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Technics CD Models: SL-P1, SL-P2 or SL-P3
Remove and replace the graphite grease from the laser transport worm gear assembly (use the correct Technics stuff), replace the worm gear drive belt, and ensure that the tension spring on the C-shaped plastic piece that rides the gear is OK
Atari Data Recorders Models: 410 and 1010
Not loading properly
Usually due to incorrect head alignment or dirty head, or failure of LM324 op-amp
Aiwa Cassette Deck Model: FX-90K
Refuses to play or change direction (auto-reverse type)
This mechanism uses the capstan motor to change modes, the capstan drive belt was stretched / worn allowing it to slip
Lg DVD Model: DVD4210
Dead but two supplies working on secondary
Always check the large type diode out of circuit as it will be o/c, Its marked as B10A45VI, fast recovery type will work OK
Philips Micro Hi-Fi Model: MC105
No sound
Replace IC LA7125, TR BDW93C
Humax Satellite Model: CR-5510
Various symptoms: Dead, no display. Tries to start up but fails when picture should come on. Goes dead with no display instead of stand-by when switched off by remote control. Faint horizontal hum ripples on picture
Power supply capacitors: C3 (82uF, 400v), C15 (470uF, 25v) and C9 (1000uF, 10v). Horizontal hum ripples when C15 is failing
Murata Fax Model: F1
Replace capacitor C14 (1uF, 50V)
Oric Computer Model: ORIC 1
Black screen, no functions
Faulty RAM chips. Can be any or all of them as the originals were low-grade. Easiest way to decide which is to get a white coating of freeze-it spray distributed across all 8 chips, then switch the unit on and see which clear the quickest
Trio / Kenwood 70CM Transceiver Model: TR9500
No SSB reception, but OK on FM
Faulty crystal in the SSB local oscillator circuit
Panasonic In Car Audio Model: CQRD05
Replace IC601
Panasonic In Car Audio Model: CQVZ303
No display
Replace Q723
Sony Computer Model: HB75
Sprites disappear when unit warms up
Cut the track between pin 39 of IC2 and pin 11 of IC8.
Sony Computer Model: HB75
Unstable colour bar at top middle of the screen
Replace R103 with a 1K resistor, R93 with a 330 ohm, and C28 with a 2pF capacitor
Aiwa Video CD Player Model: 2001 Series
TOC is not read as if the lens were defective & no display on the tv if video out is connected
Resolder the video card circuit board, typically the two video drive ic's. Take extreme care in resoldering it !
Sharp DVD Model: 740 / H
No audio
Replace C58 (470uF, 25V) on main pcb (it will be short)
(Carl Ray)
Arcam CD Model: ALPHA 7
No sound, just crackles, coax out ok
LK14 o/c, Change from 10 ohm to 22 ohm resistor, Thanks to Arcam Technical for answer
Jvc CD Model: MX-D2T
No sound but crackling in the speaker about once in 3 seconds
Change the drive 2SB1274 (replacement BD244), don't forget brackets and stuff
Denon DVD Model: DVD-F100
Unit dead
Diode FCH20A15 mounted on a small heatsink on the power supply PCB may be short circuit. Replacing this should cure the problem (Denon part number 04/2760706008)
(Farrance electronics)
Humax Satellite Model: CR-5510
Goes through "loader" routine, then quits at point where relay "click" should be heard and picture should come on. Display goes blank
Capacitor C3 (82uF 400v) in power supply unit. Usually has deformed top due to gas build-up
Philips DVD Model: DVD701
If D6241 is s/c to prevent it recuring add C2251 (1KV, 470pF), change D6261 to type BYD33M and change L5260 to a 22mH coil
Thomson Digital Terrestial Box (DTI353 Chassis)
Standby only
Changed VMOS (STP22NF03L)
Philips DVD Model: 701
No power, No Display - test voltages on secondary side of transformer were pulsating
Check diodes 6230, 6240, 6210. They are BYW98 Rectifiers, in my case it was s/c. Thanks to Sparky for similar tip - Philips CD Model: CDR770/00
Rca Satellite Model: DRD420
No power
This can sometimes be fixed by resoldering JW14103 in board location VV11/12. During manufacturing, only a small amount of solder is used, and with a little shock & heat, it comes off. Bad RCA! :)
(Dan Whelan)
Humax Satellite Model: IRCI-5400
Turns off for few seconds then completely dead, no display
Replace C16 (470uF, 25V) in the PSU
Jvc CD Model: UXT100
Dead, No display / clock
Check 6V output on Reg IC703, on LCD/CPU pcb. If low volts replace reg.
