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Samsung TV Model : CB7230WT

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Author: John

Samsung TV Model : CB-7230WT
Vertical collapse / repeated failure
I've tried all the modifications that Samsung has suggested , but still have the same problem. My solution is to replace the TDA-3654 with a TDA-3654Q. add an extra heatsink on top of the existing one. Replace all capacitors in the vertical stage and all the high voltage capacitors on the secondary side of the power supply. The reason for the problem is that the i.c. runs too hot. the vertical resistance on the yoke measures 7 ohms. thats a short in my opinion for this i.c. to handle. if you get a set like this after you have carried out the above mentioned steps. The only thing you can do is to add a 12v computer fan to the heatsink this will fix the problem once and for all

Author: Toni

Samsung TV Model: CB-7230
With regard to the Samsung TV Model : CB-7230WT
No fan is necessary, only to reduce its ripple by adding a coil between the rectifier's cathode and the IC, as well two capacitors between each side of the coil and gnd. The coil is any you have from any tv set. it works really well, no one has come back

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