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Toshiba Offers Broad Range Of DVD-Video Players

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Nine Full-Featured Models Offer Consumers Wide Choice In High-Performance DVD Players At Every Price Level.

Toshiba offers a full line of ten DVD-Video players, from its two flagship models with Super ColorStream PRO™ progressive scan component video outputs to its advanced SD2300 player with NUON® interactive capability and the entry-level SD1600.

"As the DVD format continues to gain momentum and the concept of home theatre becomes mainstream, Toshiba is committed to providing consumers with the widest possible range of product choices," noted Craig Eggers, Director of Product Management for DVD. "All ten of our DVD-Video players provide superior performance and unique value within their respective categories. Whether they are looking for their first DVD player, a model that will elevate the performance of their home theatre system, or the ultimate in portability and connectivity, Toshiba has the ideal DVD-Video player to satisfy every consumer demand."

Multi-Disc Playback For Movie Watching Convenience Toshiba offers what is claimed to be the widest selection of multi-disc playback models on the market. Two models (SD4205, SD3205) feature five-disc carousel changers. Both models offer compatibility with DVD-Video, CD and Video CD formats. In addition, Toshiba offers four players that feature the company's unique Dual-Disc Twin-Tray Transport System (SD2150, SD2200, SD5109 and SD6200), which allows continuous playback of two DVD discs.

CD-R playback capability is a feature included in four Toshiba models. This should virtually eliminate the need for a separate CD player in a home entertainment system. All of Toshiba's new players include ColorStream component video outputs. They also feature Video Black Level Expansion circuitry. With this function, the viewer can choose to set the reference black threshold cutoff to Normal (7.5 IRE) or Enhanced (0 IRE). All new Toshiba DVD players also include the capability of reproducing "blacker than black" PLUGE signals, a critical feature for calibrating optimum brightness levels in a home theatre environment.

Super ColorStream PRO Progressive Scan Output Toshiba's SD9200 and Cinema Series SD6200 DVD-Video players both offer Super ColorStream PRO progressive scan component video output. This technology reportedly utilizes advanced analog and digital filtering to process the video signal and significantly reduce video noise. A dedicated Cinema Mode is said to yield an artifact-free picture during playback of fast-motion and highly detailed scenes.

To complement this video technology, both players also employ an advanced 10-bit/54MHz video DAC to capture and process the video signal. The new SD9200 DVD player also features the 3D-DNR Video Noise Reduction system, utilizing frame-correlative technology which is claimed to reduce the incidence of randomly occurring video noise without sacrificing image resolution. The SD6200 also features a Reflection Threshold Detection (RTD) system to identify and filter frame-based video noise.

Toshiba's latest product is the SDP1000 Portable DVD-Video Player. The industry's first portable DVD-Video player to incorporate Toshiba's ColorStream PRO progressive scan technology for the ultimate in video playback fidelity, the SDP1000 features a PolySilicon thin-film matrix integrated widescreen (16:9) display and a host of advanced technologies. To enhance its utility and flexibility, the SDP1000 also doubles as a portable DVD-ROM drive with an optional ATAPI card attachment, and offers compatible playback of DVD-Video, CD, Video CD, DVD-ROM, CD-R and CD-ROM discs. A selection of audio and video outputs (ColorStream PRO, S-Video, composite video, digital audio) offers connectivity to a variety of display devices including HDTV monitors, for true 480p performance.

Audio Performance Toshiba's flagship SD9200 is equipped with 24-bit/192kHz D/A converters and six analog audio outputs for full compatibility with two-channel and multi-channel DVD-Audio software. The component also employs an Adaptive Multi-Port Parallel DAC system to parallel-process the L/R audio signals three times, supposedly for ultra-low distortion during two-channel operation. As a result, signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range specifications are claimed to be extended to 120dB.

Many of Toshiba's DVD players feature built-in Dolby® Digital decoding. The Cinema Series Model SD4205 also includes onboard DTS® Digital Surround™ decoding and processing - as well as full-screen control of all key audio parameters.

All models feature HDCD® precision filtering and decoding, a process that provides true 20-bit audio resolution from the growing number of HDCD-enhanced discs. The patented HDCD precision filtering process also enhances the playback sound of conventional CDs.

Ergonomics For Convenience And Flexibility - All models feature icon-based on-screen displays. The majority of models also include a unique "FIRST SETUP" menu that presents a series of simple on-screen questions to consumers, and then automatically customizes their DVD player. The "FIRST SETUP" menu quickly configures the DVD player for 90 percent of all home theatre applications. Also new is a unique Title Viewer/Chapter Viewer feature included on the SD9200, SD6200 and the SD4205 that displays still image thumbnail pictures of the first scene from each title or chapter on the disc. And for users who consistently misplace their remote control, three new models feature front-panel operation of disc-based functions (SD6200, SD5109 and SD4205).

Another Toshiba first is the company's Strobe Picture Viewer, featured on the SD9200, SD6200 and the SD4205, which allows users to display high-speed action images in successive order by selecting the number of picture "samples" desired and varying the time between each successive image. This feature could be useful for examining scenes such as a golf swing or special effect sequence.

A unique "QUICK MENU" navigation feature on the SD9200, SD6200 and the SD4205 is said to further enhance ease-of-use. When the "QUICK" key on the remote is pressed, an on-screen menu appears, displaying only those commands specific to the particular playback mode in which the player is engaged. Additionally, Toshiba DVD players feature four-power picture zoom, enabling viewers to magnify selected areas of the picture by a power of four.

Three of Toshiba's DVD players (SD9200, SD6200 and SD4205) also include a newly redesigned fluorescent illuminated remote with a unique toggle switch design, eight-way compass cursor and Virtual Remote key. When the Virtual Remote key is pressed, an on-screen remote control display appears as an overlay on the video image. The Virtual Remote feature allows users to access key DVD playback functions on-screen, directing their commands entirely from the compass cursor of the hand-held remote. A remote confirmation feature provides an audible confirmation "beep," whenever a command has been received.

The SD9200 will be available in the fourth quarter of 2000 for a suggested retail price of $1999.99. The SD6200 and SD4205 are currently available at $1199.99 and $549.99, respectively. The SDP1000 will be available in September 2000 at a suggested retail price of $1,599.99

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