(Clive - Swansea College)
Technics CD Model: SLP5620A
Tray will not respond to open/close button, everything else is OK
Dry joints on front switch panel at S626 and S619
(Diy Dave)
Goodmans DVD Model: GDVD125
Dead, PSU ticking
C27 (1000uF, 10v) o/c in PSU secondary
(Paul Willis tv & video repairs)
Sanyo Camcorder Model: VM-D6
No picture when tape is being played, ie: blank raster
Check L1101, L1102
Hitachi Camcorder Model: VM-E10
No video (E-E), on camera section
Check for C5V1 line, if not present, check F051 in fuse pcb
Sony Camcorder Model: CCD-TR705
Doesn't record properly, ie: looks like one channel is down when recorded, pre-recorded tapes are ok
Check Q008 for dry joints
Sony CD Model: HCD-GRX70
CD does not run
Clean lens and adjust the disk level
Panasonic DVD Model: SA-HT70
Not spinning disc
If it spins with a little help from yourself replace the spindle motor with improved motor, part number: RXQ0749A
(Aleister Crowley)
Panasonic CD Model: RX-DT505
This fault would only occur on c.d play back. The sound would gradually start to distort, until all that could be heard was complete distortion. This fault was intermittent and would occur whenever it felt like
Believe it or not,this fault was cured by replacing the optical unit
Infinity Model: BU-120
No power and no output
Replace C6 with 4.7uF, 250v
(Aleister Crowley)
Bush DVD Model: DVD1000
Power LED on but no action from unit
Low 5v Rail in PSU. Replace C213/4 (1000uF, 16v)
Kenwood DVD Model: RXD-DV9
Procedure to reinitialise the system
Hold down the 'enter' button while applying mains power
Digibox Satellite Various Models
Personal planner memory contains a programme/event that can not be removed
Remove the viewing card, disconnect the unit from the mains for a few minutes, reconnect mains then select 'programme planner', then press the yellow button, the viewing card can then be reinserted
Pace Satellite Model: 2200 (PCB 184-0540103 Chassis)
Standby led flashing and psu clicking
Resistance on 3.3v rail measured with respect to OV line found to be about 100 ohms, D852 found to be short circuit, Replace U700, Q850, U858, D852, U854, U853, U852, U851, U850, D800, VDR850, D854, U3, U1, C3, U2, D4, D1, D2 and D20
Pace Satellite Model: 2500 (PCB 184-0540201 Chassis)
Unit stuck in standby, no signal present at U700 pin 73
With unit connected into phone line and measuring output of D800 typ. 39v (faulty unit measured at 5.6v). Advise replacement of U700, U852, D852, C852, Q850, D544, U858, U850, U853, U854, D800, VDR850, Q853
Soundlab Strobe Light Model: SP-106S (SP-106S REV. 4 Chassis)
Intermittently skips flashes then eventually dead
R6 (1M2 for 230V model) was open, replacement cured fault
(Joe Kelleher)
Philips CD Model: CDR770/00
No power, voltages on secondary side of chopper were very low and pulsating
Check diode 6230. It's a BYW98, in my case it was s/c. Note: it's the rectifier for the 14v line
Hitachi Camcorder Model: VME55A
Tape looping on eject
Usually due to the gear clutch assembly but this time it was due to the bottom of the cassette holder (bent down)
Toshiba DVD Various Models
No or low sound and possible display faulty
Toshiba mod is to remove C928 not replace it, check and change C927 and C929 if faulty
(Toshiba Agent)
Philips CD (Most Models)
Procedure to enter the test mode
Disconnect the mains supply. Press and hold start and stop button and power up from the mains, you then enter the test mode. Using the FF and FW you can select the test option, you can test the spindle motor, laser focus ...etc
Pioneer Stereo Amplifier Model: DC-X88Z (main pcb)
Lights up but no audio output. Power relay RY1 and RY2 not pulling in
The relay coil supply resistors R544 and R543 were burnt up and there was no HT to audio output IC501. The Protection diodes D541 and D542 across the relay coils were shorted. Replace using 1N4007 etc
(Audio Vision - New Zealand)
Technics Graphic Equalizer Model: SH-E85
No display
Check R754 (0R47). Note-this is a separate unit which comes as part of a stack system
