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Grundig: Digital set-top boxes with Tao Java technology

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DVB setop box update

12th February 2001 Nuremberg.

As one of the leading suppliers in the field of satellite reception technology, Grundig has sold over 1.5 million DVB set-top boxes in Europe since 1996. The company's presence on the British market has been particularly strong, thanks to the co-operation with the satellite broadcasting company BskyB Following open industry standards in the field of DVB set-top boxes, Grundig is now stepping up its activities on the international markets. For the last two years, the Nuremberg firm has supported the DVB (Digital Video Broadcast) Multimedia Home Platform (MHP), which is establishing a key position in systems and product development. Grundig will present its first MHP-based products to the public at the IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) 2001 in Berlin.

For both MHP-based and Free-to-Air DVB products, Grundig has already selected intent™ from Tao as the core software platform for the implementation of its product solutions. The Tao Group, based in Reading, England, with subsidiaries in Tokyo and California, has been specialising in software technology since 1992, their strong point being home and mobile networks. Tao also has a high-value, global patent portfolio.

This includes the ElateRTM real-time operating system (RTOS) as well as the multimedia technology of Sun Microsystems, which is licensed from intent Java™ Virtual Machine & Libraries. Each of these components is of fundamental importance for systems development at Grundig. Grundig has to work with a software technology which allows it to develop high performance multimedia with low memory requirements. In addition it should be as flexible as possible, so that a change in the operating system and the hardware platform can be undertaken with the minimum of fuss. According to Dr. Michael Silverberg, Head of DVB Development at Grundig, "By deciding to opt for intent we are ensuring that we have the most powerful software available, and one that can continue to evolve along with the DVB markets." With the Java™ Engine from Tao, Grundig can guarantee optimal performance for MHP middleware. The multimedia capabilities of intent, in conjunction with the open structure of the Tao products, safeguards Grundig's position as one of the market leaders in this field.

Francis Charig, Chairman of the Tao Group, made the following comment: "We have been working with Grundig for quite some time in the development of MHP solutions. Its world-class engineering skills are contributing to very exciting products and Tao is confident that the Grundig relationship will remain a key partnership for some years to come.


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