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Grundig's New Digi 100 chassis concept for increased comfort

1st February 2001 Nuremberg.

With the new Digi 100 chassis, Grundig is setting another standard for television technology. In the 100-Hertz class of the TV Elegance family, the Digi 100 concept offers not only more comfort, user-friendliness and future-oriented equipment, but is also master over the ever growing number of channels. Thanks to alphanumeric program selection, the Electronic Program Guide (EPG), Personal TV and the zapping button, selecting the correct channel number is child's play.

In addition, Grundig has improved its already successful Easy Dialog electronic user guide and has made it even more straightforward to use. The integrated keyword index contains all the terms which the user needs to know. With a direct link between definition and execution, open questions are quickly answered. Moreover, a detailed graphical representation of the connections available makes it easy to add on peripheral devices such as video recorders, DVD players or personal digital recorders.

The qualities of the new Grundig Easy Dialog are best accessed with the ergonomically harmonized design concept developed by Alexander Neumeister for the Tele Pilot 100 C remote control. The "floating" remote control combines trend-setting design with intuitive touch functionality. Due to its unusual form, the Tele Pilot is not only easy to hold: the most important and often-used keys are in a practical place within thumb's reach, and are ideal for interaction with the Easy Dialog user guide.

The new alphanumeric channel selection is one of the functional highlights of the Grundig Tele Pilot. In the same way as a mobile phone, the television viewer can enter letters that then take them to the desired channel at lightening speed. Several people can program their personal channel order using the "Personal TV" option, so that the channel sequence can be changed according to personal taste.

A further innovation is the zapping button. The current channel is marked with a "bookmark" and, if the channel is changed, the marked channel can be immediately retrieved by pressing the Z key. The two channels viewed most recently can also be swapped at lightning speed with the touch of a key. The mode key with LED display completes the multi-faceted functionality of the Grundig Tele Pilot. Switching between the TV and external Grundig devices such as satellite receivers, video recorders or DVD players becomes child's play. The basic unit of the Grundig Digi 100 chassis can be expanded at any time thanks to an integrated interface. Thus, depending on the type of appliance, the equipment can be upgraded by a qualified dealer, for example with DVB, DVD, PDR, PIP, Dolby Digital or by increasing the teletext to 2000 pages.

Starting with the new Elegance TV family with a 70 cm screen diagonal in 4:3 format, the new Grundig Digi 100 concept is available now in electronics dealers at a purchase price starting at 1,599 Mark. In addition, from early on in 2001, the Digi 100 chassis will be gradually included in the well-known Grundig Davio, Xentia and Arganto TV families with screen diagonals of 70, 72 and 82 cm.


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