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Samsung 32 inch Widescreen WI32W6VD3X / XEU

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Author: Paul Matthews

Notes on Samsung 32 inch widescreen WI32W6VD3X / XEU

Picture of the chassis below with locations of circuits
The problem I had with the beast (& Samsung HQ)

Samsung were very unhelpful..... e.g. daytime national call
Hello is that Samsung, yep switchboard can u wait, wait, wait

Q. What's your ASA number
A. .... uh what's an ASA ? Audio sync Amplifier?

Q. Where do you buy your sets?
A. I mend em sonny, Customers buy 'Em from You

Q. Do you have a FAX ?
A. Nope- its blown by lightning and the fax switch never works properly,
I have the latest hi tech 24hour e' mail can u send the sheets/info as attach zz ...... nope,-....... We only deal with FAXES........

Q So how do you get into the service menu ?
A. We can only send it to a FAX

Q. +=/.#'~@ but you must copy the info to fax it ? otherwise it will not fit the fax machine
A. We only deal with FAXES,,,,, line goes dead........hmmmm ...

Back to the set symptoms, Blank Raster, all beams cut off, no sound, tuning locked on UHF channel 42 ! swish modulator, no response from Remote, signals getting to scart output #2, monitor with video monitor signals from remote getting into control chip

Managed to get the service sequence from a local dealer, numerous factory resets did not help,,,,,observe serial mem chip seems data in memory chip possibly corrupt,! unsolder pin 5 of 8 pin E/2 serial mem do power on sequence, hurrah, recovery, reconnect pin with screwdriver do reset, wait at least 30 seconds, switch off, resolder pin 5, switch on, ok now. set country standard (CI)=uk normal / zoom / 16:9 (Has 16:9 compress chip) do not select Plus,, not used in uk not all soft Pots settings are known ! if anybody knows them ?

After all this there was still no tv sound, clicks as remote keyed, scart cable/sat input ok !!
To cut a long story short seems the Nicam / audio surface mounted routing chip was U/S, as the customer was unwilling to fork out for a complete sound IF/Nicam/Dolby board @ 40 ish the tv input to the audio routing switch was linked to the mono output of the tv sound if chip & was bridged from the scart 1 output

Zzzzz time for a beer - Paul

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