
Q500 and Q504 blown, replacement cured fault. Removing R508 also restored picture. Fault puts TDA8840 in RGB insertion mode continuously, so separated RGB input might still work
(Joe Kelleher)
Magnavox TV Model: RP2781 C101 (27X105-00AA Chassis)
No vertical deflection
If resistor R445 (1ohm) has gone open circuit this may cause IC550 (LA783x) to also fail. Replaced both IC550 and R445
Sony TV (FE-1 Chassis)
Procedure to display past error codes and the number of times they have occured (particulary useful for ongoing intermittent faults)
Enter the standby mode then press the on-screen display button (i+), 5, volume down, and finally the tv button. Note: the error count can be reset by pressing 8 then 0 on the remote control
Sony TV (FE-1 Chassis)
Intermittently displays bright red/green/blue raster then shuts down with led flashing 2, 4 or 5 times
Amazingly this was due to the CRT being faulty !
Philips TV Model: 33SL5796/16B (FL 1.0 Chassis)
Snowy picture specially in VHF band. After about 5 minutes, picture snowy in all bands. About 10 minutes after switching on, no picture nor sound, just snow on the screen
Replaced the TUNER/IF. Original code was FQ816ME which is no longer in production. Replacement code is FQ916DME
(Rui Loureiro - Portugal)
Sony TV Model: KV-21RXR1
Excessive brightness/ brightness control reverses its function
When setting brightness to minimum the pic became very bright, setting to maximum the picture became dark ! Found that R301 (270k ohms) near the jungle IC was o/c
Philips Video Model: VR6448 (20921 Chassis)
Mechanism jammed, some posts hard to turn
Grease has turned into cement!! Oil most of the moving parts, and move them to ensure oil penetrates
Universum TV (11AK19 Chassis)
Narrow Picture
After resoldering joints in the line output stage, check R629 (27ohms, 1/2w) safety resistor to E/W FET, also o/c capacitor C630 (0.47, 250volts). According to the schematic R629 is 2.7 ohms
Philips TV Model: 14PV220 (EPSILON 2001 Chassis)
Dead (Totally)
SMPS Chopper IC 7310 (MC44608 P75). I had no output from pin 5 with start up voltage pin 8 OK at 290V. If start up missing check start up resistor 3335 (1K). The only source I found for IC 7310 was Philips direct, part number 9322-143-51682, cost ~ 10
(Paul van gelder)
Philips TV Model: 21GR2751 (G90B Chassis)
Stereo set with no sound off air, maximum volume produces low hiss, some sound possible if station is detuned slightly. Sound via SCART is ok
Replace IC U2829B on audion panel
Nordmende TV Model: GALAXY 55 (ICC8 Chassis)
Dull picture
Replace (TT33) on tube base
(B goan)
Nordmende TV Model: GALAXY 55 (ICC8 Chassis)
Not tuning into channel
33v missing (RH040) o/c
(B goan)
Telefunken TV Model: PALCOLOR F531 (ICC9 Chassis)
Stand-by led flash but set does not start
Replace: TL19 (BUH517), DL21 and DL22, CL21 and CL22
Orion TV Model: TV2501B
Dead set or will start up and shut down
IRD shorted or leaky
(Clonch tv)
Sony TV Model: KV2062
Dark picture, No brightness control
1000V+ Missing caused by open circuit IK resistor Near to FBT
(Imran Khan)
Sony TV Model: KVFX29 (FX Chassis)
White horizontal line (no vertical deflection)
Check / replace R548, R549
Goldstar TV Model: CB20A86
Dead, F801 blown
Check short circuit PTC coil (Degauss) short Diode on main Cap+ Check for failure of regulator IC801 (STR5707), Also check H.output D1651 for short circuit
(Imran Khan)
Toshiba TV Model: 32ZD09G (C00S Chassis)
Procedure to enter the service mode
Press the mute key on the handset once, then press the mute key for a second time but hold it down while also pressing the menu button on the set
Schaub Lorenz TV Model: DS2 (DTV2 Chassis)
Procedure to enter service mode
Press and hold service button on PCB inside TV. Press `C` on remote. Press program no. where your test picture is, You are now in service mode
Akai Video Model: VSG2DPL
Tape loading carrage is very loose and sloppy will not load and eject tape properly
Mode switch is faulty, out of alignment or has a bad connection back to the PCB. This switch is located underneath the tape drive mechanism
Samsung TV Model: CB7230WT
Power supply flutters and standby light dims out
Replace mains filter capacitor (220uF 400v), also make sure the 4 capacitors in the primary are replaced (if they havent already been)
Samsung TV Model: CB7230WT
Vertical failure (common fault)
The reason for the failure is because the yoke is low impedance. The TDA3654Q i.c. has been designed to handle 12 ohms and over. Heat is the reason it destroys itself, the best cure is to place a small cpu fan on the heatsink
Philips TV Model: 29FL1770 or 25FL1760 (FL1.0 Chassis)
After replacing the line output transformer, the following sympton was displayed. Display flashing standby light and stereo II
Short s23 and s24 briefly, which will put the set into service mode. Option 1 should read 010 this applies only to the 25FL and 29FL. Option 2 should be 001 for sets with text and 004 for sets without text
(John Carey)
Jvc TV Model: AV28WZ2
Blank raster
Replace defective TDA6111Q for Red, Blue and green
(Rens van der enden)
Thomson TV Model: 28VK-44E
No start-up when cold, warm OK
Changes CP198 (47uF, 16v). Secondary Power supply
(Rens van der enden)
Philips TV Model: 14PV184
Dead set / blown fuse
Replace D6313, 6314, 6315, 6316 and R3337 (2R, 5W)
Panasonic TV Model: TX21AD2DP
Stuck in standby but tripping, not the usual nvm problem and nothing s/c
Check and replace C804 (1uF, 25V), C806, C807 (100uF/50V) in supply. Use 105 degrees cap. types
(Rob's TV-service - Holland)
Philips TV Model: 25FL1760 (FL1 Chassis)
Set tries to go to stereo as indicated by the on screen display, but most of the time it is stuck in mono, when in stereo the right channel was hissing
Replace the TDA8415 on the stereo decoder board, confirm this buy putting multimeter on pin 7 and 8, they should have a voltage of 3.2 volts
Philips TV Model: 29FL1770 or 25FL1760 (FL1 Chassis)
No pictures or sound
Disconnect the P1 and P2 plugs on the right hand side board. L.o.p.t. side. If the set now starts up then change all sound output IC's
Philips TV Model: 29FL1770 or 25FL1760 (FL1 Chassis)
When selecting a channel it locks in initially but will then go off tune (as if the voltage tuning had varied)
Replaced the TDA i.c. in the tuner i.f. section. (tried the capacitors first of course).
Philips TV Model: 29FL1770 or 25FL1760 (FL1.0 Chassis)
Lights flashing at the front, if carefully interpreted they point to the primary of the power supply
Replaced 2SB 3795B chopper transistor, heated the heatsink with a hair dryer and it started right up, weird as the transistor was reading fine
Decca TV Model: D20RDE6 (D Series Chassis)
No luminance(looks negative picture)
We spent over 2 hours on this set and in the end we swapped the chassis with a scrap chassis and the fault remained ! It turned out the fault was with the CRT
Samsung TV Model: 20A5
Partial field collapse
Check IC301 (TDA8350Q) and the 2 associated unmarked capacitors (10uF and 100uF, 63v) and the 10ohms,5w ceramic resistor across pins 3/5 of the above chip
Sylvania TV Model: SRT2127ST
TV will not start up, fuses ok
Change IC601
(Paul Niswanger)
Panasonic Video Model: NVJ45 (G DECK Chassis)
Appeared to be dead (like C1110 1uF, 400)
Found C1125 and C1130 (680uF, 20v) leaking onto pcb. Remove sm.tx and clean board
Orion TV Model: TV2501B
Dead set
Found the IRD shorted
Telefunken TV Model: Palcolor S540C (ICC9 Chassis)
Geen blauwe kleur
SMD transistor TV81 (Bc858) defect.
Blaupunkt TV Model: MS70-79VT (FM500-70 Chassis)
Horizontale gekartelde stoorpatronen in 't beeld 't eerste uur.
Cond. C542 slecht
(Digneffe Roger)
Samsung TV/Video Combi Model: VM3105
No video, no audio. High pitch sound from power supply.
Replaced blown fuseable resistor R417 (1 ohm, 1/2 watt)
(Angel Torres)
Bush TV Model: WS6690D (11AK19 Chassis)
At switch on front l.e.d turns green, blinks twice then set returns to standby. All h.t voltages rise, then fall away as set goes into standby
33 ohm resistor feeding standby 5V reg was high (8 ohms - not shown cct diagram), in my case D605 on the 45 volt supply from the LOPT was faulty, although it measured o.k
Thomson TV (TX807 Chassis)
Plain raster, retrace lines, no sound
Problem in vif board, Resistor 68 ohms to +b supply line 12V
Ferguson TV Model: 626R (TX807 Chassis)
(H)VTU Tension de sintonia 99v pero en el zener DH01 (ZTK33A) hay 22v.
Sustituir zener 33v (ZTK33A)
Hitachi TV Model: C2146TN
Dead / int, led lit
Check the 5v regulator IC952, 8v regulator IC951, standby regulator IC950 and the field output chip (TA8427K) or for dry joints on the regulators
Nordmende TV Model: F20-9 (ICC7 Chassis)
No colour
Check IV01 (TA8659) or IE50 (TEA2114)
Goodmans TV Model: 2029T
Blank raster with no sound (eht & tube heaters present)
ZD401 s/c. Also take a look at R419. This set had been left on and R419 had cooked, it's value went to 20K
Sony TV Model: KVG25M1
Found Q802 (C4927) short, replace with same type as no other types last
Panasonic TV Model: TX-2470
Cogging on vertical elements of picture, p.s.u squealing
Replaced C808 (10uF, 50V) It had gone low in value
(David Roberts)
Panasonic TV Model: TX21V1 (Alpha 2 Chassis)
Bright red raster with flyback lines,shutting down after about 30 seconds with squealing from power supply
The fault was due to the supply choke to the red output stage on the tube base panel being O/C, I can only assume the shut down was due to excessive beam current, a long soak test proved all was now ok
Philips TV Model: 20PT3742
Dead with LED blinking 4 times
The vertical output IC. is short circuit
Panasonic Video Model: NVG30
Operates for about half hour to an hour and shuts down
Capstan IC located on the underside of main PCB was dry jointed due to exessive heat. Remove and discard plastic cover and apply fresh solder removing old. Also refresh heatsink compound.(I'll try extending the heatsink too)
Ferguson TV Model: M8422U (ICC17 Chassis)
LED flashes once the 6 times then goes to standby
Replace LOPT
(Gordon )
Philips TV (L6.3 Chassis)
Failure of fusible resistors R3929 and R3930 (both 560R)
Unfortunately when these blow it is a sure symptom of LOPTX failure. When replacing these resistors, check the big blue 470nF, 250V capacitor behind them for signs of heat damage and replace if necessary, to avoid a recall (With resistors gone again!)
(Rob Hancock)
Aiwa TV Model: VXT1400
When switching to STBY raster remains and buzz noise is heared from the speakers
Cause: +B voltage (103 V) does not switch-off. Remedy: Replace defective C541
Schneider TV Model: STV515
No sound, no picture (dark screen)
This was due to IC101 (VCU2133)
Akai TV Model: TV2034
Appears to be stuck in standby with the front led flashing and the h.t. at about half the correct voltage
This set led me a merry dance until i discovered the set was actually in the child lock mode !! The problem was solved once this was disabled using the remote control
Sharp TV Model: 51DT-25H
NVM modification / symptoms such as no video, tuning drift & reduced height from cold
Fit 2 zener diodes (part no. RH-EX0404BM22) in positions D510 and D511, fit coil (part no. VP-CF120K0000) in place of link J122 and fit zener diode (part no. RH-EX0412BMZZ) in position D403
Beko TV Model: 12.8
The +Ub voltage (+118V) was not present, fault in switching power supply
Transistor T901 (SK2545 or P3NB60FP) had failed. Replace it and check C908 (22uF, 35V) replace it with 22uF, 50V. Also C912 (1uF, 25V) replace it with 1uF, 50V and D906 (1N4148) always replace it with 1N4948T
Philips PLASMA TV Model: 42FD9954 (S FM24 Chassis)
Green dots flashing over the screen in AV mode
Change resistor value R3641 from 1K to 100ohm
Beko TV Model: 12.8
No audio
Check and replace ic101 with STV2246C and check and replace c135 (100uF, 16V) replace it with a 220uF, 50V. Also check and replace C308 (470uF, 16V) replace it with a 470uF, 50V
Beko TV Model: 12.8
Red or Green or Blue screen
Check and replace on crt module : D702, D703, D704 (all 1N4148) replace with type 1N4948T
Toshiba Video Model: V642UK
VCR is locked out, no sound, noise picture and front panel buttons do not work. NVRAM has been lost
Access the NVRAM menu. On remote hold A-Dub button for 10secs, VCR display will read TEST, then hold the menu button until the NVRAM menu is displayed on screen. I do not know the codes for this model, if anyone knows them please pass them on!
