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Pace rolls out Freeview Digital Video Recorder

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Latest Update Details - Full story below

Twin Digital TV Recorder Software Download - 27th May

The first Twin Recorder software download will take place from 10.00am Tuesday 27th May until 9.00am Friday 30th May 2003.

The download will update the software on your Twin Recorder giving you access to interactive services and digital text. To receive the download you need to be tuned to a BBC channel.

If after accepting the download the message "saving software to flash" is displayed for more than 30 minutes unplug the Twin Recorder's power and reconnect it.

Twin Digital TV Recorder gears for launch

Service Engineers Forum - 6th February 2003

Pace is expected to roll out it's new Twin Digital TV Recorder in March 2003 with an anticipated retail price of 349.99

The new Pace Twin Digital TV Recorder is an integrated Digital Receiver and Hard disk recorder. It allows viewers to watch one Digital channel while recording another thus giving access to digital TV with all the functionality of a VCR. The product is the first ever Integrated Digital TV Recorder with a one-off cost and no monthly subscription.

Features include:

  • Access to more than 30 "Freeview" channels
  • Watch one digital channel and record another
  • Watch 2 separate channels on 2 separate TV's
  • Record programmes in digital quality without tapes
  • 10 hours hard disk recording time
  • Pause Live TV
  • Digital Teletext
  • Convert to digital TV with no dish
  • No monthly subscription

International Standards

  • DVB Compliant
  • Audio and Video Decoding
  • MPEG 2 (MP@ML)
Hardware and Software Features

  • Pace Proprietary EPG providing Now & Next, Channel Select and Set-up Menu
  • Pause, Play, Stop, Record & FF/RW
  • Twin tuners, demodulators and decoders
  • Integrated Hard Disk Drive (20 Gbytes, ~10hrs)
  • Supports over air download of new software
  • Parental lock
  • MHEG 5 - Content decoder
  • Modulator output (PAL-I) user programmable from UHF channel 21 to 69
  • RF loopthrough
  • DVB Subtitles
  • OSD language selectable between English and Welsh

  • 2 Scarts - TV and VCR/AUX
  • Mains power
  • 3 phono's (L&R Audio and Composite Video)
  • 9 way D type connector (RS232)
  • S video connecter
  • Optical SPDIF
  • RF in
  • RF out

  • Unit size: 65mm x 270mm x 355mm

From the Manufacturer:

The Pace Twin Digital TV Recorder has a 20 gig hard disk drive, giving you up to 10 hours of recording without videotapes. Viewers can also pause live TV and fast-forward in digital quality at multiples of up to 64 times standard speed, rewind at multiples of up to 32 times and watch play-back in slow motion. As new PVR services become available on the `Twin Digital TV Recorder`, they will be downloaded, keeping `Twin` users up-to-date with the latest in hard disk benefits.

The twin digital tuners deliver two streams of TV content, which enable a family to watch two digital programmes independently on separate TVs. In addition to PVR recording the twin tuners also enable viewers to record any programme onto their VCR while watching another digital channel.

The `Twin Digital TV Recorder` comes with an easy to use on-screen electronic programme guide (EPG), building on the format used in Pace`s popular Digital TV Adapter (DTVA) launched in March 2002. The Guide incorporates all of the standard DVB `now and next` programme information, any additional programme information that is made available and is ready for the extra EPG information that is expected as part of the Freeview licence Award. As with the DTVA, the Twin Recorder is easy to install and does not require an engineer home visit.

"Pace`s new `Twin Recorder` marks yet another step forward for the UK free-to-view market," commented Graham North regional director UK and Ireland. "The innovative features and services we have made possible open up the full potential and value of digital terrestrial TV. The combination of new channels, extra features and `plug-and-play` installation will drive more consumers than ever before to make the switch to digital."

More information for this product is available on the Pace Freeview website at

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