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Privacy Policy

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The Service Engineers Forum is committed to protecting your privacy. Most of the pages available on this site can be used without giving us any personal information. In some cases we may need certain details to provide information or services that you may require. The following privacy policy explains when, how and why we collect information, and how that information is used.

Coverage of this Privacy Policy

This policy applies to visitors / users of the Service Engineers Forum and the methods we use with any identifiable information that we may collect when you visit our site or request our services.

Information Collection and Use

The Service Engineers Forum automatically collects anonymous information about it's visitors via its web site server log files. The information may include details such as IP addresses, O/S platforms and types of browsers used to access the site, referrer pages etc. This information may be used for tracking site movements, analysing trends or to provide broad geographical / demographic information. Information collected via our server log files is not linked to any personally identifiable information except in cases of site abuse as set out in our Acceptable Site Usage Policy.

Sharing Information

The Service Engineers Forum does not share any information that may be personally identifiable with third parties unless you have specifically requested otherwise.

Information given by you when registering for our free newsletter is not passed to any third parties whatsoever.

Postings to the site in the form of Help, Wanted, For Sale requests etc (pages that require individual replies) are accepted on the basis that your reply email address will be needed for you to receive replies to these requests and that your consent has been given to place your reply details with your request. Other information such as your Name / Company / Country etc will normally be posted with your request if you have supplied it with your posting, including this extra information is entirely at your own discretion and is not a pre-requisite of your posting. Your reply email address will appear on the relevant page you have posted to in an encrypted form to help prevent it being stolen via the use of email harvesting robots (automated programs that scan Internet pages trying to collect email addresses - normally for spam purposes).

If you have specifically requested a service or information from a third party via the Forums pages you agree to be bound by the Privacy Terms of the party you are forwarding your information to. As we are not in control of this information (or may not have access to it) the Forums privacy policy outlined here cannot be applied in these cases.

Information Required when ordering goods directly from us

If you order goods or services directly via the Service Engineers Forum using online services additional information may be requested. We collect this additional information for 2 reasons:

(1) To process your order.
(2) To provide you with our best possible service.

The type of additional information we need to collect about you to supply goods may include:

Your Name
Your Postal Address
Phone / Fax number
Email Address
Credit / Debit card details

Your online payment may be handled by To view the PayPal privacy statement, please Click here.

Your contact details (but not your credit / debit card details which are processed as above) may be stored in an off-line database. This information stored by us in relation to supplying goods to you will not be made available to any third parties whatsoever unless specifically requested by law or in conjunction with the detection of a fraudulent transaction.

Privacy and Cookie use

The Service Engineers Forum does not currently use cookies however this may be subject to change if required in future, if future changes are made, any new details that may affect your privacy in relation to cookies will be posted here. Cookies may be used by 3rd party advertisers on the Forum, these are not served via the Forum and therefore as we are not in control of this information the forums privacy policy outlined here cannot be applied.

Links to Other Sites

The Service Engineers Forum may contain links to other web sites that are not controlled by us. The Service Engineers Forum is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of any sites we may link to.

Variations of our Privacy Policy

Notice of changes made to this policy in relation to users of Service Engineers Forum or its holding of personally identifiable information of the users of the Forum will be posted here. Any future changes will be made in accordance with our best practice.

Your Comments

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or wish to make comments regarding this document please mark them for the attention of the site editor.

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