Philips TV Model: 24PW6005 (A10E Chassis)
Intermittent or no sound, mute transistor not switching on, ref 7701.
Possible software problem! replace micro. Circuit ref 7064 part no 3111 250 545 11. If thats too expensive then try fitting a 22k resistor collector to base of transistor 7701 in mute circuit!
Sharp TV Model: 37DT-25S
Dead, fuse ok
Replace Q701 (P3NA80FI) with a P4NB80FI-mbr. Check Q702 (BC338). Replace R703 (5,6E, 5W), all components in supply. Check print for poor contacts
(Rob's tv-service - Holland)
Panasonic Video (K Deck Chassis)
Procedure to display fault codes
Press FF, REW and EJECT simultaneously OR where a Shuttle Dial exists press EJECT and CUE Forward
Philips Video Model: VR6264
No video or RF output. 12.3Vd.c. rail from 7002 (BD678) dead
Fault traced to dead short component located on PCB502 at componet ref no. 2024 (Philips blue radial capacitor 330uF, 16V). Philips part number 4822 124 40849. Cap has markings 036K0 T0 on it. Replaced and all sprang into life ok
(Andrew Finch)
Continental TV Model: CE3701 (Grundig G1000 Chassis)
Note on obtaining a replacment remote
If you try to get a replacment remote no one will recognise it but the Grundig G1000 RC1/2/4, will work fine
Alba TV Model: CTV4809
Sound but no picture except for a couple of horizontal colour lines
Replaced the frame chip TDA8356, set now ok
(Errol Rankin)
Goodmans Video Model: VP2500
Video keeps spitting out tape
Re-align video deck, clean dirty heads etc, all now ok with vcr
(Errol Rankin)
Sony TV Model: KVX2952U (AEIC Chassis)
Int black and white picture, colour disappears
Replaced IC TDA4580 and all ok
(Errol Rankin)
Sony TV Model: KVX2972U
On/Off switch popping out when pressed
On/Off switch push pad broken, repaired push pad and switch now ok
(Errol Rankin)
Ferguson TV Model: 59K7 (ICC5 Chassis)
Severe vertical jitter on picture, horizontal sides of picture ragged
Replacing the TDA4950 cured the fault
(Errol Rankin)
Jvc TV Model: C14E1EK
Tuning drift,worse at high channel no's
Dry joints inside tuner unit, connections between edge of pcb and lugs
Thomson TV Model: 24WK25US (ICC17 Chassis)
No/Low contrast after EHT flashover
Check/replace TL02 and TL59 in the beam limiter circuit
(Mick Pope)
Sony TV Model: KVJ29MN21
Unable to switch on with remote and no LED display at the front of set
Due to STBY 5v missing. Checked and found the 5v reg/reset IC002. (L78LR05D) was s/c, replace the IC to clear the fault
Philips TV Model: 25PT4103 (L6.2 Chassis)
Blank screen no audio. No results from tuner or SCART socket. When G2 on LOPT is wound up a red line is visible
Check R3438 (3R3). In my case this was o/c and a replacement restored normal opperation
(Paul Godfrey)
Grundig TV Model: T55-640 (CUC 6300 Chassis)
Sleep timer box on screen, remote & front buttons not working
Changed the EEPROM IC847 (24C04)
Akura TV Model: AP2821-S
Replace RP05 (1 meg, 1/4 watt)
Toshiba TV Model: 2573
Stuck in standby.
Replaced ZP82 (o/c) And tuner (internal short)
(David Roberts)
Toshiba TV Model: 28WD98B
Stuck in standby, 16 volt line low at approx 8 volts
Replaced C872 (220uF, 50v), original had gone low in value
(David Roberts)
Bush TV Model: 28ZKF
TV seems to be dead apart from the front leds
On main board check Ntype TX BD441 which is clipped to the main heat sink. The clip can come loose causing the TX to overheat and melt its connections to the CB. Remove TX test and if OK solder back on making sure TX has good connection to the heatsink
Goodmans TV Model: 285NS
Buzz on sound when volume at low level
Dry joints on earth pegs of heatsinks of audio and frame output ICs - confirmed by comet service, long time ago!
Vestel TV (11AK19 Chassis)
Screen blanked out,with 4 coloured lines two thirds of the way down from the top of pic. Sound OK
R704 (100 ohm resistor) connected to pin 6 of the frame output chip was o/c
Philips TV Model: 28PW6332/05
Loud bang internally, then completely dead. Plug fuse ok. Set about 4 years old
Internal 4A fuse blown. Bang was 330pF cap 2540 across PSU MOSFET exploding, suspect went s/c. Diodes 6513 & 6511 cracked and s/c. Replaced C2540. Could not get diode 1N5062/BYW55 rep, so replaced all 4 diodes with BY399. PSU MOSFET removed and checked,ok. Voila
(Andrew Wilson)
Panasonic TV-Vid Combi Model: TX-14/21GV1
No operation, standby led blinking
Replaced C840 (47uF, 25v) which had gone low in value
(David Roberts)
Lg TV Model: CF-28A50T (PC-58A Chassis)
Flyback lines on pic
Check resistor R351 in front of TDA8350Q. It should be 3.6 K. I replaced with 3.8 K and it worked fine. Additionaly check: R708, FR704, FR359, Q351, Q345. If fault persists try replacing the TDA8350Q
(Nikita - Germany)
Ferguson TV (ICC17 Chassis)
Dead Set
Check DP21, 39V Zener, in the startup circuit
Sony TV (FE-1 Chassis)
No remote control operation
Check as necessary D203 (MTZJ-5.6B) on main pcb, D907 (MTZJ-9.1A) on pcb H1 or the remote control sensor IC900 (SBX1981-51), part no. 8-742-014-11
Panasonic TV Model: TX28DK2 (EURO 4 Chassis)
No surround sound
As Mark said in a fault on the Euro 4 chassis, Replace the TDA2030.
On this model there are three TDA2030 s. If you have to replace any also as a matter of course replace the two regulators Q2701 and Q2702 or the chances are the TDA s wont last long
Sony TV (FE-1 Chassis)
No remote control operation
Check as necessary D203 (MTZJ-5.6B) on main pcb, D907 (MTZJ-9.1A) on pcb H1 or the remote control sensor IC900 (SBX1981-51), part no. 8-742-014-11
Sony TV (FE-1 Chassis)
No sound
This may be remedied by entering TT24 in the service mode, if fault persists Q202 (2SC2412K) could be leaky
Sony TV (FE-1 Chassis)
Pressing the screen format button displays wide, smart, zoom and 4:3 modes but settings have no effect on picure
Enter TT35 in the service mode to select a 4:3 CRT
Sony TV (FE-1 Chassis)
Purple line down picture
Replace IC301 (CXA2060AS), part no. 8-752-082-35
Sony TV-Vid Combi Model: KV-20VM20 (SCC-H16B-A Chassis)
Would not eject the tape
Replace Elevator activator rack (Broken) REF# A34 OEM# 9-908-164-01. - UL# 146T - Set MFG. by Goldstar Similar To: Zenith TVR1920 & KV-13VM20
(Don Hutcheson's tv service center)
Imerial TV Model: 36M92 (11AK03 Chassis)
Tv stays in stand-by when the power is swiched on. No response from the remote or any button on the set
R603 (3.9Kohm, 5W) was o/c
(Patje - Belgium)
Luxor TV Model: MP63P1 (6362-71 Chassis)
Totaly dead without any signs of life!
Flyback transitor failed (S2000AF)
Philips TV (A10E Chassis)
F on top righthand of screen then loss of geometery data and int shutdown, unable to restart but when try do so set cuts out
Painter IC failure, A small 100 leg device a joy to change if you have the right gear ! Ref IC7064 also updated software on new IC
Samsung TV Model: CT566 (K51A Chassis)
No power
Voltage not changing on pin 18 IC901 (SZM-368ET2)
Nokia TV Model: SP71L1
Popping sound from the high voltage then shuts off
Change TDA8350Q and the 22ohm resistor if its burned
Philips TV Model: 28ST2781 (GR2.2 AA Chassis)
Dead, psu ticking
Flyback cap (11nF, 1600V) was burned which caused the BU508AF flyback transistor to fail. Changed both
Beko TV Model: 30328T
White line down centre of screen (top to bottom}
Replace C805
(Brian odonnell)
Telefunken TV (TX92F Chassis)
Dark picture
Replace RL03
(Kostas - Greece)
Samsung TV Model: CB7230WT
High pitch frequency squeal from transformer
Fix, by replacing the main transformer which costs up to $350 Australian Dollars or doing it the cheaper way covering the capacitors around the Transformer in glue as they cause frequency to run through to the main transformer which make this noise
Nordmende TV Model: SC63SF (ICC9 Chassis)
OSD appears as one big horizontal line with wrong colours and noise (looks like no hor. sync). Teletext is ok
Replace proc. IR01 (ST9293) which contains the OSD functions. (expensive IC)
Philips TV Model: 20GR1250/52R (GR1-AX Chassis)
Tv turns on automatically. Power supply works well, +5V present but seems that CPU (7700) does not (no standby mode), no remote or control on the front of the set
After replacing CPU (TMP47C434) and crystal 1770 (4.0MHz) both control worked intermittently. Replacing transistor 7674 (BC548) solved the problem
(Mladen - Visegrad)
Amstrad Video Model: DD8901 (47014601 Chassis)
Deck stops after a couple of secs
Suspect the reel sensor (Pt no. 250827)
Toshiba TV Model: 2577B
White horizontal line (Frame collapse)
Dry joint on TA8427K, Frame IC
Beko TV (PT92 Chassis)
High voltage for 5 secs. then goes into protection mode
Replace RV38 (2R2) and DD07 (BY228). Check CD22 (470nF) if o/c
Beko TV (PT92 Chassis)
E/W failure
Replace CD22 (470nF) and TV06 (BD680)
Jvc Video Model: HRJ610
Transistor Q31 in PSU leaky
(K. Tait)
Panasonic TV Model: TX-32PK3
Reverting to standby at switch on
Replace C454 (22nF surface mounted component). It is also worth examining the line output and power supply areas for poorly soldered joints
(David Roberts)
Saba TV Model: 615 (TX92F Chassis)
At startup, synchronisation (vertical as well as horizontal) is very weak, after max. 15 minutes everything is ok. Sometimes there is no picture
First check all capacitors in the power supply. The real problem was spotted in the IF-area, the shielded space near the tuner: replace all capacitors there, especially the 2.2uF/100 volt type. I replaced it with a 3.3uF/100 volt type with excellent results!
Philips TV (GR1AX Chassis)
TV will not start, seems dead
First measure the 100 volt rail, if it is missing, then desolder the field output transformer, then recheck the 100 volt again, if it is now present, replace the transformer : the type = 37622 replacement = fat 30057 (Konig). After that everything was ok!
Hitachi TV Model: C28W410SN (A7 Chassis)
The set reverts to standby intermittently
Set HT control had invisible dry joints
Toshiba TV Model: 215R8N
Severe vertical distortion- `egghead` symptoms
Replaced c317 in vertical cct (2.2uf, 50v) substituted 4.7uF. Must be 105type!!
