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Philips unveils Flat screen TVs

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"Philips Consumer Electronics Showcases Its Family Of Real Flat™ Picture Tube Televisions"

Philips Consumer Electronics unveiled their latest Real Flat televisions at CEDIA EXPO 2000, including the 27-inch TV/DVD-combination unit (27DV60S3). The television has a silver metallic cabinet, and also features two full-range speakers, Virtual Dolby® Surround and a subwoofer.

Philips also displayed the 27-inch Real Flat television which features a built-in M-Link remote control. Philips 27-inch Real Flat television and the 32-inch Real Flat television are currently available at suggested retail prices of $799.99 and $1,299.99, respectively. The 20-inch Real Flat television ($399.99) will be available in September.

The new Philips televisions feature the dark glass Philips Real Flat picture tube, said to minimize glare, enhance detail and increase viewing angles.

Philips' new home cinema M-Link remote control system has the ability to learn commands and direct up to six peripheral devices (from virtually all brands). M-Link also offers a macro function that allows multi-commands with one touch, enabling consumers, for example, to turn on the television, DVD-Video player, and audio system with the push of one button.

"The latest addition to Philips Real Flat television family reinforces the company's commitment to provide options that exceed consumer expectations," said Des Power, Senior Vice President/General Manager, TV, Philips Consumer Electronics, North America. "The introduction of the 27-inch TV/DVD-combi exemplifies Philips leadership in technology and product design. Consumers will be amazed by the difference in image detail and depth when they watch this line of Real Flat TVs, including the TV/DVD combi."

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