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Wavering Grundigs and Matsuis

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Author: Bob H.

Wavering Grundigs and Matsuis

Don't know if this will be of any interest, but recently we have been plagued in the workshop with wavering Grundigs, and also Matsuis that use a Grundig chassis. This seems to affect 7000 and G1000 series chassis as far as we know, but may apply to any other set!

The problem appears as very slight line twitching at random up and down the screen, but only after having done a repair on any OTHER part of the set.

Drove us crazy for nearly 3 weeks with 4 sets misbehaving in identical fashion until the boss pushed on the eht lead going into the loptx tower. Wavering stopped !!! On all 4 sets !!

Boss says it was 'superior diagnostic skills'. Everybody else says fluke or desperation !

Since had same fault quite a few more times with Grundig/Matsui, and even once with a Ferguson ICC8 chassis. Can only assume that disturbing chassis moves eht lead slighty introducing a very slight resistance. This affects final anode accelerating voltage and accelerates beams at slightly different rates depending on beam current. Sounds plausible, but as usual I'm only making it up as I go along!

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