Jrc TV Model: CTV2090 (Nokia Graetz Chassis)
Dead set, line fuse open
Replaced shorted chopper transistor (S2000AF), replaced bulging/defective caps C507 (2.2uF, 160v), C707 (4.7uF 160v), C752 (10uF, 160v) and C759 (100uF, 50v). All with 105 degree types . Plus line fuse (2.5amps)
Telefunken TV(TX92 Chassis)
Initial rustle of high voltage then nothing, goes to standby, same with remote or front panel controls
R12 burnt out (0.22ohms), replacing this plus the IC01 vertical IC (TDA8177) got set working. NB: also check D01 for shorts
Toshiba TV Model: 219T9B
Intermittent field collapse after a few hours
Replace field output chip IC303 (AN5515)
(Clive - Swansea College)
Hitachi TV Model: C28W410SN
Sound crackles and whistles a short time after switch-on. Gets worse as set warms up
Solder all links and components that have unpainted copper areas around component legs on upper side of main board near to the audio processing I.C. The same applies to the components near the microprocessor
Toshiba TV Model: 145R7B
D808 s/c due to high HT caused by faulty switch mode ic (STR50020)
Philips TV (GR1AX Chassis)
No tuning
Check R3703 for o/c and R3702. Also in CTT-H AA chassis, then R3602
Philips TV Model: 37TA1070 (CTT-H AA Chassis)
No tuning voltage on tuner. Goes for: Philips and Magnavox versions. Also the Radiotone TV386VT-SCART which is the same
Resistor 3602 (8Kohm) broken. It is in the 95Volts line providing 33V for tuning circuit. This chassis uses the same processor as the GR1-AX which also might have the same problem. In that case resistor 3702 is to blame
Philips TV (CP110 Chassis)
Operating fine (good picture, sound and control) but sometimes sharp sounds coming from the set (not via audio), sounding like the LOPT but more loud, sharp and variable (15 Khz)
The long coil next to the LOPT was resonating/generating sound (not the LOPT itself), solved by cleaning the top and putting a bubble of silicone kit on it, and after temporarily removing the coil from the pcb fixating a ty-wrap strongly around the bottom increasing the magnet-ferrite contact-pressure and stiffness of plastic support construction
Philips TV (L6.2 Chassis)
No sound, no picture and the power supply makes a loud and low tone chirping noise
Replace shorted Capacitor 2912 (2n2, 2kV) on the deflection module. Note that 2912 is hard to find. It should be blue. If it's brown it's bust
Philips TV Model: 27CE4599-33R (2B Chassis)
Smearing out of one or several colors, best seen in txt-mode, my 27CE4599/30R smeared out in red and green, not in blue, fully exchanging the drivers (input and output complete, otherwise the RGB driver will blank the crt) moved the fault to the other color
Replace the 180K feedback resistors in the amplifiers with normal 1/4W metal film instead of 1/8W, they can become open circuited (in mine both green and red were faulty in this way). Change all 3 and not just the defective ones, replace also all the paralleled 75K resistors per color (fe by 47K+27K) to prevent bright color raster (they can also become open circuit)
Panasonic Video Model: NV-HD100
Display dead rest of functions ok
Change transistor Q1701 on Timer operation board
Watson TV Model: FA3629-B (11AK19-E3 Chassis)
No sound
R829 (4.7 ohm) o/c
Fidelity TV Model: CTV3221
Check all high value resistors in primary of the p.s.u. If the fuse is blown, expect to replace I1, Q1 and R1 as well, Probably best to do all three and check the rectifier diodes
Sony TV Model: KV2032
Keeps changing channel
Check voltage on D12 if below 4.8V then change
Philips TV Model: 27CE4599-33R (2B Chassis)
Red raster and red flyback lines
One of the paralelled 75 kohm resistors of red was open, replaced with 47K in series with 27K and fault gone (fault seeking in RGB output difficult due to intelligent auto calibrating-cutoff driver with picture mute TDA4580)
Panasonic TV (Z8 Chassis)
Procedure to enter the service menu
Set tv on channel 99 position, lower sharpness to minimum setting, press mute on the handset while at the same time pressing V on the front of the tv, navigate through the menu using the channel up/down buttons, alter values using the volume +/- buttons
Samsung Video Model: SV-2303 (SV633 Chassis)
Intermittent functions
Check for dry joints on mode switch and clean off any grease inside the switch
Telefunken TV (TX92F Chassis)
Keeps on burning the surge resistor 280ohm 5W in series with the chopper transformer
Replace the chopper transfomer it has a short either on the primary or secondary side
Philips TV Model: 29PT785C (G88 Chassis)
The set goes into protection and tries to restart. The tube shows no horizontal lines
After disconnecting the horizontal plug the +148V and CRT high voltage remained stable. The small pcb on the tube (scan coils with 5 or 6 pins) was dry jointed at copperside
Sharp TV Model: DV3760H
Will not work, standby (red) LED flashing
C604 in the 12V line is bad
Philips TV (L6.1AA Chassis)
Sound goes off and no remote control functions when heated
T7505 in +5V supply, replace 482213041344
Thomson TV Model: 28WS23E (ICC17 Chassis)
At switch on set starts-up with lots of sparks inside CRT socket, then switches to standby
Replace FBT - HR 8317. There is a repair kit available from Thompson for this chassis, which includes a new loptx, tuning caps and a couple of coils. There are also some surface mount resistor value changes. It's Pt. no: 35175720
(Andy Doswell)
Panasonic TV Model: TX33AK10 (EURO 5 Chassis)
Strange picture / bleary / movement blurr etc etc
This problem was caused by eeprom corruption, once the eeprom was reset the fault was cured (note that after a reset reinstallation i.e. tuning will be required)
Thomson TV (TX807 Chassis)
EHT at switch on then goes dead
Frame i.c. s/c (TDA8177)
Orion TV Model: 5190DK
No secondary supplies
Check / replace C418 (100uF, 25v), C489 (100uF, 40v), C425 (1uF, 400v), posistor PTC401, R422 (5.6ohms, 1w) and the chopper transformer
Goldstar TV-Vid Combi Model: KY14V30
Squeeking sound from chopper transformer
Shorted voltage regulator, zener diode or h-out
Samsung TV Model: TXB1940
Red led blinks on / off, TV does not turn via power button and/or remote but after 20 minutes or so it turns on and works fine
Replace R902, R901, R905, R903, R900A, Q902, and possibly the two (one small and one large) capacitors in the section labeled as the power supply. The board will be black under the components that are bad. Q902 is an NPN transistor and is hard to find.
Sony TV Model: KV28WS2U
OSD volume bar present continuously. No functions available
Front panel tactile switches leaky. Replace same
(Pete Sadecki)
Decca TV Model: D14TT92
Dead set, with 300v across smoothing (takes a very long time to discharge, watch out!)
Check RP06 (3.9M ohm) for O/C, the one I had had nothing else gone
Firstline TV Model: 1433GR
No picture, no OSD
Zener diode D219 (12V) shorted. Check capacitors C608, C606, C617, C619, C411 and resistor R256 (39 ohm, 1W). Unreg. voltage to R256 should be 16-17V with no change when warm
(Jeroni Paul)
Philips TV Model: 28ML8805-16B (FL1.6AA Chassis)
Fuse open (3.15A), transistor 7216 (ON4827 = BUT12AF) shorted and solder joint of SMD resistor 3305 (11K) cracked (located on PS control board)
(Jeroni Paul)
Philips TV Model: 28ML8805-16B (FL1.6AA Chassis)
Some front panel indicators are dark
LEDs are tired
(Jeroni Paul)
Philips TV Model: 28ML8805-16B (FL1.6AA Chassis)
Clips picture at bottom when warm
Vertical deflection IC defective 7450 (TDA3654Q)
(Jeroni Paul)
Rediffusion TV (Mk 4 Chassis)
Intermittent loss of lower frequency channels ie Ch:36, higher channels ok
Dry joints in UHF tuner, resolder the PCB to casing earth connections inside tuner
Rediffusion TV (Mk 4 Chassis)
No sound or picture (MK4A) with channel display showing "E2"
Check for dry joints or broken print around SMPS transformer connections
Toshiba TV Model: 210T6BZ
Distorted sound / banging
Voltage at C832 over 25V! Replace Q809, C866, C869, C864 and resolder dry joints in PSU
(Paul Willis tv & video repairs)
Mitsubishi TV Model: BD28S (11AK19 Chassis)
Narrow E/W Pic
C630 o/c
Finlandia TV Model: C/D 66KZ6/F
No power mains fuse intact
Check Replace C706 10uF 350v Cap In Psu (o/c) also check / replace T511 S2000AF H.out Transistor
(Clive - Swansea college)
Panasonic Video Model: NVFS90EG
Power supply problem, high frequency sound only !
Check / replace C9 (1uF, 400V)
(K. bombeeck)
Grundig Video Model: VS920
No remote control operation or modulator output
Unlock the video with code 4934 + OK. Check if you have the remote control set on video 1. When you have the RP 95 remote you can set the remote to video 1 with code 8527 + OK
Panasonic Video Model: NVHD660B (K DECK Chassis)
When inserting tape, tape goes in, get a motor whirring noise, and tape ejects again with an "F02" or "F04" error. Closer examination shows that tape seating correctly, but tape not being fed out to the head
Cause was the motor powering the main mechanical feed/load and eject gear, underside of main front right of central chasis. Small plastic part on motor spindle under gear had split, so slipping. Secured part and gear to spindle with super glue! OK now!
(Ian Harrison)
Bush TV (11AK19 Chassis)
Slightly excessive width and no 4:3 reduction
The BUK444 had shorted but the main fault was L604
Panasonic Video (K DECK Chassis)
No eject, code `F06`
Check the condition of the load motor pulley. In my case the sleeve on the motorshaft was cracked. fixed it by roughning the shaft with emery paper, degreasing the sleeve and securing it to the shaft with superglue. Keep glue away from bearing: eureka!
(Pete Thomas )
Hitachi TV Model: C2886TN
Procedure to enter the service mode
Press & hold the menu key (the installation line should now appear), with the install menu displayed press both the volume up and down buttons for about 8 seconds until the service option is available then follow the on screen directions
Samsung TV Model: W124W6VN
Picture darkens and lightens continually
This was due to a faulty first anode potentiometer, as its part of the l.o.p transformer a new l.o.p.t had to be fitted
Panasonic TV Model: 14B3T (Z375 Chassis)
Excessive vertical overscan caused by a poor factory set up
Enter service mode and alter V Size:-
Select channel 70. Set Sharpness to min. Press the Off Timer button on the remote and at the same time press the DOWN button on the set front panel. UP/DOWN steps thru' menus; +/- alters values; STR stores changes
(Steve Larkins)
Schneider TV Model: STV2802
Procedure to access service mode
Press RED and BLUE keys simultaneously on remote conrol, within 5 secs press P- and V+ on tv
(A. Young)
Hitachi TV Model: C2846TN / C2546TN
Field collapse (horizontal white line on screen)
R710 dry joints. Same as C2146TN & C2546TN problem solved with thanks to Mike G & Barty. Power off/unplug. Get to circuit board underside with aerial socket up-R710 is near top and right of centre-cluster of 4 joints best resoldered
Hitachi TV Model: C2846TN
Intermittent partial collapse of picture vertically (picture squashes down temporarily)
See Field collapse tip - it will happen so anticipate it and correct at you leisure rather than have the TV fail completely in the middle of you favourite show
Hitachi TV Model: C32W511TN (A7 Chassis)
Intermitently goes to standby
Check R959 (as described by Mark C24W511TN) and found no problem there, however I discovered that several connections in the area of R959 had fractured. They appear to be components near/attached to a heat sink. Re-soldering the joins did the trick
(J adjare)
Philips TV Model: 28PW8504-12 (MG2.1E Chassis)
Tv seems to be working, but there is no pictue, OSD is present.
TDA9330 is defective
Philips TV-Vid Combi Model: 21PV688/05/39 (Evolution AA Chassis)
Dead, Mains fuse blasted
D6313 (1N5062) s/c, also capacitor C2328 (470pF, 1Kv) s/c
Sony TV (AE2 Chassis)
Sound low & distorted when hot
Check -22v & +22v on plug PL505, if either incorrect check R627 27~ (goes high in value)
(Ken Porter)
Sharp Video Model: VCA111
Poor picture
Faulty C329 (4.7uF)
(Vlado - Macedonia)
Philips TV (2BS Chassis)
No E-W Correction
Replace TR7467
(Vlado - Macedonia)
Sharp TV Model: (21B Chassis)
No UHF Band
Check Q212
(Vlado - Macedonia)
Goldstar TV (PC12A Chassis)
Replace D401
(Vlado - Macedonia)
Goodmans TV Model: GTV69WZDT
Set dead
Replace switch mode i.c IC106 (MC44608P40
(Fairfield Televisions)
Samsung TV-Vid Combi Model: TVP-3350IS (SCV11C Chassis)
No RF audio - ok on VCR tape playback and via SCART input
Hairline cracks in PCB tracks on motherboard directly at the back of the tuner
Samsung TV-Vid Combi Model: TVP-3350IS (SVC11C Chassis)
Set stuck in standby mode
Check for failure of Q801 (STRS6707)
Vestel TV Model: (11AK30 Chassis)
Stuck in stand-by
X501 4MHz Xtal
Hitachi TV Model: C2867TN
The set was going off intermittently
Resoldering all three pins on regulator IC952 cured the problem
Matsui TV Model: TVR180
No sound on TV, ok in play and on recordings
Change address data 0D from 00 TO B3. This worked for me as well - removed chip and changed location 10D as above (I guess there may be a way to do it without tearing unit apart but didn't have any manuals!)