Philips CD Model: CD165
Unable to detect discs
The laser head was the culprit. Replacing it fixed the problem. (Laser head code GRP6278A)
(Rui Loureiro - Portugal)
Acoustic Solutions DVD Model: DVD451
Fluorescent display would intermittently become corrupted and the tray wouldn't eject
Resolder the surface mounted chip on the front p.c.b where the fluorescent display lives
Sony Camcorder Model: CCD-F455
When head drum finally spins, it rotates slowly
Change capacitors - C513 (33uF, 10V) and C506 (4.7uF, 35V)
Sony Camcorder Model: CCD-TR105
No playback - looks like heads aren't connected, except blank raster with a few white spots
Check coil (L065), and see if it has fallen off, caused by screw from viewfinder
Digipro Satellite Model: DS3002A (Digit-Analog sat.receiver)
Completely dead, no display, no standby. All power supply secondaries low (e.g. 8VDC rail was as 3.3VDC
Checked the resistance on all power points, the 3rd was low (10-20 ohms)in the 22V rail, the LNBP20PD IC was also damaged (pin3)
Toshiba DVD Model: SD210E
Lost front display panel and sound
Replaced C927-C928 (100uF, 16v) with 100uF, 25 volt types, this brought back to full working order
Bysat Satellite Model: RS 1000E
Visible only in bright scenes an horizontal bar rolling slowly (like 50Hz hum interference). Decreasing video level via VR1 makes it disappear
Capacitor C112 (220uF 50V) had its copper track on the board broken. In this receiver VR1 (video level) is adjustable through the bottom and the user or installer might have lowered it to prevent the interference - check for proper video level at scart output and readjust as necessary
(Jeroni Paul)
Daewoo Satellite Model: SETPAL
Locking up and int screen turning green/pink having to remove power to reset
Contact Daewoo who advise they know of problem it has been happening for about a week (Jan 15/1/2003) They are working to find software bug and will send update to receivers when fix found ! only happening on certain receiver / transmitter combinations
(Edward Conway)
Bysat Satellite Model: RS 1000E
Power line hum on the picture (as slowly rolling horizontal lines)
Capacitors C104 and C107 (100uF, 16V) dried up and a medium sized cap (1000uF, 16V) between two bigger caps (2200uF 25V/35V) was also bad. Also check C108 and C101
(Jeroni Paul)
Kenwood CD Model: B-B5
Dead or relay chattering, worse when cold
Check C110 (47uF, 25v)
(G Lewis)
Tredex DVD Model: TX3000E
Stuck in standby, no functions
LT supply seemed ok, although there was some instability. C306 (68uF, 400v) mains smoothing capacitor on the primary had gone low capacitance and the instability had shut down the micro
(L. Shelbourn)
Lg DVD Model: DVD5083
Replaced IC101
Sony CD Model: CDP-H3600
Difficulty reading cd, if it does read the sound is strange and sticks
Replace C101 (1000uF/16v)
Sanyo DVD Model: DVD7201
Locked draw and showing locked in screen
Press open draw button plus the ff button for 10 seconds
Toshiba DVD Model: SD-1700
Lost audio output and front panel display second time Player was used
Replaced C927 and C928 (100uF, 16Volt) with higher voltage parts and normal operation resumed
(Saverio G.)
Sony CD Model: HCD-RX33
Dead, no power up on pin 2 of ic601
Replace x601 on main processor ic601
Toshiba DVD Model: SD-1750 / SD-2800
No sound
Replaced C927 / C928
(Marco. P)
Philips LC4x00 LCD Projectors
The projector is dead. Fuse is OK. Lampdoor switch is OK. No relay click is audible.
Check R3204 (3R3 NFR HT Type) on PSU for open circuit. This can be caused by repetitively switching the projector off and on and causing the resistor to overheat.
(John - TelePlan)
Philips LC4x00 LCD Projectors
The main 4 amp fuse is blown and it blows again immediately after replacing it.
Check 6212 (BT151-800). Also check 6222 (Bridge rectifier). Change R3213 10K NFR into 10ohm NDF type and put 220nF/75V parallel to R3212.
(John - TelePlan)
Sanyo PLV20B Projector
Cuts off when warm (May not go off on soak test)
Dry joint on the collector of chopper transistor(Q60 Something).
