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Hitachi's new High Resolution Monochrome Digital Camera with partial scan and RS-232C control functions

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Hitachi Denshi has introduces the KP-F102

Hitachi Denshi has introduced the KP-F102 monochrome megapixel camera with partial scanning, enabling frame rates of up to a maximum of 145 fps, and RS-232C remote control of the CPU providing a wide range of parameters to be set remotely.

Suitable for a wide range of image processing applications, with EIA-644 (LDVS) 10 bits digital output at 20.2Mhz, a megapixel 2/3" interline CCD image sensor using square pixels with non-interlaced progressive scanning.

The KP-F102 employs a CCD with 1300 x 1030 pixels, operates at 12 frames per second, has a full frame shutter to 1/10,000 second, frame on demand function with a two trigger mode for ultra high speed shuttering, internal or external synchronisation and can withstand shocks of up to 30G and vibration up to 3G.

High resolution monochrome digital output camera with a 1.339 million square pixels CCD with frame on demand function suitable for many image processing applications including, inspection, pattern recognition, high resolution image filing, license plate recognition and X-ray image processing and inspection, with partial scan and RS-232C functions.

Major Features

High Res Using a CCD with 1,300 x 1030 effective pixels
High Resolving Power 3.5 times better than 400,000 pixel cameras
Square Pixels, Pixel size is 6.7 x 6.7 m
2/3" CCD wide range of lenses available
Partial Scan (16H, 64H, 128H, 256H, 512H)
Internal or External Sync Mode, Auto switching to ext sync
Digital Video Output EIA-644 (LVDS) single channel 10 bit 20.2MHz (lower power consumption and longer working distance compared to RS-422)
Small in Size and Light in Weight 44 x 44 x 110mm, 200 grams
RS-232C control items: Shutter, Frame on Demand, Gain, Black level, Partial scan (16H, 64H, 128H, 256H, 512H)
Multi-Step Electronic Shutter Selectable from 1/30th to 1/10,000th second
Frame on demand: Instant display of an image

KP-F102 Specification

Sensor pick up device: 2/3" interline CCD
Sensing scanning area: 8.71 (H) x 6.90 (V) mm
Total number of pixels: 1360 (H) x 1034 (V)
Number of effective pixels: 1300 (H) x 1030 (V)
Pixel pitch: 6.7 (H) x 6.7 (V) m
Scanning system: Non-interlaced
Horizontal scanning frequency: 12.528kHz
Vertical scanning frequency: 12Hz
Sync system: Internal or external (automatic switching)
External sync input: HV/VD 5 volts p-p 1 volt, negative, input impedance 1 kohm, frequency deviation 1%
Standard sensitivity: 400 lux @ f4, 3200K
Minimum illumination: 1.0 lux at f1.4, no IR filter
Optical IR cut filter:
Electronic Shutter: off, 1/30th, 1/60th, 1/125th, 1/250th, 1/1,000th, 1/2,000th, 1/4,000th, 1/10,000th (selectable by external switch)
Video output: Digital output: EIA-644 (LVDS), data single channel 10 bit, 20.2MHz
Read out speed: 12fps for full scan or higher frame rates with partial scanning (16H, 64H, 128H, 256H, 512H)
Frame on demand function: With the frame on demand function, an object moving at high speed can be captured at the desired or fixed exposure time by supplying a trigger pulse at the desired timing. This function is effective to capture an object moving at high speed at the same position on a screen at all times.

The KP-F102 has two modes of operation, fixed shutter mode and two trigger mode.
Lens mount: C
Flange focal distance: 17.526 mm
Ambient temperature and humidity: Operating: 0 C to +40C, RH 90% or less, Storage: -10 C to +50C, RH 70% or less
Resistance to vibration: 3G, 30 minutes in 3 axes
Resistance to shock: 30G (once each: up, down, left, right)
Dimensions: 44(W)x44(H)x110(D)mm
Weight: 230 grams (approx)
Supply voltage: 12 volts dc 1 volt Current consumption: 400 mA (approx)
Composition: Camera head (with IR cut filter), operation manual

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