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Mag Screwdrivers - Home Brew

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Magnetic Screwdrivers

When trying to guide screws into awkward positions, make life easier by making your own homebrew magnetised screwdriver, the scenario! some tv's need a long screwdriver to release the chassis frame, spk, or front panel, this is managed easily,.. but usually the screws drop off when released and end up hiding with the crowd of components on the pcb, time you have a hi/fi unit that is B.E.R. remove the spk magnet, stroke the driver back and forth N/S a few times.. or you could try winding a few turns of wire onto the shaft of the driver, leaving an end of wire at the top & bottom of the screwdriver shaft, then contact the two wire ends with say your car battery for a short period,this should magnetise it. My own method was to keep a speaker magnet beside the bench and when the magnetic field on the screwdriver weakens, a few strokes and bob's yer Auntie.

Magnetic screwdriver needed ? Easy - Just bang a hammer sharply on the end of the screwdriver a few times. Presto the screwdriver becomes magnetic

Re: Magnetic screwdriver tip from Neil. The screwdriver should be held in line with magnetic north for this method to be really effective.
73 Bob G4YRM

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