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Sharp Expands LCD Line With New 12" TV and 28" Monitor

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10"- 28" Models Demonstrate Commitment To Emerging LCD Flat Panel Category

INDIANAPOLIS - 8th September 2000 -  Sharp Electronics Corporation, the world leader in LCD technology, today announced the addition of two new LCD flat-panel models to its existing line - the 12" LCD television and the world's first 28" HD-compatible LCD monitor. The addition of these two models expands the Sharp line to five distinct LCD screen sizes combining the highest quality displays with the compact versatility of flat panels, bolstering the company's commitment to providing a display suited for every room in the house.

The new LC-12A2U 12" LCD TV, available in December, complements the wide variety already available in the Sharp LCD television line offering consumers a broad range of options for their ever-changing design needs.

Available in January, the LC-28HM2U 28" HDTV-compatible monitor is the largest LCD 16:9 flat-panel yet developed.

Also on display at CEDIA is the full line of Sharp LCD flat panels including the newly available 20" LC-20A2U. "With the introduction of two new LCD products, Sharp is leading entertainment technology into the future. The television industry is progressing into flat panel LCD technology just as it took the step from black and white to color forty years ago," said Bob Scaglione, associate vice president, Consumer Electronics Group, Sharp Electronics Corporation. "Our line of LCD televisions is another example of how Sharp is driving the future of home entertainment by applying innovation and style to everything we make."

The New LC-12A2U 12" LCD TV Weighing less than seven pounds, the compact LC-12A2U is small enough to fit comfortably in any room of the house and can be moved easily to suit consumers' varying needs. Great on the bedroom wall (with optional mounting accessory), or positioned on a table like a picture frame, the 12" flat panel TV is so light and thin it enables consumers to have TVs in places they never thought possible.

With its modern platinum-finish cabinet, the LC-12A2U is a mix of elegance and function. The 12" LCD display emits bright, high-quality images and with 181-channel VHF/UHF/Cable tuner, component, S-video and composite inputs, the LC-12A2U can receive a variety of video signals. The unit boasts wide, 160o viewing angles, a new backlight system and a 60,000-hour lamp life - equivalent to 7 hours of daily TV viewing for over 20 years.

The First 28" LCD HD-Ready Monitor - the LC-28HM2U Sharp's first ultrathin LC-28HM2U features a native 720P high-definition display in a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio. The new LC-28HM2U features versatile component video inputs and PC compatibility for crystal-clear viewing from a wide range of digital video sources, from DVD to PCs to high-definition television signals. The LC-28HM2U will display DTV input signals including 1080I, 720P and 480P formats using either component (Y, PR, PB) or RGBHV, when connected to a DTV decoder. All terminals are connected on a separate AVC center unit, minimizing the clutter of cables from the monitor. Optional side speakers deliver high-quality sound for a complete home theater experience. When displaying full-motion digital video and PC graphics, the LC-28HM2U combines high brightness of more than 400 cd/m2, high image quality and resolution (1280 X 768), a wide 160o horizontal X 145o vertical viewing angle and built-in stereo system with two side speakers (optional). Engineered with innovative LCD technology, the unit provides extremely clear viewing even near windows and other bright places, offering contrast that is superior to most flat panel displays available today.

Expanding the LCD TV Market with an Eye on Versatility With the 10" and 15" models already available, the 20" LC-20A2U model (shipping this month) adds to the array of sizes available to suit consumers' emerging flat screen TV needs. The Sharp LCD televisions are great in any room in the house and mount nicely under cabinets or on the wall (with optional brackets). The 15" LC-15A2U and 20" LC-20A2U offer versatile inputs from component, composite and S-video sources to create a home theater-quality viewing experience in compact spaces. The LC-20A2U also includes a choice of three colors for side-speaker grill covers.

Shipping this month, the LC-20A2U will be available at a suggested retail price of $5,999. The LC-12A2U will be available in December at a suggested retail price of $1,899, and the LC-28HM2U will be available in January at a suggested retail price of $14,999.

The 10" LC-10A2U and 15" LC-15A2U are available now at suggested retail prices of $1,299 and $2,299 respectively.

For more information on Sharp's full line of video and display technology products, visit Sharp's Web Site at

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