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JVC's New Mini DV / Super VHS dual VCR

JVC, is introducing a new 2-in-1 video deck that incorporates both MiniDV and Super VHS VCRs in one unit. This new model, the HR-DVS1, is ready to meet the demand from among the ever growing number of MiniDV camcorder owners who are looking for an easier way to watch and dub their DV footage. MiniDV is undeniably the de facto standard in digital camcorders, while Super VHS allows flexible dubbing and editing at the highest quality levels available in analog video. By bringing MiniDV and Super VHS together in a single "box", JVC gives users one-touch viewing and dubbing of their MiniDV recordings, with no cable connections necessary, providing an easy way to store high quality DV images in the form of high resolution Super VHS recordings, or dubbed to standard VHS cassettes that can be shared with virtually anybody who owns a VCR. Integration also enables a wide variety of advanced features - like automatic DV-to-S-VHS Random Assemble Editing. After you're done shooting, you can have an easy time enjoying the results with an HR-DVS1 in your home.

Double-Deck Design for a Multitude of Applications

The HR-DVS1 is a double deck with an exclusive loading slot for MiniDV cassettes. This obviously makes it easy to play back and watch DV footage that has been shot using a DV camcorder. But aside from cable-free viewing simplicity, there are the added benefits of the deck's advanced tape transport, and more versatile remote control operation. Best of all, whether the HR-DVS1 is used mainly for MiniDV playback, DV-to-S-VHS editing, DV-to-DV dubbing via its DV input terminal, or analog-to-DV recording from an external source, the user can rely on the high resolution that the MiniDV format is capable of delivering. What's more, since the HR-DVS1 is also equipped with Component Output (Y, PB, PR), it allows pure signal transfer to other products equipped with component inputs, such as the latest display devices.

Quality and Compatibility with Super VHS and VHS

Since the HR-DVS1 is also a full-featured Super VHS deck, it offers the high quality images and functionality that would be expected of a top-of-the-line VCR. Particularly noteworthy is the incorporation of DigiPure Technology actually a group of advanced digital image processing technologies that have been perfected by JVC. They include the Digital Wide TBC (Time Base Corrector) which digitally removes jitter, Precision 3-D Color Circuit for clearer color separation, Digital 3-D YNR/CNR which improves the S/N ratio by approximately 3dB, Precise Digital 3-D Y/C Separation which improves S/N over a wider range, plus the Digital R3 Picture System which applies edge correction to the luminance signal to enhance detail. At the base of these DigiPure technologies is a Digital 3-Dimensional Circuit with 4MB Frame Memory. Together, they maximize the potential of Super VHS, which uses high-band recording to deliver up to 60% better picture quality than ordinary video.

Furthermore, the HR-DVS1's Super VHS deck offers Super VHS ET recording - a cost-effective function that allows high-resolution S-VHS signals to be recorded on regular VHS (HG recommended) cassette. And naturally, recording and playback of regular VHS is also possible, allowing maximum compatibility with prerecorded VHS software and other VHS decks. Users will thus be able to dub their MiniDV camcorder footage over to VHS cassettes, and share them with virtually anybody. Comprising well over 700 million units globally, VHS is by far the most popular video format in the world, and the HR-DVS1 offers a simple solution in linking videos originally shot in MiniDV with the vast worldwide VHS audience.

Bringing it Together with Advanced Editing Capabilities

The HR-DVS1 will let anybody dub the contents of a MiniDV cassette to S-VHS/VHS, or vice versa, at the touch of a single button. But with all the beautiful images provided by MiniDV and S-VHS, users will probably want to do more - and with the HR-DVS1 they can, with a wide array of built-in creative editing functions. For instance, it incorporates Digital Special Effects like Cinema, Black & White, Sepia, Strobe and Video Echo, that can be applied to the MiniDV video during playback - so you can spice up any raw footage by adding special effects while you dub to Super VHS or VHS. The same can be said for 10x Pinpoint Digital Zoom, which lets you zoom in on just about any part of the playback picture to take a closer look at what's happening. The built-in Random Assemble Editing function enables automatic linear editing from DV to S-VHS/VHS; the user merely selects up to 8 sets of 8 cut-in/-out points (for a total of 64 segments), and the rest is done by the internal microcomputer. The HR-DVS1 will automatically seek out the points you've chosen on the MiniDV tape, and dub them over to Super VHS/VHS exactly in the order you want. Furthermore, you get to choose from among 3 fader types and 13 wipe styles, and select from among the previously mentioned Digital Special Effects as well as a date display, to be automatically applied to scene transitions during the Random Assemble Editing. Since information such as edit-in and -out counter positions and selected effects are stored in the deck's memory, the user can always make identical edited tapes based on the same program data. Other advanced editing techniques such as Insert Editing and Audio Dubbing (32kHz mode for MiniDV) are also possible on both MiniDV and S-VHS/VHS. And, despite its all-in-one design, a full set of connectors including DV input/output (i.Link, IEEE 1394 compliant) on the front panel allow the user to expand the potential of digital video with external multimedia devices.

