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New Kenwood 200-DISC CD changers connect to PC and automatically load disk and song titles from the internet

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Novel PC-Link Feature with CDDB-enabled NetNamer Software Eliminates Tedium of Manually Typing in Data.

Using the Internet to simplify the set up and operation of high capacity CD Jukeboxes, Kenwood today introduced the first CD megachangers which connect to a PC and allow fast, automatic downloading of disc names, and song titles from the CDDB web site into the CD player's memory. Equipped with the new, unique "PC-Link" feature, the model CD-4700M and CD-425M each hold 200 CDs and connect to computers via a standard RS232C cable. Kenwood's CDDB-enabled NetNamer software will be available for download on the web site once the consumer registers the product with Kenwood. The NetNamer software instructs the PC to automatically scan the discs in the changer and then obtains disc names and song titles from a large, up-to-date database developed by CDDB Inc. Play lists, and custom user files can also be created using the NetNamer software and stored in the player's memory.

"PC-Link with our NetNamer software is an awesome convenience feature for anyone with lots of CDs," said Bob Law, vice president, sales and marketing. "And Kenwood is the only company offering it."

The PC-Link Difference

Escient and Kenwood worked closely on the development of PC-Link and the NetNamer software to insure optimum integration. PC-Link enables users to connect their new Kenwood CD-4700M and CD-425M 200-disc CD changers to their personal computers via a RS232 port. Once linked, the software automatically accesses Escient's CDDB database via the Internet at, and selects the PC-Link area via Escient, Inc.'s CDDBII database -- the world's largest Internet database of music CD's , where information for more than 500,000 compact disc titles and 5 million songs is stored. Once accessed, and prompted by the user, the discs are automatically identified and individual song titles from each disc are downloaded onto the player.

In addition to the download of track information, Kenwood's NetNamer software allows people to create "best selection" customized playlists of favorite songs from across an entire CD collection stored in the players. The NetNamer software will also control Kenwood's CD changers from the PC if the customer chooses to leave the megachanger connected to their PC.

For those without access to a PC or wishing to add information manually, both megachangers are sold with a wireless full-size keyboard.

The new megachangers, when used with Kenwood's new VR-4900, VR-4700, VR-4090, VR-4080 and VR-410 audio/video receivers, automatically send disc and song title information into the receivers' hand-held LCD remote control, offering added convenience to listeners.

Other convenience features include an eight-user custom file that allows multiple members of a household to easily categorize and play their favorite discs. The names of each of these files can be changed, and the CDs rearranged, as necessary. In addition, CDs can be categorized into as many as 27 music genres (such as pop, rock, jazz, etc.).

Both megachangers have three random play modes; single disc, all discs in the player, or all discs of a certain music type. Five repeat play modes allow for a single song, or a group of songs or discs, to be played continuously.

Both megachangers have dual 1-bit digital to analog converters, and an 8-times oversampling digital filter. Precision Digital Timing (DPAC), 3rd Order Noise Shaping reduces distortion in playback. They also come equipped with an optical digital output.

The CD-4700M, which features a sterling finish with black lacquer wood side panels, and CD-425M are currently available for suggested retail prices of $600 and $300, respectively.

Kenwood Corporate Information

Founded in 1961, Kenwood USA Corporation is the largest audio specialty company in the United States. Offering more than 250 home, car, and personal audio products, Kenwood is recognized by consumers and the consumer electronics industry for developing products that provide superior sound quality, reliability and value. Kenwood USA Corporation, based in Long Beach, Calif., is the largest subsidiary of Kenwood Corporation.

Escient Corporate Information

Using Internet-based technologies, Escient's mandate is to simplify notoriously complex home electronics while providing innovative sources of entertainment to consumers. The Carmel, Indiana, based company is a pivotal player in the convergence marketplace, developing products and services that seamlessly merge the Internet with consumer electronics in powerful, yet simple, ways. These include the critically acclaimed TuneBase(r) family of audio CD management solutions, PowerPlay(tm) home theater video server, Escient Digital Storage Group's PowerFile(tm) C200 media jukebox for PCs, and the CDDB(tm) Web site (, featuring the world's largest, most comprehensive Internet music CD database. Through a vision keenly attuned to the end-user, Escient makes technology behave.

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