Beko TV Model: 12220T
Dead psu
C110 defective in psu (47uF, 25V) - Resevoir cap for ic
Bush TV Model: 2866NTX/SM2
Intermittently the stereo symbol would appear on screen, sometimes it would change to dual II and back again, while this was happening the sound would crackle and sometimes disappeared all together
The problem was cured by re-soldering over the whole NICAM panel. Note: The Bush 2866NTX without the SM2 in the model is a different chassis
Hitachi TV Model: C2519T (G8Q Chassis)
This set was dead apart from a hissing sound from the speaker, no standby led
5 volt regulator on front panel had 13 volt input but only 1 volt output, Replacement cured the fault
(Brian odonnell)
Panasonic Monitor Model: E110 (NA Chassis)
Image and text are to large on screen
Replaced flyback
Panasonic TV Model: TX32PF10 (EURO 4 Chassis)
Over a short period of time the convergence of the picture gets steadily worse. Eventually it is so bad that even the teletext shows double or triple images when they are made up of a combination of colours. Pure colours: Red, Green or Blue are OK.
The Tube must be replaced. Apparantly this is a known problem to Panasonic, especially on 32" tubes. It has been known to happen both in and out of warranty. So far Panasonic when contacted have also paid for repairs when out of warranty (2 years old)
Sony TV Model: KV27EXR25
No power, no raster, relay comes on
Found horizontal trans short
Panasonic TV Model: TC-21 S3R (Z7 Chassis)
Picture fades away few seconds after start-up till no picture. Sometimes no picture at all. Sometimes picture OK for longer. Sound unaffected.
Faulty joints on CRT pcb. Cracked solder joints at tube socket connections on CRT circuit board. Caused variable supply to CRT heaters. Resolder all socket pins to pcb.
Panasonic TV (EURO 4 Chassis)
Int going into standby
Replace C454 a 22nF smd, located near the Frame o/p ic.
(Paul Bradshaw)
Philips TV Model: 28DC2670/21R (D16 Chassis)
HOT is s/c, after replacement tv functions are erratic, snow on screen / goes into standby / black screen
Change the VCU 2136 (It is possible to replace with a VCU 2133)
Vestel TV (11AK19P3 Chassis)
Intermittent no or variable luminance similar to beam limiting fault
The 11AK19P3 chassis is used mainly in Black Diamond sets. These have a sub panel next to the video processor. The fault is caused by IC100 a TDA9181P which is difficult to obtain most parts companies require a special order. Had this fault 3 times
(Jg scotland)
Toshiba TV Model: 2550TB
Set stuck in standby at switch on
Field output ic TA8427K faulty, also change 220uf cap
(Fairfield televisions)
Sanyo Video Model: VHR766
Completely dead, no display
Reg IC511 faulty (L5431). Replaced solved all problems
(Stuart - SOS tv & video repairs)
Nordmende TV Model: Futura 72 IMC (F17 Chassis)
Field reduced at the bottom of the screen with about one inch of undefined lines instead of a picture
Oscilloscope checks at the rail supply U5 showed a high ripple content, replacement of the smoothing capacitor CL52 (1000uF, 40V) cured the trouble
Various Video Model: Various
No capstan rotation / flatpack motors
Had this a lot, electrolytic cap on pcb leaks, replace cap but clean off area and check for o/c print eaten away by electrolyte from the little devil ...
(Kevin j.)
Mitsubishi TV Model: CT29B2STX
Severe NS bowing
Check for leakage of the small electrolytic capacitors on the vertical correction pcb at the right of the main pcb, check C4014 in particular and if found to be faulty also check transistor Q4009 (2SA950) which may also have been damaged
Rca TV (CTC177AF3 Chassis)
Overloaded picture, AGC not adjustable
Found IC7301 (CXA1594) bad. Replace ic and align tuner parameters
Hitachi TV Model: C32WD2TN2 (A7 Chassis)
Volume goes to maximum when volume plus or minus selected
Replace R039 (10k) pull up resistor for micro switches, gone slightly low value
Sony TV Model: KV-X2183E (BE3B Chassis)
Not working, Stand-by indicator led flashing 6 times, Power supply ok
The tuner has loose connections, especially the ground points and the two SMD Ics
(Rui Loureiro - Portugal)
Goldstar TV Model: CIT2180
Frame foldover, line across middle of screen
C301 (47uF, 160v)
(Ian mills)
Teac TV Model: CTM203 (PC04A Chassis)
No Power
Check / Replace power switch, it read zero ohms at contacts - however carbon build-up stops p.s.u. from starting
Hitachi TV Model: CPT1446R (NP84CQ Chassis)
H.T fluctuations, picture becomes half white and half black. H.T varies from about 80V to 110V
Replace ZD902. It's a 10V zener diode
Philips TV Model: 25PT452A/11 (GR2.2 Chassis)
Picture wide and triping
Change D6591 s/c (1N4148)
Vestel TV (11AK18 Chassis)
Procedure to enter service mode
Go to main menu,then enter 1675
Thomson TV (ICC20 Chassis)
Set tries to start three times, HV comes up for a short moment. After this LED is blinking first four times, then seven times
Change vertical chip TDA8177F and the four diodes in front of it
(Kalle - Sweden)
Toshiba Video Model: V880MS
Check C822, Z801, Z802 (CPN10)
(Vlado - Macedonia)
Daewoo TV (CP785 Chassis)
No picture
Replace IC (TDA8385J)
(Vlado - Macedonia)
Sharp TV (5BSA Chassis)
Small picture
Replace D716 (27V) and D717 (75V)
(Vlado - Macedonia)
Thomson TV Model: 28WS23E (ICC17 Chassis)
Set trips off int. Set tries to come on then goes back to standby
Dry joints on line o/p transformer
(Ockbrook tv and video)
Saba TV (ICC8 Chassis)
Poor picture (colors flashing) looks like one colour missing
Change RT44 (39K) beside the video amplifier
Rca TV Model: F35670MB (CTC187CN3 Chassis)
Common problem bulletin:
Resolder ALL ground connections in and around, and under the tuner shields, solves most problems, prevents big problems as in dead EEPROM or CPU
Rca TV Model: F35670MB (CTC187CN3 Chassis)
Dead. F4001 (5 amp) fuse open
Check U4101 (STK730-150) Part no. 223948, Check CR4106 for short, Check Q4401 for short, replace all shorted or open parts, Check the two main filter caps on the secondary off of SMPS, replace vented caps, Replace 10uf 200v cap off of reg.
Goldstar TV Model: (MC41 Chassis)
No power
Replace Q805 (2SC3852A)
(Vlado - Macedonia)
Lg TV Model: CZ-20E60 (11.1 Chassis)
Stuck in standby with no line drive
R410 o/c
Grundig TV (CUC5350 Chassis)
Goes to standby after a short time
Replace C631 (1uF, 63v)
Sanyo Video Model: VHR287E
Cuts out on record and clock blinks out other wise OK
Replace PR512 JS130 (Light brown 1000 on side near front of PSU next to Q5103
Ferguson TV Model: T49F (TX91 Chassis)
Sound at maximum and unadjustable
Check / replace surface mounted transistor TV02 (BC858) on the print side of the pcb
Philips TV-Vid Combi Model: 14PV505/07
Dead set, no red standby light on the front panel
Check D639, on the secondary of the chopper transformer, it supplies the 8Volt line, and goes s/c. Fuses remain in tact
(R. Higton.)
Samsung TV Model: CB5012Z (P58SC Chassis)
Stuck in SECAM mode
Change resistor R514 (100K)
(G. Camilleri)
Goldstar Video Model: T163I
No power
Check +6v rail in PSU. If low replace capacitor CP19 (1000uF, 10v)
Philips Video Model: VR722 (VR722/02/05/08/13)
Dead after power short loss
Drained capacitor C2114 (47F,16 Volt) Philips part number 4822 124 80231
Ferguson TV (TX92F chassis)
Set tripping with led flashing on / off
Most likely to be RL08 a 10K smd resistor connected to pin 8 of the LOPT. In every case i know of the LOPT also needed replacement (HR7360)
Bush TV (11AK19 Chassis)
Power supply tripping in both on and standby modes
C829 (47uF, 160v) HT smoothing cap
(Malcolm French)
Sanyo TV Model: AVM1902 (G4S-19020 Chassis)
Intermittent horizontal deflection
Resoldered the pins of horizontal deflection transformer
Bush TV Model: 1433 (Vestel 11AK20SE-2 Chassis)
Check / replace R809 (0.47ohms). Could be the first indication of the chopper transforme going faulty
Panasonic TV Model: TX25W1E
Screen turns white intermittently
Bloqueo de la fuente se va el diodo R2KL
Bush TV Model: 2014 (11AK19 Chassis)
Power supply tripping in both on and standby modes
C829 (47uF, 160v) HT smoothing cap
(Malcolm French)
Orion Video Model: VP-290RC
Drum running too fast
The OEC9011 chip may be faulty and the pcb beneath it may be charred (expensive chip!)
Sharp TV Model: 21HS-50H (GA-1E Chassis)
Trips 1 second after switch on
R613 o/c (located near scart socket)
Grundig TV Model: M82-795 (CUC7880 Chassis)
Dead, 800mA fuse blown
Check for dry joints on the chopper transformer also check D663, D664, D666, C653 (4.7nF) and C667 (2.2uF)
Sony TV (FE-1 Chassis)
After about 30 minutes the set goes to standby, the LED flashes and TV starts again. After 1 Minute the TV Displays : Antenna connection failed!
Change IC101 of IF on A-Board. Order Nr. 875946647
(Daniele Marseglia)
Matsui TV Model: 25M2 (Sanyo? Chassis)
Set dead, no PSU output. 320V supply ok
Replace start up resistors R620/R624 both 120K. Then set worked ok
(A. Gould)
Alba TV Model: CTV4859 (AK19 Chassis)
When switched on from standby, green light flashes, no EHT
D605 (BA157)
Toshiba TV Model: 2857DB
Int. frame collapse
Dry joints on regulator Q420, not too easy to find as it is not close to power supply or frame stage, it is the supply to the frame generetor IC
Samsung TV Model: CB5012Z (P58SC Chassis)
No colour, stuck on secam only
Check R514 (100K) open circuit or very high value
(Godwin Camilleri - Malta)
Vestel TV Model: 3710 (11AK20 Chassis)
Switches to standby when hot
Check / replace C601 (100nF) and C605 (3.3uF)
Panasonic TV Model: TX28PK2
Internal 3.15A mains fuse blown with no obvious cause
The official Panasonic modification is to uprate the mains fuse from 3.15A to 5A
Panasonic TV Model: TX33AK10 (EURO 5 Chassis)
Procedure to reset eeprom
Press volume minus (-) on the set while also pressing the remote controls status button (this button has a + sign by it and is located above the red text button), this should now have initiated the reset routine and displayed data should be seen
Jvc Video Model: HRJ265
Capstan motor intermittantly stopping and starting
Replaced motor
(Alternative electrics)
Matsui TV Model: 2109NS / 2107NS Mk2
Standby LED blinks off when Standby pressed on remote control. Supplies do not come up and set does not run.
Value of R256 (4K7 SMT) is marginal to turn Q504 on fast enough for micro to see supplies come up. Replaced R256 with 1K (0805 SMT) problem solved
(Kevin - Plymouth)
Toshiba TV Model: CF2666R (TAC9102 Chassis)
Screen is too tall, with vary faint retrace lines showing
Found that Capacitor C305 (50V, 2.2uF) was dry, C342 (50V, 1uF) was also dry too. Capacitors are near vertical IC 301
Vestel TV (11AK19 Chassis)
Bright picture with retrace lines
Resolder pin 4 and 5 on memory IC502. If the set now starts, change memory
(Kalle Birgersson, Sweden)
Rca TV Model: VJM2022T (CTC 121D Chassis)
Will not shut off
SCR 100 leaky
Sony TV Model: KVA2942U
LED A flashes once, LED B flashes 13 times.
Bad solder joints on field IC1501 on back edge of main PCB
(Kevin - Plymouth)
Sharp Video Model: VARIOUS
El mecanismo de transporte de la cinta pierde velocidad.
