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Goldstar P & T series
LG - W series VCRs

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Author: Brian Jefferies

A popular budget machine that has been around for a while the LG / Goldstar P/T/W series machines all use the same centre load deck mechanism (DV27 deck) and have on screen user menu's, The main board has to be removed from the plastic chassis for servicing as there is no pcb access from underneath.

Below is a small list of VCRs from the P/T/W series.

LG / Goldstar   P13i
LG / Goldstar   P134i
LG / Goldstar   P234i
LG / Goldstar   P434I
LG / Goldstar   P500i
LG / Goldstar   P934i
LG / Goldstar   T163i
LG / Goldstar   T16i
LG / Goldstar   T263i
LG / Goldstar   W201
LG / Goldstar   W228i

Listed below are some of our fault experiences with these VCRs

Please note: The P.S.U reservoir capacitor CP06 (68uF, 400V) does not have a discharge resistor fitted across it & may remain charged for long periods, ALWAYS discharge this capacitor before working on these machines.

P/T/W Series - Dead, mains fuse FP01 blackened
Check the mains bridge rectifier BDP01 for short circuit
P/T/W Series - Dead, mains fuse FP01 blown
Check surge limiter resistor RP01 (2.7ohms) for o/c then the chopper fet FEP01 if s/c also suspect failure of control chip ICP01 (KA7552), other components to check are RP04 (0.47ohms, 2watt), CP09, ZDP06 (MTZ18B) & DP02 (1SS131)
P/T/W Series - P.S.U failure, mains fuse FP01 ok
Check surge limiter resistor RP01 (2.7ohms), if ok suspect the start up resistors RP02 & RP03 (47kohms) associated with Pin 6 of the control chip ICP01 (KA7552)
P/T/W Series - High speed tripping
Check the 14v supply rectifier diode DP13 on the secondary side of the P.S.U for leakage
P/T/W Series - Starts up briefly / erratic p.s.u operation
Check the value of reservoir capacitor CP11 (33uF, 25v) in the supply to pin 6 of chopper chip ICP01 (KA7552)
P/T/W Series - Picture remains in E-E mode during playback
Check fusible resistor FR501 (under the P.S.U) for high resistance
P/T/W Series - No fluorescent display
Check transistors Q123 [KTC3205] / Q124 [KTC3199] for failure
P/T/W Series - Loading & unloading operation sluggish
Check smoothing capacitor CP22 [470uF, 25v] in P.S.Us 14v Secondary supply
P/T/W Series - Will not load tape, <<  >> flashing in display, goes to standby
Suspect a broken or worn drive belt, if fault persists check capacitor C733 for failure
P/T/W Series - Screen changes between blue / grey colour
Suspect failure of the 17MHz crystal X503
P/T/W Series - Herringbone patterning on picture in play
Ensure the head preamplifier assembly to head drum chassis earthing screw is tight
P/T/W Series - Poor / noisy signals
Check for excessive voltage drop across l703 in the 5v supply to the U.H.F boost amplifier circuit
P/T/W Series - Stuck in standby / Channel indicator stuck on 00 / No responses to commands
Micro controller IC501 may be corrupt, attempt a reset by disconnecting mains, short circuiting memory back up cap C523, restore power & press operate. IC501 may be faulty but first check it's reset circuit especially C565 & osc crystal X501
P/T/W Series - Just a blue screen after auto tuning
Check F104 in the tuners 9v supply for o/c
P/T/W Series - Will not tune
Check cap C703, resistor R704 & transistor Q132 for failure
P/T/W Series - Fluorescent display very dim
Check transistor Q124 [KTC3199] for failure
P/T/W Series - No sound
Check 12v supply decoupling cap C400 at pin 10 of the i/o pcb connector for s/c also check transistor Q112 [KTC3205]

Below are some further repair experiences for this machine kindly sent by visitors to the forum. Add your fault experiences with this model by Clicking Here & we'll post it to this page.

Just another fault i had with one of these machines.. . .the deck was doing horrible things after i had been doing a routine cleaning job. it would behave perfectly when i removed the lid though, so it seemed that light was affecting the operation of the deck. to cut a long story short, after ages spent checking the start and end sensors, the led tower and various items, i discovered that there was very fine brown "heat dust" on the light guides from the deck to the phototransistors which are mounted on the main board. everything worked fine after i cleaned these thoroughly. one to watch out for. . . .p.s.. keep up the great work on the site, it is excellent....Regards, Owen

Goldstar T263I Dead
6V supply from PSU reading 3V due to faulty 1000uf 10V reservoir capacitor CP19.

Goldstar T263I Dim fluorescent display plus no video function but working loading mech.
-16V supply from PSU reading -21V due to faulty 100uf 10V reservoir capacitor CP25.

Basically check that the PSU is giving out the correct voltages while supplying the main-board and if not, then replace the associated reservoir capacitor/s.

+6V CP19 & CP20
+40V CP17
-16V CP25
-27V CP21
-21V CP25
+15V CP22 & CP18

Regards, Thomas Monk

Goldstar Video P934i - Only first segment of display alight (all characters) otherwise appears dead
Check capacitor CP19 (1000uF, 10v), goes low in value

(PGA. Crockett)

Very dim fluorescent display on a Goldstar P, T, W series
This was caused by a 100uF capacitor in the power module on the secondary side with excessive ESR. It is the only one of this size, near the centre line of the board. I replaced with 220uF, 10 volt working

(John Dunn)

I have had a few of these mechs in NZ with an NEC badge as well as Goldstar
I have also replaced some sluggish loading motors as well. I also came across some intermittent power supply faults where one rail was missing. I replaced the diode and cap to no avail I didn't get to replace the chopper transformer which I suspected even though they measured all right as there were none in stock. As they were under warranty I just replaced the boards.


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