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Toshiba video Model(s) V632UK, V642UK, V752UK, V852UK - NVRAM Option Setting

29" Thomson, 29MT52 (ICC9 chassis) - Tripping!!

Checking an electrolytic capacitor without an ESR meter

Firstline TV Model: 1433GR - Dead set

General equipment failure when units warm / hot in high humidity environments

Magnetic Screwdrivers - Home Brew Methods!!

Nec Video Model: VN23 - Will not wind/rewind

Panasonic K mech Service codes / problems

Remote Testing, Simple method

Samsung TV Model: C15344 (S51A Chassis), Country code reset procedure

Samsung TV Model : CB-7230WT - Field collapse / repeated failure

Samsung TV Model: CB6330Z (P72-1 Chassis) - Field Collapse

Samsung 32" WI32W6VD3X/XEU - the battle commences

Sony TV (AE2F Chassis) - Set tripping every 2 seconds

Sony Video SLVSE720 / SLVSE820 - No Front display

Sony Video Models: SLV-SE720 and SLV-SE820 No Front display, wrong functions on front buttons. NVM DATA

The Elusive STRF6456 ? read this

Trivial Tips

Wavering Grundigs and Matsuis

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