Rodillo del cabrestante or banda del cabrestante
Magnavox TV Model: T979
No picture or sound, trips breaker
Capacitor C16 (0.1uF)
(Santos Trejo)
Magnavox TV Model: T946
Loses vertical and horizontal sync
Transistor Q8 shorted
(Santos Trejo)
Seleco TV Model: 33SS570 (PC040 Chassis)
TV stops working after 60-90 minutes
Check for poor joints in the power supply also change the (1uF, 160V) and the (100uF, 63v) capacitors (2 off)
Panasonic TV Model: 14B3T (Z375. Chassis)
At switch on the set pulsates 6 times before the H.T settles at 110V and the set powers on
Replace R804 (0.56 ohms). It's located in the primary of the power supply and is used for current sensing. Also note this is actually a Daewoo CP375S chassis
Jvc TV Model: C14ET1EK (ONWA Chassis)
Picture height is reduced to 2 inches
Replace C418. It's the coupling capacitor from the frame circuit to the scanning coils. It's value is 1000uF, 25V
Toshiba TV Model: 2863DB (C6SR Chassis)
To remove protection to assist fault finding
Remove D471. It's a thyristor and is located next to the chopper transformer secondary side
Panasonic TV Model: TX24DX1 (EURO 4 Chassis)
Intermittent dead with red standby light on, but won't switch back on, comes back on it's own, won't respond to remote or local controls
Low 5v standby supply due to diode D869 faulty, check by replacement

Matsui TV Model: 14V1R
Dead, fuse blown (blackened)
Replace IC6380 (UC3842AN) and T665 (MJF18004)
Rca Video Model: Various
After presing play picture appears but looks like in pause mode
Clean and lubricate the capstan flywheel
(Santos Trejo)
Jvc TV Model: AV-S250EKT
Set dead. Faint whistling noise on switch on. No standby LED
Replaced STR1006, no dfference. Line O/P Transistor OK. 36 Volt Zener, D614 found to be short. This zener is on the secondary of Xformer, T601. This short causes the 12 V start up supply cct, which includes STR1006 not to come on
Sharp TV Model: 51DT-25H
TV does not turn on, no standby light
R704 was o/c
(Lee B)
Matsui TV-Vid Combi Model: 185
When blocked out from TV by pin code being incorrectly entered
If you ring up Dixons/Currys they will tell you to bring it in where it will have to be reset, requiring you to pay a charge of 15+
Leave overnight or for 12+ hours and it will after a time delay unlock. I wonder why they don't tell you this - moneygrabbing f******!!!
(Thomas Swift)
Philips TV Model: 51TB1222 (L6.1 Chassis)
Sifflement de l alimentation usustem a9 v au lieu de 100v
C2423 (102k,1kv capa bleue) et tht
Philips TV Model: 28PW6322-05 (MD1.2E AA Chassis)
No picture and no sound and when switching on, the high voltage transformer makes a sound
The capacitor in pos. 2420 was bad (it produced smoke after some time)
Mitsubishi TV Model: BD28WS (11AK19 Chassis)
At switch on front l.e.d turns green, blinks 3 times then set returns to standby. All h.t voltages rise, then fall away as set goes into standby
Dry joints IC807
Grundig TV Model: T55-731 (CUC7303 / FET TYPE Chassis)
Dead bridge and chopper transistor s/c
If no D663 fitted this is version 2 has fet and UC3843. Failure of p.s components caused by C669 dry jointed. Check/change FET (BUZ90), D667 (BA157), R661 (4.7k) (not 220r version 1), R666 and R667 (56r 1w), R663 (10r) and the UC3843. All values for 20"
(Andy Leak)
Ferguson TV (ICC8 Chassis)
Line transistor TL19 was short circuit. After replacement the transistor shorts again
Change capacitor CL21
Sharp TV Model: Unknown
Fault like soft crt
I had 3 of these sets which all looked like soft crt, i changed the crt base from a known good set and all was ok i do not know the fault on the crt base yet but it was as good as new
Sharp TV Model: DV5131H (S3B Chassis)
Intermittent failure of Q603
Replace C601 (low in value)
Sharp TV Model: 66FW53H (FW Chassis)
Dead only neon lit
Check D735 across 150v rail, if s/c you will need to replace the opto and the D735. Check Q601 line o/p transistor as this may also be leaky
Sony TV Model: KX27PSI
Almost totally dead. No video or audio whatsoever. Only the clicking sound of two power relays when the set is turned on, and conversely at power down. The green/red lights on the front panel do appear. Repeated failure every 2-3 years. Why ?
An insight into what TV engineers did, after speaking to Sony UK: (a) 0.47K resistor replaces L656 in line to Q651 B. (b) 0.33 ohm resistor added between L650 and Q651 E. A resistor also replaces L657. Still lasted only 2 years. Any better ideas ?
Vestel TV (11AK19 Chassis)
At switch on front l.e.d turns green, blinks 3 times then set returns to standby. All h.t voltages rise, then fall away as set goes into standby
Dry joints IC807
Panasonic TV Model: TX-14B4T (Z185 Chassis)
This set had a bright picture, no off air video and no video via scart
The cure, thanks to Panasonic technical was to replace the memory chip I702 (X24C)
Grundig TV (CUC6310 Chassis)
No east-west
Check R569, TDA8145, D566
Grundig TV Model: ST82-774 TOP/EURO
Not starting, power supply working perfectly display present
Replaced the horizontal deflection power driver ic TDA8140
(Rui Loureiro - Portugal)
Thomson TV Model: (ICC17 Chassis)
Standby led fault codes and meanings list / standby led flashes then pauses
Code meanings are as follows: 10 = child lock mode, 11 = timer mode, 14 = there is no response from Iv01, 15 = there is no response from IS40, 20 = bus access prohibited by software, 21 = bus data line held low, 23 = bus clock line held low, 25 = switched 5v supply missing, 26 = crt is not warming in the allotted time, 27 = deflection failure more than three times, 28 = IF01 guard voltage (pin 8) exceeded, 34 = no response from the nvm chip IR03, 36 = incorrect address passed to bus handler, 37 = unexpected level on NMI line (power fail), 41 = bus data line not recoverable
Sony TV Model: (FE-1 Chassis)
No power although relay operates (main p.s.u inoperative)
Check IC606 (STRF6654) for failure, also check resistors R659 (0.33ohms,3w), R660 (0.39ohms,3w), fusible resistor R603 (0.1ohms,0.5w) and capacitor C625 (100uF,25v)
Sony TV Model: (FE-1 Chassis)
No teltext just P100
This problem was caused by Q405 (2SC2412K) being s/c
Sanyo TV Model: CE32WP2 (WB2-A32 Chassis)
Dead set, standby L.E.D lit
Check capacitor C634 (2n2, 2KV) in power supply for o/c or s/c
(Alternative electrics)
Sanyo TV Model: C25EG95B (EC3-A25 Chassis)
Dead set (no start up)
Replace R321 (120K)
(Adrian Parry)
Philips TV Model: 28PT4521/16 (MD1.1E Chassis)
Fails to stop at station when tuning
R3568 (100Kohm)at side of L10 connector
Grundig TV Model: M70-495 (CUC-3800 Chassis)
Dead set
I replaced the BU546 transistor in the power supply and resoldered some paths on the PCB. An intermittent soldering path to the collector of the transistor was the reason for the destroyed BU546
(Tom Bevers)
Samsung TV Model: TXG2547 (K51A Chassis)
No power, Voltage not changing on pin 18 IC901 (SZM-368ET2)
Check dz906 (short), key-in 1 pin 9 of ic901
Philips TV Model: 2B (2B Chassis)
Very low HT voltage
The HT was so low that a 60W lamp connected across the HT line as a dummy load wouldn't even slightly glow. The problem was caused by a wrongly fitted PTC, it was a 96012 type, when the right PTC 96012 was fitted the problem was solved
Sony TV Model: KV2184
Main fuse blasted
Replace the STR50115, also replace the mains electrolytic capacitor
Grundig TV Model: (CUC2080 Chassis)
After replacment of FBT, the set starts and reverts to standby mode immediately. If the Crt heater is fed by an external transformer (i.e. 6 V. a/c), the screen will show a very weak light, except in the corners
13V. was present on pin 11 of V. output IC TDA8350Q during the brief moment when the set tried to start. The TDA8350Q was found to be defective and was replaced. Don't forget to check +A voltage after replacing the FBT
(Jose Carlos Pinto - Oporto)
Hitachi TV Model: C1709T
Dead (H.T high and tripping)
Replace ZD903 and R909 (39K) also check ZD901 (2.7v) for s/c
Panasonic Video Model: NV-H75
Check C1003 (1uF, 100v) then the STRD1806 and D1004 for s/c
Philips TV Model: 28ML8805-16B (FL1.6AA Chassis)
Disturbed sound in left channel
Check IC7009 (LM833) on LSP
(Kjell Mathisen)
Philips TV Model: 28ML8805-16B (FL1.6AA Chassis)
Ticking noise and line in picture
Transistor 7381 (BC848C) defective when hot
(Kjell Mathisen)
Mitsubishi TV Model: CT2227BM
Intermittent no sound or picture
Desolder, then resolder Line Driver Transformer connections
(Steve Johns)
Philips TV Model: 28ML8805-16B (FL1.6AA Chassis)
Power supply faults. BUX85F in micro SOPS defective
Change the value of C2260 to 4n7F, replace 7270 with transistor BD825
(Kjell Mathisen)
Ferguson TV Model: 28DG17UG (TX807CS Chassis)
To remove the protection (to assist with fault finding)
Remove TL061. It's a surface mounted transistor located near the line o/p transformer
Ferguson TV Model: 28DG17UG (TX807 CS Chassis)
No start up, l.e.d flashes orange 7 times then stops. All rails on secondary of chopper seem ok
You will probably find the line o/p transformer is at fault
Sony TV Model: KVS3432U (AE2 Chassis)
Front led flashing 13 times, HT at first came on at 139V then went to 75V going off etc (shuting back down in protection mode)
Found R854 open circuit on -15 volt line (off line output transformer)
(Errol Rankin)
Finlux TV Model: 71G2 ID:54361330 (Stereo Plus Chassis)
Bottom half of the screen is black. Very distorted picture in top half. Volume weak. The programming menu, and the "Extra" menu, has disappeared. In "Service mode" (Mute, M and TV buttons in sequence), all settings are set to the max. value (63)
The existing IC "SPL 40R01" in location NF10, and the connected EEPROM in location NF80, was replaced with replacement IC "SPL 51R02" and an empty EEPROM. It comes in a kit, which also includes installation instructions and a user manual
(H. Rosenberg)
Jvc Video Model: HRD560
3/4 of the playback picture is snow may look like duff heads!
Check 3.3uF,50v capacitor on lower drum motor pcb, this is an smd type but can be replaced with standard cap mounted on its side and tilted downwards slightly to clear mech chassis
(K Ferrier)
Panasonic Video Model: NVJ35
Noisy capstan
C22 in Power supply fixed it for me
Various Remote Controls
Handheld remote problems, quick check which everybody might not know
Switch broadcast radio to medium waveband, around mid-band. From about two feet away point remote at radio and press any button. All buttons should cause radio to bleep. Not clever but useful. Any other ideas ?
(David Kilmarnock)
Saba TV Model: M3715 (TX805 Chassis)
Dead, 1.6A main fuse blown
Replace TP10 (S2000A) and DP21 (2V7 zener)
(Spiros gr)
Goodmans TV Model: 1430RA (ONWA Chassis)
Volume up full, red bargraph but no sound, Picture bargraphs also at full and will not adjust
Disconnect pin 1 of MN1220, press vol down then store then resolder pin 1 - only seems to correct problem if resoldered while unit is powered.
Mark TV Model: TVD1420TX
No video, grey picture with white lines
1ohm resistor on the mainboard next to the connector for the rgb
Jvc TV Model: C14E1EK
Dead, in standby, HT present at relay RLX401, no 12 volts at C419
R425 (5.6ohm) o/c, ZD402 (12 volt zener) s/c and C426 (2200uF, 25volt) faulty
(Steve Spriggs)
Hitachi TV Model: C28WS10TN
Poor starting, some times comes on then cuts out with LED going out
Dry joints along centre heatsink where the three ICs are mounted, reflow solder on ICs and then check HT (160 Volts)
Sony TV Model: KV-25M80 (BG-2 Chassis)
5V Supply Transformer Short
Goldstar TV Model: CF28A54L (PC58A Chassis)
Lignes horizontaux aut de l'immage aprs remplacer
IC - TDA8350Q, Condo 470uF, 25V
Sony TV Model: KV28WS2U
No sound, speakers pop out if volume is raised from zero. Audio output from Dolby (A1) board at +5v dc.
