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Sony Bulletin: Product recall

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Urgent Message to Users of Sony's InfoLithium Battery Packs

Sony Corporation has recently discovered that "InfoLithium Battery Packs" (models: NP-F750 and NP-F550) manufactured from March 1999 to June 1999 may be potentially affected by a quality problem. These batteries are mainly used as optional batteries for Sony video cameras and Mavica. Sony discovered that some of these battery packs become overheated while being recharged. In a few cases, this overheating can lead to the melting and deformation of the battery pack. Touching the overheated area of the battery pack should be avoided to prevent the possibility of eventual skin burns.

If you own either a NP-F750 or NP-F550 InfoLithium battery (model number written in white on the back of the battery pack), please check for the engraved 5-digit lot number as indicated below. Then please mail the Sony Service Hotline at who will arrange for a free of charge replacement.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused.

Sony Battery

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