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Sony Video SLVSE720 / SLVSE820

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Author: S J Johnson

Sony Video Model: SLVSE720 / SLVSE820
No display, front controls operate wrong functions, will auto play if cassette inserted
Note this is from memory sorry if some is not correct. Find C701 (47uF) near display on left, remove capacitor which will be faulty, fit new cap wrong way round as pcb markings are incorrect, after this the unit will still be faulty as the eprom needs reprograming. You will notice there is an extra tactile switch that is marked test with the front cover removed. This switch and one on the remote will get you into the service mode (sorry can not remember remote switch) the problem now is that all the controls are in the wrong place and the test switch has moved, i have found it moves to the rec switch on 4 units i have repaired but it could be any one try them all. reprogram data as per model. Note i will send update with the data and any corrections when i get my notes. p.s do not know if this is on all these models or just a small production run (may be some one knows ?) Last point - i have one of these where the eprom would not reprogram, have yet to fit a new eprom, will update when fitted with results

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