Lightning damage to this set and connected VCR. Centre/surround amplifier IC shorted blowing IC protector to its negative rail. Both amplifier ICs replaced as a precaution. No damage to Dolby (A1) board
Philips TV (L6.2 Chassis)
Picture is horizontally narrowed and deformed
Capacitor C2913 (390nF, 250V) on the deflector PCB had lost capacity
(Patje - Belgium)
Thomson TV Model: 28WR23EG (ICC17 Chassis)
AV1, AV2 are fine but AV3 do not work. Picture may be ok but no sound
Replace BA7604N, and check CX64 (47pF)
(Daniel Simes - Portugal)
Daewoo TV (CP775 Chassis)
Dead - faint ticking from PSU
LOPTx faulty - check Q401 (D18809a4 aka 2SD1880) for s/c and D406 for s/c
Philips Video Model: VR110
Power supply tripping
Damaged print at one of the pins on primary side of transformer
(Mark T)
Sony TV (FE-1 Chassis)
Loss of one colour with teletext and on-screen displays
Check the appropriate 2SC2412K transistor Q007 (green), Q008 (blue) or Q009 (red)
Philips TV (GR2.4AA Chassis)
Power Supply Protection enabled
Replaced zener diode 6561 (BZX79C68)
Sony TV (FE-1 Chassis)
Band of interference down left of screen on dark scenes
This was cured by adding a 1000pF, 2kV capacitor (part no. 1-161-731-81) in parallel with D539 in the EW diode modulator circuit
Bush TV Model: 3114AT
Dead, stuck in standby
Check R502 and R503 these should be 330k directly in front of the STR Transistor
(Darryl Nicholls)
Philips TV Model: GR1AX (GR1AX Chassis)
Will not start up from cold
Check if 95v line increases to over 100v when TR7628 (BF423) is chilled. If so, replace D6629 (BZX79-C12) and re-check 95v/re-adjust R3625. May also be worthwhile replacing TR7628 and C2629 as a precaution!!
Sony TV Model: KV2165MT
Main fuse blasted
Replace the STR50115
Amstrad TV Model: CTV3028N
No tuning
R124 (15K) o/c, (33 Volt tuning supply)
(Apollo service centre)
Loewe Opta TV Model: Contur T70 (C9000 Chassis)
Problems starting-up from standby
May be a problem in the power section. Replace C622 (100uF) and C631 (100uF)
Goodmans TV Model: 1410 (TX805 Chassis)
One of the three series connected 68Kohms resistors was open-circuit. RP44 is rated at only 0.25w. It hides beneath two large green power resistors. The other two 68Kohm resistors are rated at 0.5W. We replaced them all with 1W resistors. Soak tested ok
(Ann Reid)
Orion TV (5130-2RC Chassis)
Picture was black and white, twisted, sound came and went
If switched on for a long time the picture improved but was still not OK. Capacitor C210 in the IF section had failed. Replaced and all OK!
Hitachi TV Model: C2864TN
Psu in slow trip. 630mA fuse on E/W panel blown
Top E/W diode leaky D704 (BY228)
Panasonic Video Model: NV370E
Display shows dew sensor at irregular intervals and different circumstances causing the video to go in standby mode
Bouncing effect of power switch on timer board. Only one section of this double pole switch is used. Add a 1nF capacitor in parallel to this switch and use the second section as well
Sony TV Model: KVM1400
Will not power up, red LED blinks twice
Replace ICP fuse in HT line PS801 (N15, 600mA) mounted adjacent to pin 7 of LOPT
Panasonic TV Model: 21LIT
Dead set, only red LED is on
Replace IC AN5606k
(Imran Khan)
Loewe opta TV Model: Profile (E3000 Chassis)
White vertical line only displayed on tube
Check for dry joint or burnt track on Horizontal Yoke PCB socket or main board
(Andrew booth)
Thomson TV (TX91 Chassis)
PLL will not lock for all frequencies (keeps running during program search), on screen display moving / unstable
Changed the tuner and the STV8224 also check transistor at location TV02 is ok
Hitachi TV Model: C2546TN
Prodedure to remove `C46TN` from screen
Press the 2 VCR buttons together, the menu will appear, then switch to standby mode, turn appliance back on and prompt should have disappeared. When tv is turned on it will ask you to search for a channel, select this and then cancel
Panasonic Video Model: P03RMK2 (VJDO3D40 Chassis)
Int capstan motor stops responding
Changed the IC No. BA6871S
Akura TV Model: CX35 Nicam
Vertical height oversize
The eprom was found to be faulty (nvm)
(Sjs elec)
Grundig TV Model: P55449 (CUC4401 Chassis)
Dead but comes on when warm
Replace C633 (100uF) in the p.s.u
Hitachi TV Model: C2119E (Issue9 Chassis)
No sound control, procedure to exit factory preset mode
Hold 'VOL+ and 'VOL- buttons whilst switching on
(John Mclaughlin)
Sharp TV Model: 54DT25S
Dead with ticking noise from line
Replaced C622, C604 and Q509
(A. McGovern)
Sony TV (FE-1 Chassis)
Excessive width
This was due to Q532 (2SK2251-01) being s/c, it is advisable to also check other EW circuit components as a precaution
Sharp TV Model: 54DT25S
Frame foldover
Check C713, Q510 and Q505
(A. McGovern)
Samsung TV Model: CB7230WT
Vertical output problems, Vertical output ic fails repeatedly !
Fit a new IC, clean old heatsink compound, add fresh compound thinly on the surface. Now disregard all the other modifications previously suggested and ADD a large heat sink on the existing heatsink (screw another one on top)
Philips TV (L9.2E Chassis)
Fuse 1572 blown
Disconnect pin 44 on IC7600, if the fuse stops blowing suspect processor IC7600. It is really expensive, at least in Sweden !
(Kalle Birgersson)
Sony TV (FE-1 Chassis)
No picture or dark picture
Check R516 (56Kohms, 0.5w) or R517 (27Kohms, 0.25w) for high resistance or o/c
Watson TV Model: FA 5129 (11AK19B-1 Chassis)
Toshiba Video Model: V730UK
No display, red LED flashing
Replace C1SS35 (1000uF, 10V)
Thompson TV Model 24WK24U (ICC17 Chassis)
Set is tripping with flashing from the red standby light
Short the collector of TL71 to earth, if the set comes on you will find the frame chip is blown and ZL11 cp is o/c. If the set still wont come on them the LOPT is suspect
Philips TV Model: 25PT512A-05 (GR2.2 Chassis)
Dead set HT 140V ok
Replace standby Thermistor THY6670
(Wayne Haverson)
Sanyo Video Model: VHR-796E
PR512 in the PSU was o/c
Sony TV Model: KV2020
No Sound
Replace sound i.c (TBA120U)
Toshiba TV Model: AVM 2505 (G3V25050 Chassis)
Will not come out of standby, no picture
If at power on voltage on pin 37 of the micro drops low then reverts to 5v suspect memory chip ICA07 (Toshiba 23319016)
Toshiba Video Model: V705B (V3 CAT 1/2 Chassis)
Intermittent dead
When pin 11 of IP001 (U4614) jumps between 8v and 10v suspect shorted 2SA1020, as the secondary is shorted, leaving the chopper switching between on/off states
(Liran Daniel)
Panasonic TV Model: CT-T14R
El diodo en paralelo con condensador electrolitico C810 vuela porque este voltaje esta bien alto cerca a 200 voltios debe ser 138v
Cambiar la R610 de 110k (estaba alterada)
Vestel TV (11AK19 Chassis)
Screen blanked out with 4 coloured lines two thirds of the way down from the top of pic. Sound OK
100 ohm resistor connected to pin 6 of the frame output chip was o/c. The IC is TDA8356. The resistor is R704 and is on top of a small hole in the chassis
(Raul Almeida)
Grundig Video Model: VS500VPS
All power is oscillating
Select 4934 on remote then 0000 key, should then clear
Panasonic Video Model: NV-HD625
Loss of colour
Filter BP301 may have poor internal contacts
Bush TV Model: 2059NTX
Dead, stand-by light on
All power supply voltages OK. no drive to line output. IC102 faulty (TDA4505E)
(Apollo service centre)
Naiko TV Model: N2811W (PE92 Chassis)
The display is blue with bad graphics and parameters wrong
The 24C16 (IC02) EPROM was faulty as Bush WS6674, Got from CHS for 4
(Roger Scales)
Panasonic TV Model: TC15M1R
Tries to start, led lights once, and shuts down
Disconnect pin 6 of loptx, set should run with frame collapse. Replace frame IC to effect cure
(Andy Woods, review tv, Nottingham)
Philips TV Model: 25PT532A/05 (GR2.2 Chassis)
Power supply dead, blowing fuse
Fault was transistor BUT124F (7625) short circuit, replaced Transistor and also changed ic CNR50 (7614) and TDA8385 (7600) this solved the problem
(Jon, Wakefield)
Jvc TV Model: AV21F1EN
Channel reception lost if tuner socket moved
Dry joints on IC522, IC521 and IC541 (located in the big heatsink about middle of the main pcb)
(Jose Carlos Pinto - Oporto)
Philips TV (CTN-BB Chassis)
Dead. F1500 o/c, mosfet s/c
Mosfet T7525 shorts, due to smoother cap C2505 goes low capacity. IC7514 (TDA4605) must also be replaced
(Jose Carlos Pinto - Oporto)
Bush TV (ONWA Chassis)
Fit a power supply kit from SEME RK215 for a safer and reliable repair
Philips TV Model: 14PT1352/58 (L6.1AA Chassis)
Sound goes off and no remote control functions when heated
This was found to be due to a faulty micro
Bush TV Model: 11AK19 (11AK19 Chassis)
Lack of width / no ew control
The east west fet Q603 (BUK444-200A) was short and R629 (2.7ohms fusible) was open, replacing both cured the problem. Addition to above: R629 (27ohms 110deg tube) found open without Q603 or other component failure, problem fixed by replacement R629
Panasonic Video Model: NVHD100
Dead after storm
Check the STRS6545 regulator chip and the mains fuse
Philips TV Model: 21PT5505/05 (L9.1E Chassis)
The fault with this tv was a snowy picture (no channels tuned in) also the permanent 33V supply on pin 9 of the tuner was low at only 1.6V
The first thing i tried was a resistance check between pin 9 and ground. The reading was only 120 Ohms. There's a surface mounted cap right next to pin 9 of the tuner. This was found to be leaky, It's value is 47nF. Also resistor 3442 (3.9K) was o/c
Lg TV Model: CI29H40 (PC8KA Chassis)
There was a bright white screen with flyback lines on this set. The A1 adjustment had very little effect
I found that IC901 (TDA6108JF) on the tube base was faulty, pin 7 (blue o/p) and pin 8 (green o/p) both read s/c to ground. Note: this chip was probably taken out due to the tube flashing over as in my case
Philips TV (ANUBIS A Chassis)
Low Contrast
C2448 (47uF, 200v) open circuit
(Paul Willis)
Bush TV Model: 1473T
Dead set, Blown BU808DF
Replace the BU808DFI and check or replace C602 in the base feed. The drive appears normal, but the set can be slow to start, the BU will overheat & eventually fail again
(Steve Hogan)
Jvc Video Model: HRD750
This was due to C14 (1uF, 63v) in p.s.u being faulty, replaced with a 2.2uF, 63V
Seleco TV Model: 26SA37NL
White line in middle screen, several spikes
Check power switch for arcing, also check 1 ohm resistors on switch board for possible dry joints
Toshiba TV Model: 3798DG (C8SS Chassis)
E/W Pincushion distortion
Replace D461 damper diode (ERC20-06)
(Magic man)
Philips TV (GR2.2AA Chassis)
Protection circuit operating intermittently
Diode 6592 was found to have leakage causing voltage to protection circuit to be too high, Should be 23 - 28mV
(Hassan Didi)
Salora TV (L Chassis)
DN15 s/c (8v line)
Mitsubishi TV Model: CT29B2STX
Blank raster with sound / field collapse
The field output chip IC451 (TDA8178S) was faulty, as this original Mitubishi part was no longer available a kit had to be fitted (no.H27PO14010 for this model), this uses a different chip - type STV9379
Nei TV Model: C25F4FR (CE25 Series Chassis)
Int failure of the TDA8380 and SGSIF344
Connect wire link between jungle i.c ground lugs to chassis
Samsung TV Model: CK-5320ZR (SCT11D Chassis)
Field collapse
Check R410 (1ohm) in feed to D403 for o/c
Toshiba Video Model(s) V632UK, V642UK, V752UK, V852UK
Head Switching Point Adjustment
1) Playback the alignment tape.
