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Philips CF1 Chassis

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Circuits for this chassis at bottom of page.

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Author:  John Bernhard.

The Philips CF1 Chassis has proved itself to be fairly reliable apart from a few straitforward dry joint problems, The chassis is a single panel mainboard construction containing tuning presets & user controls at the front, The h.t supply is a nominal 95 volts d.c. + or -1% as measured between junction 5318/2323 & chassis, adjust h.t using preset 3328

The chassis was fitted in several models including:

Philips:   14CF1014/05R   14CF1014/05S   14CF1114/05B

Pye:    37KF1140/05F   37KF1140/05L   37KF1140/05R

Below are a few faults we have come across with this chassis.

Repeated failure of L.O.P transistor TR7560 [BUT11AF]
Check for dry joints on the L.O.P & line driver transformers, the chopper transistor TR7317 and resistor R3503 [220ohms] at the collector of the line driver transformer.

Dead set
Check protection capacitor C2310 & the 185v supply rectifier diode D6310 for failure

Goes dead after a few minutes
Check capacitor C2317 & feed back optocoupler in the p.s.u.

Blank raster, No sound
Check for leakage of capacitor C2147

Poor brightness and / or contrast
Check resistor R3600 for o/c

Field collapse
Check resistor R3583 for o/c

Intermittent field collapse
Check field output transistors Tr7400 & Tr7401 (BD939F) for dry joints

Flyback lines present, no line / field sync & no sound
Check the sync / timebase generator chip IC7375[TDA2577A] for failure, first check for correct 12v supply to pin 10 of IC7375

Intermittently switches off itself at random
Probably dry joints on the pins of the chopper transformer also check the line output transformers pins.

Philips CF1 power supply circuit, To view image Click here
Philips CF1 line / field / sync circuit, To view image Click here
Philips CF1 RGB tube base circuit, To view image Click here

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