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Samsung TV Model: CB6330Z (P72-1 Chassis)

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Author: John

Samsung TV Model: CB6330Z (P72-1 Chassis)
Vertical Field Collapse, thin line in centre of screen
IC301 (TDA3654) faulty, C301 (100uF, 50V, 85deg) faulty. Replaced IC301 and upgraded C301 to 100uF 63V 105deg. If fault is still there after replacement of IC301 and C301, replace IC401 (TDA2579A) There is a close relative of the model of the CB-6330z and that is the CB-7230w. This television had a design fault. The most commonly repaired fault was vertical collapse. The early suggested method was to add a couple of diodes two the i.c. it was thought that static discharge was causing the TDA-3654 to fail. This modification was later dropped and a new modification was available. The mod kit consisted of a TDA-3654Q, and another heatsink added on top of the existing one. Samsung also suggest replacing all electrolytic capacitors in the vertical stage.and all the high voltage electrolytic capacitors in the secondary of the power supply. I've since conducted my own tests and have found that the vertical resistance on the yoke is 7 ohms, in my opinion that is a short. The i.c. cannot handle this. If the above mentioned modification fails, then just clamp a small computer fan on the heatsink. this will put matters right

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