2) Press button SW713 on Main PCB with pincers to set adjustment mode
3) Press the SP/LP button on the remote control then adjustment is done automatically
4) Turn the Power off.
Sanyo TV Model: 21BN1
Dead, l.e.d. lit
R620 o/c. R621 and R620 replaced (both 120K)
(A. Gould)
Mitsubishi TV Model: CT25M2TX
Frame collapse, destruction of AN5521 frame chip at switch on
Replace the AN5521 then replace the 47uF, 35v electrolytic in the power supply. Also check the 330uF, 35v capacitor next to the frame chip for leakage
(R. Higton)
Hitachi TV Model: C32FW523NA (A8 Chassis)
Procedure to enter service mode
Switch tv on then press menu then press vol up and vol down on the front of the set simultaneously and hold until menu appears
(Simon Edwards)
Hitachi TV Model: C32FW523NA (A8 Chassis)
No or very dull picture with osd and text just visible, A1 control makes little difference, looks like poor crt
18v zener diode Z703 s/c located near lopt, it is part of the acl beam current limiter
(Simon Edwards)
Sharp TV Model: 66FW53H (DA100 Chassis)
Failure of Q601 (BUH515) and possibly Q506
Found dry joints on C613. Also R613 had burnt top of C613. Fitted new parts, found Circuit no longer available. Sharp by name sharp by nature came to mind. Set only just over two years old
Sharp TV Model: (4BSC Chassis)
Low width with lines across screen and feathered edges
Replace C623 and C602
(Steve Warner)
Philips TV Model: 21PT166B/00 (AA5 AB Chassis)
No drive to LOP transistor
Middle sections checked OK. Carefully scoping the TDA8361's Hor. output showed gnd level to be at +0.8v not enough to drive next stage. Change the TDA8361
Samsung TV Model: CW28C33N
Dead. in safety mode
Looks like l.o.p.t but was traced to small decoupling cap on 200v line (on tube base), dead short
Panasonic TV (EURO 7 Chassis)
Procedure to enter the service mode
Set bass to maximum, treble to minimum, then hold down the index button on the remote and press the v button on the set
Proline TV Model: 28N1
Procedure to invoke service mode
Press and hold both the s/by button on r/c and vol-button on front of set whilst switching set on. Channel + and - select param and vol + and - adjust. S/by to store
Variant: As above but use vol up to invoke svc mode as above, yell-MEM on h/s to store
(Tony Blick)
Salora TV Model: 1HCA
No Power - dead T700 and T701 (BUW41B) and R713 (22ohms, 5W). New parts work short time and dead again
Dry capacitors C712 and C726 (4.7uF, 35V)
Hypson TV Model: HY1493 (3915 TH Chassis)
Popping or motorboating noise from speaker in standby
Check Q951 (JC501-Q, mitsubishi Pt no. 260P543050), and Q952 (2SA950-Y, mitsubishi Pt no. 260P255040) and for dry joints around R954, R974 and R985
Philips TV Model: (GR2 Chassis)
Sound but no picture
Check the LOT cable for short circuit
Grundig TV Model: ST82-675/9 TOP (CUC6380 Chassis)
Dead set, Tripping
LOPTX short circuit between most pins!
Goodmans TV Model: GTV69W3 (11AK19 Chassis)
East West distortion, only 16:9 available
Resoldered numerous dry joints around east west and heater circuitry. R629 (27R 1/4 W Safety) found open circuit. Replacement + resoldering cured fault.
(Jim Ross)
Philips TV (CP110 Chassis)
Image appeared after a 5-20 minutes, sound was choppy when changed by the remote
Replaced C2690 (100F, 50V) with a 100F, 63V type, this is located on the small overvolt board in the power supply area
Philips TV (CP110 Chassis)
Vertical ripples on horizontals
Replaced C2633 (100F, 25V)
Salora TV Model: K (K Chassis)
No e/w correction
This was due to T504
Finlux TV Model: SN87A2
No sound or picture
Check R44 for o/c and D20 for s/c
Sinudyne TV Model: 34B0A
Geometric distortion, Pillow, and picture enlarged horizontaly
The problem was a short from GND to pin 11 inside IC301 (TDA8350Q). This pin is the output of amplifier for geometric correction signal. Replace IC301
Grundig TV (CUC4400 Chassis)
No image from tuner. Image from AV input (rgb) is rolling over the screen (no synchronisation)
Check if teletext is present at the top of the screen. If this is ok replace the TDA5931 (normally the sound will also be missing)
(Trancy boy 1)
Grundig TV (CUC4400 Chassis)
E.H.T very weird, E.H.T. transformer makes strange sound, no image
Measure pin 1 of the TDA2579, if there are vertical pulses then measure pin 11 of the TDA2579 for hor. pulses, If missing, or voltages are very low (Mv) replace the IC. The ref. voltage on pin 12 will be present if the TDA2579 works correctly. Measure on pin 10 of the PS
(Trancy boy 1)
Sansui TV Model: SV-20BG (11AK03 Chassis)
No vertical
R822 (15K) open
(Joao Soares)
Panasonic Video Model: NVHD100
Narrow sync pulse output in E-E but ok when pre-recorded tape is played
Replace 3.3uF, 50v SM capacitor on hybrid IC301, If fault persists replace IC301 on the Y/C sub board
(J. Herbert / Anonymous)
Sony TV Model: (BE1 Chassis)
Loss of sound when set was cold / extremely distorted sound when cold (after set was turned on)
Sound recovered within a few minutes of turn-on and was then normal. Check the electrolytic capacitors and diode near to the audio output IC heatsink. 100% rectification was achieved by replacing the diode and small value electrolytics in the immediate area of this IC's heatsink
(Steve Larkins)
Sharp TV Model: 51DT25H (U Chassis)
No audio R305 o/c
R305 (2.2ohm), Q3021 (BC636), Q3011 (BC635)
Nokia TV (Euro Stereo 2 Chassis)
Hard to turn on, hissing sound, bad picture
Check C787 (10uF, 50V)
(Kalle Birgersson, Uddevalla Sweden)
Sony TV (BE3D Chassis)
Picture too big, maybe strange colors, shuts down after a few seconds
Check for shorts in IC606 (9V voltage reg)
(Kalle Birgersson, Uddevalla Sweden)
Philips TV Model: 28PW6005 (A10 Chassis)
Changes to ext 1 when watching tv (ok with video input)
IC7064 defective, replace it. Philips best nr= 311125054501. price = 48 euro, after replacement the smart settings have been set to 255 read the instruction note for this software!! Code number instruction note = 996500013923
(Steve Walschot)
Panasonic TV Model: TX-21S3T
No line drive
This one had me puzzled for a while until I found that diode D861 was open-circuit (intermittently!)
(Graham, Falsgrave Electrical)
Matsui TV-Vid Combi Model: TVR185
Accepts tape then immediately ejects it
The capstan motor was faulty. Fitted new motor
Toshiba TV Model: 28W8DB
No frame drive however sound and line drive is present
E/W correction chip TA1240 (at front of line/frame chassis) was defective, replacing the IC cured the fault
Samsung TV Model: CS3339Z
No picture No sound
Faulty IC TDA6107q on crt board
Seg TV Model: CTV7951GB
Dead set
Check the following caps, C828 (1000uF, 16v), C817 (1000uF, 16v) and C848 (100uF, 25v). The caps take out the following components in the power section. Chopper FET Q802 (2SK2545) equivalent BUZ901A (need to isolate BUZ901A from heatsink), R817 (2.2ohm/5W), D805 (BA159), D802 (IN4007) and D801 (IN4007)
(Ian Paterson)
Jvc TV Model: AV25SD4EK
Standby LED changes from Red to Green as normal, but no picture or sound. Set appears not to come out of standby
Check for dry joints on the line output transformer tags. Resolder all as a precaution anyway
Sharp TV Model: 66FW53H
Colours ramping, poor greyscale
Replace IC1002/3, Set will need reprogramming afterwards
(Chris Brunning)
Philips TV Model: Various
Sound but no picture
Have found on some Philips tvs (if they are older then 15 years) that a 2.7r resistor close to the HT transformer goes open, resulting in sound but no picture
Philips TV (GR1AX Chassis)
Sometimes does not start up from cold, but starts well from power off or standby after a few minutes
After checking all PSU components and consulting many colleagues, casually the tip of my iron touched the body of T2628 (BF423) and the set started. After more then 20 attempts, I realised that this transistor became intermittent when cold
(Jose Carlos Pinto - Oporto)
Samsung TV Model: CX5012
Volume low, even at maximum setting
Replaced IC601 (TC4066BP) close to IF can
(Jose Carlos Pinto - Oporto)
Mitsubishi TV Model: BDS29S (11AK19 PRO Chassis)
Picture is black with faint green retrace lines, sound etc. ok
Changed TDA6108JF on CRT board, and nearby 10uF electrolytic which looked damaged. Fixed fault. A resistor next to the capacitor had been changed before but tested okay this time
(Joe Kelleher)
Sharp TV Model: 66FW53H
Dead - neon lit ... another fault!
Check the BZW04145 diode across C720, if short circuit, replace and also replace opto-isolator IC704 (MOC8106) and IC706 (TL431 voltage reference). You can put an 817 opto-coupler in diagonally
Sharp TV Model: 66FW53H
Dead - Neon lit
R713 and R714 (560K) high or o/c
Philips TV (GR2.2AA Chassis)
Does not work after LOT has been changed
Check / change D6561 also change the TDA2579B if there are any sync problems
Philips TV (GR2.2AA Chassis)
Dead, no line oscilation, power supply and line output stage are OK
Check / replace C2549 (390 or 470nF / 400V) and C2545 (1n5 or 1n2, 2000v)
Philips TV Model: 14GR1221 (GR1AX Chassis)
Procedure to enter or exit hotel mode (child lock)
Put the set on programme 38, press either store and pr - (to lock) and store and vol - (to unlock), or, press pr - and vol + (to lock and unlock), press buttons on the set (not remote)
Sharp TV Model: TV14 (Cinema Borg)
When set switched on "ENTER YOU LOCKCODE" appears on screen, customer had forgotten the lock code
Replaced the Microprocessor(64 pins)
(Engr. Etpiv)
Sony TV Model: KV20TR22
Intermittent reception on VHF / UHF
Resolder tuner especially the around the tuner I.C
(Engr. Eugenio T. Penalosa iv)
Bush TV Model: 34BKB 3463NTX/4400
Dead / excessive width and e/w bowing
Capacitor CL15 was dry jointed and transistor TL4 was s/c, also CL18 (22uF, 250v) was stressed, after replacing these components had excessive width and e/w bowing, the TDA8350Q field ic turned out to be the culprit
Grundig TV (CUC3500 Chassis)
No sound (AV-Mode sound ok)
Replace IC2210 (U2829)
Bush TV (11AK19 Chassis)
Lack of width / no ew control
The east west fet Q603 (BUK444-200A) was short and R629 (2.7ohms fusible) was open, replacing both cured the problem. 2 Values for this component: 2.7 ohm in 90 degree crt's ... 27ohm in 100 degree crt's. 32" models value is 56 ohm @ 1 watt safety
(Rob Faulkner - Homeview tv)
Proline TV Model: 28N1 (F19 Chassis)
Int will lose eprom settings, ie Height etc
The Crt base was arcing internally
(Dave Waddingham)
Hitachi TV Model: C2558TN (G8Q Chassis)
This set would not switch automatically into A/V mode when a video or any other equipment was connected via the scart
The set could manually be placed into A/V from the tv's front end controls. The cure was to replace ZD301 (ZTE251). I assumed it was a 2V but as i had none in stock i tried a 2.7V zener which worked perfectly. It's located near the scart socket
Panasonic Video Model: NV-G40
Picture noisy on all channels
Transistor Q4 (D1330) o/c
Sony TV (FE-1 Chassis)
No power (no standby power supply op)
IC609 (TOP209) was faulty, also checked C640 (47uF, 25v), D631 (MTZJ-12B), D628 (P6KE200), D629 (UF4005PKG23) and R627 (4.7ohms, 5%, 0.25w) as a precaution
Hitachi TV Model: C2558TN (G8Q Chassis)
The H.T wouldn't vary at all, even though it was actually at the correct level (157V)
ZD941 (BZV10) was found to be o/c. It's a 6.5V zener diode and not as i had assumed by the numbering on it a 10V. ZD941 and the H.T pot VR941 are located next to the optocoupler
Nokia TV Model: SP71D1 and others (Stereo Plus Chassis)
Tv does not start from stand-by. Indicator led blinks quickly
Replace the two smd condensers in parallel between pin 2 of IC NO62 (reset line). Remove all of the red glue below the condensers. These condensers must be replaced by new ones of 47nF and 100nF in parallel. IC NO62 (TDA8137) sometimes must be also replaced
(Fernando Almeida)
Panasonic Video Model: NVF70
Bad picture, may be stripy with blue spots
Change C22 in the power supply (680uF, 10V). I used a 1000uF, it works great
(Kalle Uddevalla, Sweden)
Sony TV (FE-1 Chassis)
Changes channel or volume adjusts by itself
Check S900/1/2 on pcb H1, alternatively this could be due to failure of IC005 (CD4052BCM-FL63) on pcb A
Akura TV Model: CX11
Appears to be no line drive but if scoped the drive is at very high frequency
Suspect C308 (3.3nF) high stability type
Panasonic TV Model: TC1400T
Int loss of signals
Check R545 for dry joints
Sony TV (FE-1 Chassis)
Set shuts down shortly after start up with standby led flashing 2, 4 or 5 times
Check / replace chip resistors R543 (47Kohms) and R541, R573 and R575 (all 100Kohms)
Grundig TV Model: 8214
Poor linearity / Vertical deflection problems
Check +D voltage on pin 12 of the vertical deflection module. If this voltage is less then 35V or has ripple replace C628 (3300uF, 50V), also check fuse SI627 (T3,15A). Sometimes this fuse has resistance causing a voltage drop across it
(Fernando Almeida)
Rca TV Model: CTC166/167
Audio, no video
Change Capacitors C4501 and C4502, in the vertical section
Ferguson TV (ICC9 Chassis)
Ew distortion
Check / replace CL42 (4.7uF, 160v), don`t forget to use 105 Celsius type replacement
Sharp TV Model: DV3760H
Dead, led flashing red/green at first, then going to red standby
Replace C604 (1000uF, 16v) elec. cap. It is in the decoupling circuit for the 5 volt supply
(John Clifford)
Samsung TV Model: CB5020 (P58SC Chassis)
Tuning not stopping
Replace R116 (120Kohms) this was open circuit
Tatung TV (C Series Chassis)
No remote control op
Microprocessor MN15151
Ferguson TV (TX92 Chassis)
Field fold-over / flyback lines visible at top of screen
Capacitor CF30 (47uF, 50v)
Panasonic Video Model: NV-HD101
No picture on e-e, I.F output ok
This was due to switching chip IC3901 (M51292FP) on the scart panel
Ferguson TV (TX92 Chassis)
Dead, No LED, 2.5Amp fuse O.K. Some voltages present at BP02 ON/OFF switch connection. 160v at terminal D of TP16. 26v, 200v, 13v lines all zero
Replace TP16 (P6NA60FI) and diode DP17 (BZX55C15)
Sony TV Model: KVA2542
Fault not limited to this model. Turning itself to standby, mostly when warm. Flashing error code on LED's.
