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Sony Takes Entertainment Experience To Next Level With New Ultra Compact 300+1 Disc DVD-Video/CD Changer

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Create your own DVD-Video and CD archive easily with the DVP-CX860

Sony Europe has announced the introduction of a new 300+1 disc DVD-Video/CD changer. Representing a significant advance in DVD-Video & CD replay technology, the DVP-CX860 is the world's first DVD player capable of accessing both sides of a disc. Also, the changer features proprietary disc management facilities designed to arrange rapidly growing DVD and CD collections into easy-to-use libraries, reflecting personal preference and even moods.

The DVP-CX860 represents the world's most compact changer, combining a stylish, slimline design with a large storage capability. With 300+1 disc capacity, all but the largest collections of DVDs and CDs can be permanently housed in the changer. A keyboard connection lets you organise your library in true PC fashion - creating a personal file folder for each member of the family, sorting discs by title, genre, or even archive them by Jacket Image which appear on your TV screen. Once your personal folder is set up using the Disc Browser function, you can access your favourite music and movies in seconds using the remote commander.

"Whether it's the ability to read either side of a disc or the new, smaller form factor, Sony is setting new standards again with this changer," said Gildas Pelliet , Director, Sony Home Video Europe. "The versatility of this product allows consumers to build music and movie libraries according to their own tastes, and the advanced disc navigation tools enhance the overall entertainment experience."

Innovative Disc Management System The DVP-CX860 features an intuitive Disc BrowserTM· Disc Management System that simplifies the filing and playing of discs. Whether it's sorting, filing or categorizing, Sony's new changers provide an efficient solution.

Originally introduced on Sony's critically acclaimed DVP-CX850D, the DVD format's Jacket Picture feature has become more accessible, thanks to the inclusion of the feature by many of the motion picture studios and Sony's own innovations. Jacket Picture titles include an image of their cover art embedded in the disc. These can be displayed as a series of thumbnail images for use in organizing and playing DVD collections, or they can be displayed full screen individually whenever disc playback is stopped.

With the new 300+1 disc changer, 16 improved genre images (comedy, drama, horror, etc.) are now available. In addition, the Disc Browser system allows users to easily access any disc stored alphabetically by title or numerically by tray slot number. An Edit Mode, using graphic icons, enables users to categorize any movie or piece of music by genre.

The DVP-CX860 incorporates DVD text capability, simplifying the storage and access to encoded discs. When inserted into a player, the encoded disc's name automatically appears on the DVD player display and TV screen. Text information - such as disc title, artist or actors, chapter/track and genre - can also be included. Users can add a personal touch to the information by using the changer's Disc Memo feature in conjunction with an enhanced, illuminated DVD Remote Commander or with any English IBM compatible P/S2 keyboard (not supplied).

Smaller yet more powerful

Thanks to technological advances and enhanced design, Sony's new compact 300+1 disc changer is smaller and lighter than its 200-disc predecessor. By moving the optical disc drive to the center of the player, 7.5cm have been shaved off the changer's depth and 6.0cm is removed from its height.

The changer offers a stylish and compact alternative to racks of CDs and a stack of players. With 300 + 1 disc capacity, most users will be able to permanently host their DVD and CD collections within the DVP-CX860.

The DVP-CX860 can handle the full range of DVD disc variations, such as 16:9 aspect ratios and two-sided discs. Using an exclusive new mechanism, Sony's new changer has the ability to play single-sided discs or a selected side of dual-sided discs. With the touch of the "FLIP" button, the disc carousel is rotated 180 degrees (or one-half revolution) and the disc is returned into the drive from the opposite side of the mechanism for playback.

The new technology found in the DVP-CX860 complements Sony's existing "reference standard" technologies, including an exclusive Precision Drive System for more accurate tracking, and Smooth ScanTM· Picture Search for seamless high-speed scanning.

Salient features of DVP-CX860 include:

- Compact design combined with large 300+1 disc capacity (430x158x415mm /7.0 kg).
- Unique Disc Browser technology.
- Precision Drive system with advanced Sony mooth Scan.
- Magic Pad (on-screen menu)
- RGB/S-Video/Composite video output.
- Two SCART connections.
- Component video output
- Dolby Digital 5.1/ MPEG/ DTS stream out.
- Virtual Enhanced Surround Sound (3 modes).
- 10bit/27MHz Video D/A Converter.
- 96Hz/24bit Audio D/A Converter.
- Picture Navigation.
- PC Keyboard connection.

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