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Video Sales Surge After Summer Respite

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"Increased shipments of factory level video products"

Shipments of factory level video products reached 4.9 million units during the month of August, an 8 percent increase over last August, according to figures released today by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

Year-to-date growth resulted in double-digit gains boosting dealer sales to 38.7 million units, a 13 percent increase over 1999 figures. While statistics for year-to-date product categories improved, monthly sales were not as robust. With the exception of analog direct-view televisions, all other categories experienced incremental growth during the month.

TV/VCR combinations demonstrated the largest increase in August, advancing six percent to 389,000 units. End-of-summer sales resulted in camcorders and VCR decks fast-forwarding ahead by 5 percent. DVD players, building on their phenomenal momentum, ended the month with stellar sales of 557,617 units. "Despite an unremarkable August, year-to-date figures continued to flourish especially for cornerstone products like VCR decks and analog direct view TVs. In the coming months, sales will abound as retailers gear up for the holiday buying season," noted Todd Thibodeaux, CEA's vice president of market research.

So far this year, TV/VCR combinations are up 13 percent to 3 million units, while camcorders are up 19 percent with 3.4 million units shipped so far this year. Confirming that bigger is better, projection TV sales reached 771,000 units, an increase of 19 percent. DVD players completed the year-to-date period reaching 3.8 million units.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), a sector of the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA), represents more than 600 U.S. companies involved in the development, manufacturing and distribution of audio, video, mobile electronics, communications, information technology, multimedia and accessory products, as well as related services, that are sold through consumer channels. Combined, these companies account for more than $60 billion in annual sales.

CEA also sponsors and manages the International CES - Your Source for Workstyle and Lifestyle Technology. All profits from CES are reinvested into industry services, including technical training and education, industry promotion, engineering standards development, market research and legislative advocacy.

Company Contact CEA 2500 Wilson Boulevard Arlington, VA 22201 USA Tel: 703 907 7669 Fax: 703 907 7690

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