Dry joint on IC TDA8179 (under metal shield). May need replacing with STV9379. May also need to alter picture geometry settings (HSIZE, HPOS, VSIZE, VPOS) in service menu
Panasonic TV Model: (ALPHA 2W Chassis)
Squeal at switch on then goes dead, channel indicator ok
Check the l.o.p transistor Q551 for s/c, overvoltage diode D854 for s/c, R564 / R567 (fusible) for o/c and also check C808 (10uF, 63v) and IC801 (STR54041M) and locally for dry joints
Vestel TV Model: 11AK19 (11AK19 Chassis)
Procedure to enter service mode
Go to installation menu, then press 4,7,2,5
(Kalle Uddevalla, Sweden)
Vestel TV Model: 6392
Field collapse (no vertical deflection). No sound
Replaced resistor R818 (15k, 1w) which was o/c. This resistor is the limiter for the 33v tuning voltage
(Rui Loureiro - Portugal)
Goodmans TV Model: 1476TS
Set reverts to standby at switch-on
Check 200v line on tube base for short cct. I901 (TDA6103Q) goes s/c
(Jack - Scotland)
Sanyo TV Model: CBP2580
The word "factory" in a red box is permanently displayed on screen and sound volume goes from 0% to 50% to 100%
Enter service mode, go down to nvm and press volume plus on remote
Toshiba TV-Video Combi Model: VTV1402S
Dead, or intermittent start up. No voltage supply to line driver
Check R504 (270k), feed to switching transistor. Goes high or o/c
(R. higton)
Philips TV Model: 14PV163
Reverts to standby from switch on via TV or Video
No 5v rail because FET MTP3055 o/c. (BUZ71 will do nicely)
(Stu - sjs)
Sharp TV Model: 66FW53 (widescreen DA-100 Chassis, 50 and 100Hz series)
E/W fault
Coil L603 (part num RCILP0286BMZZ) had severely burnt up and Q506 E/W driver 2SD2391 (Part num RH-TX0151BMZZ) was short circuit. If you have this fault check L604 for invisible dry joints, if you don't you may find you still have an E/W fault when you have replaced the faulty parts
(Regards - LB)
Goldstar TV Model: CIT-9322
Volume down control on the set will not work
Everything else worked fine on this rather old model except the volume down control (i didn't have the handset to see if this was also the case via the remote). The cure was to replace the micro IC1 which was an M491BB1
Hitachi Video Model: VT530E etc
Playback picture freezes repeatedly when warm / capstan motor overhaul
This symptom is usually due to contamination of the capstan motor bearing which can in turn lead to overheating of the drive chip, the problem can often be remedied by dismantalling the motor and thoroughly cleaning the bearing then lightly lubricating with a suitable light oil before reassembly
Hinari TV Model: CDTV2
Power supply fault, clicking noise, nothing else
Check C629 (100uF, 25v) for o/c
Zenith TV Model: D32D51
Reddish picture
Replaced Transistor Q2005 Type 2N3906 (shorted)
Mitsubishi TV Model: CT29B2STX
Line output transistor s/c, repeated failure
Replace the four caps in the power supply C905 (470uF, 35V), C906 (470uF, 50V), C909 (2.2uF, 50V) and C920 (100uF, 25V) also note transistor varies with different size c.r.t.
(Steve b)
Toshiba TV Model: 217D98
Severe field distortion
Check capacitor C317 (2.2uF, 50V) in linearity feedback circuit
(Steve b)
Aiko / Perdio TV Model: 512
Excessive brightness with flybacks
Check capacitor C120 (2uF, 250V) in first anode supply
(Steve b)
Philips Video Model: VR722 (LUCY Chassis)
LSM-45 power supply faulty after power failure
Replaced elco 2112 (100F, 385V) and capacitor 2116 (100nF, 400V). See also my tip about the philips VR-723 (Cooling down during power outtage). Cheers
(Leo hulstein)
Philips Video Model: VR723 (LUCY Chassis)
Power supply LSM-45 would not start up after power failure
Cooling down of the machine during the power outtage triggered the problem: inside the supply module excessive heat is present that causes components to age rapidly, especially those that are located close to the heatsink. Replaced cap. 2116 (100nF, 400V)
(Leo hulstein)
Sony TV Model: KV27EXR25
No raster, the set will click on but no high voltage
Replaced IC651 (on the power board) type STRS6301 (Note: Use an original STRS6301, not an STRS6301A unless the 6301A comes from SONY) This part does run very hot
(Billy sean)
Philips TV Model: 27CE4599-33R (2A Chassis)
No sound, with sound at maximum you can hear a weak noise
Change IC7102 (U2830B if found, if not U2829B), this IC is located on the sound demod pcb
Salora TV (M Chassis)
Procedure to enter service mode
Press P then * then 0/AV then # then >M
* and # (change function)
Vol+ and Vol- (change value)
>M (store current value)
TV (exit service mode)
1..7 and . (bytes option)
Samsung TV Model: CB5035Z
Stuck in osd mode, no functions
Change the eprom, check that the earthing of the green cable running from tuner is OK
Jvc Video Model: HRD720
Noise bar in playback, looks like error in the guides adjustment
The problem is the 3.3uf capacitor in the drum motor. This generates Pg signal errors. Replace it and give me a smile !
(Walter Rimini)
Ferguson (TX92 Chassis)
After replacing the line output TX the set still appears to be tripping
Try switching the set on with the remote control. The micro seems to remember the tripping state, the remote control re-setting it
Toshiba Video Model: V709B (Samsung Chassis)
Very slow rewind / fast forward
Center Gear assy u/s, cracks and drags on chassis, same will apply to Samsung and some Sony machines etc
(Nigel, Trident audio visual)
Goodmans TV Model: W322NS
Procedure to enter sevice mode
Switch off tv, hold in VOL+ button on tv and STANDBY button on remote, switch back on at mains switch then release buttons, set will then come on in service mode
Adjust with PROG. + - and VOL + - store with yellow button
(Nigel, Trident audio visual)
Sanyo TV Model: CE28WN4B
Procedure to disable protection mode for fault finding
The protection mode can temporarily be disabled to prevent the set going into standby during fault finding by disconnecting R648 (note: safety procedures must be followed !!)
Grundig TV Model: M70-1690 (CUC6369 Chassis)
Dead, SI621 (1.6amp) blown apart
Replace SI621 (1.6A), SI601 (2.5A), D620 (B380 C2000/1500) REC, T644 (IRFBC40) mosfet, IC631 (TDA4605-3), C633 (100uF,25v), this was caused by dry joints on C648
Itt TV (Comp De 110 Chassis)
Does not start when cold, simply produces a very fast trrrr noise...
Increased value of C711 (10uF, 63V) by adding a 4.7 uF in parallel on the bottom side of the printed circuit board
Daewoo TV-Video Combi Model: GB14F7T1
Smoke came out of vents, then shut down
Small pin hole in line output transformer type FSA36012M
(Peter Evans)
Telefunken TV Model: S5400DMD (ICC10 Chassis)
At switch on the Led Blinks 3 times, supply tries to come up with a Tick-Tick sound. After trying 4 times to come up it goes to error standby with Led blinking very fast. Error code 3
Make sure primary side of power supply is ok by desoldering jumper JL26, connect Pin 3 of IL01 (protection) to pin 4 ground. Bypass DP127. Put 100W/230V lamp on usys. Turn on the set the lamp should glow and pot PP120 should regulate it. I found CL007, CL015 and TL003 shorted
Grundig Video Model: GV400 / GV440
Display shows "locked" (sometimes Timer is blinking)
Cassette loading is at fault, replace loading gear complete
Toshiba TV Model: 2857DB (C5SS Chassis)
Blue screen, no sound (ok on scart) or snow on screen, no sound, no service mode and menu text fluctuates, channels can not be tuned
The tuner was faulty
Philips TV (L6 Series Chassis)
Vertical lines are not straight when picture is very bright or has white text content
Replace resistor 3420 in the beam current circuit (12k or 15k) replaced with an 18k
Hitachi TV Model: C2566
Severe field cramp at bottom of the picture, but very stretched picture at the top
C608 (4.7uF, 63v.) in field stage o/c
Sony TV Model: KVM2511 (AE1 Chassis)
Can not switch on the set, supply ok
Suspect L807 of o/c (Pt no. 140750400) also check R008 and C017
Sony TV Model: KV32S10
Relay clicks continuously at switch on
Replace Flyback
(Dan @ dbs electronics)
Hitachi TV Model: C2117T
Goes straight to standby, after a quick burst of power
Replaced R952 (39K), had gone slightly high
(Mark t)
Sharp TV Model: CV2123 (CS Chassis)
Field fault / general modification
Add a 1N4148 diode from the emitter of Q509 to cathode of D513 (cathode to emitter of Q509), Pt No. RH-DX0045BMZZ, change R534 to 390ohms (Pt No. VRS-TV1JD391J) and add a fuse in series with L607 and L608 (Pt No. QFS-J1023CEZZ)
Multitech Video Model: VP-1600
Black screen on playback, no test signal
Resolder and clean test switch
(Spiros gr)
Ferguson TV Model: T14R (TX805 Chassis)
Dead, no standby led
RP41 (65k ohms) was o/c
Crown TV Model: CT 2011
Crackling audio
Check for failure of IC101 (KA2914A) (TA7680AP equiv)
Itt TV Model: ITT 3362 (Pico 2/ST3 Chassis)
Tv dies after running for a few seconds
Replace 4.7uF capacitor in the switching power supply unit!

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