High-Performance High-Convenience Home Theater Deck

Based on its twin-deck design, it is quite obvious that the HR-DVS1 offers powerful appeal for MiniDV camcorder owners and editing enthusiasts. But this recorder also possesses all that is necessary to make it the "best of the best" as a home theater video deck. Besides the inherent high image performance offered by MiniDV and Super VHS, top-class sound quality is also assured by PCM digital stereo (for MiniDV) and Hi-Fi VHS stereo (for S-VHS/VHS). Through a combination of these audio recording technologies and the built-in MTS decoder, the HR-DVS1 is capable of recording high quality programs and SAP TV broadcasts off the air so the user can create his own superior video library.

Installation is made easy thanks to JVC's Plug & Play system; all the user has to do is hook-up the antenna, plug in the VCR's power cord, and the rest is automatic. The HR-DVS1 automatically sets up its tuner and even sets its built-in clock. And since the clock time is kept accurate by time data found in certain PBS broadcast signals, set-up is literally a one-time operation.

Overall operation is made extremely easy with a wide array of features including the simplified timer-programming made possible with VCR Plus+, as well as Express Programming buttons on the remote control. Also, the provided "Cable Eye" cable box controller allows automatic channel switching when timer-recording a cable TV show. And during real-time recording, you can take advantage of the HR-DVS1's double-deck design by watching a DV tape's playback while recording on S-VHS/VHS. This gives you the kind of viewing versatility that is simply not possible with ordinary video decks. Other high-value convenience-boosting features include a Multi-Brand TV/Cable/DBS Compatible Remote Control with Jog/Shuttle, a Multilingual Color On-Screen Menu with a choice of English, French or Spanish operating languages, as well as Active Video Calibration which optimizes recording and playback results by monitoring S-VHS/VHS head and tape performance.

With the HR-DVS1, JVC brings together the best of both worlds - the high-quality world of MiniDV and its far-reaching digital possibilities, and the high-quality world of Super VHS which offers future-ready performance while maintaining compatibility with the many VHS tapes you've accumulated over the years into one high-quality video deck that you can enjoy for years and years. Coming from the company that invented the world's most popular VHS video format, and is also a continual leader in MiniDV innovation, the HR-DVS1 from JVC assures satisfaction in ways that no other video manufacturer can.


MiniDV Format with PCM Digital Audio
High-Resolution Super VHS
DigiPure Technology with 4MB Frame Memory
Digital Wide TBC (Time Base Corrector)
3-Dimensional Digital Circuit with Frame Memory: Precision 3-D Color Circuit - Digital 3-D YNR/CNR - Precise Digital 3-D Y/C Separation
Digital R3 Picture System
Super VHS ET Recording
Hi-Fi VHS Stereo with MTS SAP Decoder
Random Assemble Editing (MiniDV--> S-VHS/VHS)with Digital Special Effects, Wipes and Fades One-Touch Dubbing (both ways)
DV Insert Editing and Audio Dubbing (32 kHz mode)
S-VHS/VHS Insert Editing with Flying Erase Head/Audio Dubbing
Multi-Brand TV/Cable/DBS Compatible Remote with Jog/Shuttle
DV Input/Output (i.Link, IEEE 1394 compliant)
Gold-Plated Front AV Inputs
VCR Plus+ with Cable Box Control
Plug & Play


Active Video Calibration *
Digital Live Circuitry *
Express Programming
Auto SP --> EP Timer Recording *
DBS Tuner Control (using Cable Controller)
Multilingual Color On-Screen Menu
Surge Protection Circuitry
Tape Position Indicator *
Realtime Tape Counter
Auto Index and Index Search *
Auto Daylight Saving Time
Digital AV Tracking *
Multiple-Speed Search (DV: 2 speeds, S-VHS/VHS: 5 speeds)
Slow Motion (forward & reverse)
Repeat Playback (up to 50x) *
Next Function Memory
1-Year/12-Event Programmable Timer (6 events each for DV and S-VHS/VHS)
HQ Circuits (WCL, DE, YNR) *
PLL Frequency-Synthesized 181-Channel Tuner
60-Min. Power Backup

*S-VHS/VHS-only features

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