Can save wasted calls!! (Satellite Tv.Video.Hi-fi)
Sony Projectors
Blotched of one or more colour in and around the centre of the screen
One or more of the three tubes will have spot burn. Replacement required as will the modification kit to stop the burn
(Neil Scotford)
Toshiba Fax Model: TF-251
Unable to change the station i.d details
In some European models the procedure is supposed to be carried out by Toshiba. To change, access the engineers menu by pressing the 1 and 3 keypad keys while applying power, you now have extra engineering options in the menus, go to the installation menu and set up station name and id, when finished disconnect power from machine to write new settings
Alba DVD Model: DVD103XI
Dead or slow start up, 12v line pulsing
C11 (2200uF, 10v) in the psu was leaky
Pioneer DVD Model: VS77
Unable to detect dics
Laser head faulty (Do not confuse, you may see the emitted red light from the head even it is faulty)
Toshiba DVD Player Model: SD-110E
No sound and no Display
C928 (100uF 16v) goes s/c on main Decoder pcb
Ge Microwave Oven Model: JE1540GV002
No high voltage
Replaced the high-voltage capacitor (0.95uF, 2100 WVAC)
Fisher Stereo Amplifier Model: CA-857
Line fuse blows
Replaced transistor Q2 type 2SC3260 and Q4 type 2SA1301. Replaced 5A fuse. Both Q2 and Q4 were shorted
Technics CD Model: SLP1,2,3
Skipping tracks
Firmware problem with the Servo microcontroller, continuous PWM pulses to the traverse motor causes the laser assy to move even with zero offset input from the tracking signal. As the deck ages the problem becomes worse. There is no need to replace the deck or microcontroller as this fault is a design fault. Simply add two 1N4001 diodes (connect these A-K and K-A in other words in parallel with each other back to back to obtain a volt drop of + or - 0.7V) and put them in series with the traverse motor. This solves the problem!
Panasonic Satellite Model: TU-DSB31
D811 s/c and Zener D825 failed (both in PSU). I also changed the chip in the PSU as a precaution, this cured the fault
(B. Goan)
Denon DCD-635 CD player
Hi all, if you come across one of these stand alone cd players with very slow spindle motor drive and the inability to read the toc because of low disc speed.
There is a small stand alone 47uF 4v smd can on the laser assy board visible from the top looking down. change it and all will be restored, its a kick for the spindle motor drive circuit.
(Dave Gough)
Fisher Stereo Amplifier Model: CA-9335
A & B had no output. Surround amplifier output very weak
Replaced IC670 Type STK401-140 and IC471 Type STK400-020
Sony CD Radio Cassette-Corder Model: CFD-ZW155
Dead set
Replaced IC Type LA4597
Canon Camcorder Model: VM-E1
Capstan motor is not running when the tape is in camcorder
Check IC504, Sony 5v04 20036
Panasonic Camcorder Model: NVS-1
Dew indicator is on permanently. Cannot play or record tapes. No dew present - caused by internal fault
This Camcorder uses very fragile flexible circuits to interconnect the PCB's. They plug in to edge connectors. It seems that when they made these camcorders at the factory, they had as many problems getting these film flexy circuits back into the connectors as us service engineers have. I saw one unit that had a crease in the flexy circuit which had caused a hair-line fracture. Solution, trace the wiring and solder a sub-miniature wire across the broken track. Don't disturb any flexy connectors that you don't need to. This camcorder is a bitch to work on
Mitsubishi Camcorder Model: HS-C50
Head drum spinning too fast
Change capacitors,: C4A4, C4A3, C4C1, also clean both sides of the p.c.b as there may be some excessive fluid from the leaky capacitors
Camcorder: Sony CCD-V8
No functions, Dew indicator permanently lit
Suspect diode D613 on the SK4 panel

No / Poor capstan servo lock
Check coil L131 for dry joints / failure then check capacitor C189 & filter FL108 before Suspecting failure of IC106 [CX22022] (all components on panel V17)

No operation via battery
Check fuse F901 for o/c

Int switches off
Check around link PS602 on the RS5 board for dry joints then suspect diode PH602 (panel RS5)

Int tape damage and mis-tracking
If the pressure lever is jamming under the pinch roller suspect a warped loading ring

Int / No playback colour
Check for dry joints around delay line DL104 then check FL104 on panel V17 for o/c (Alan Gallagher)
Various Models / Chassis
General failure when units warm / hot in high humidity environments. Units operate normally once cold, failure only occurs occasionally then seems OK but when warm fails again
Many PCB's/components have contamination which will manifest themselves in warm and humid environments, so once unit is warm then electrical failure occurs. Clean circuit first in solvent/water combination and retest unit. Failure should dissapear. If corrosion found on joints then reheat with soldering iron which you may see joints bubble then clean PCB thoroughly. Best to soak in cleaner then wipe around with lint free wipe especially around powered components. NOTE contamination is typically hygroscopic and will attract moisture if particularly bad will electromigrate if not too bad then poor SIR Surface Insulation Resistance (occasional unexplained failure) Could go on for long time but this is only the start! Does this sound familiar to anybody ??
(Greg York)

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