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Changes To The Forum

30th March 2003 - New European server online.

Due to the overwhelming demand at times on the Forums UK server we have now introduced a new European server with massive capacity, this will allow the Forum to be expanded and speed up access worldwide, the new high end server is located in a data center with a 7 Gigabit Internet backbone connection. Please bookmark the new address for the Forum on this server

4th March 2003 - New lighter side pages.

Readers have sent so many interesting stories about their experiences and memories of the repair trade, We think they deserve to have their own page, the new page is a great read and is located at

1st March 2003 - Work now completed on core code changes.

MAJOR TIPS DATABASE UPDATE :   27th February 2003 Sincere thanks again to all who have taken the time to contribute. Around 1000 new faults have been added to the Tips databases with many new Makes and Models.

February 2003 - Work is continuing on core code changes to the Forum and should be completed by the end of the 3rd week

Our latest press release with details of the Forums growth and future plans was recently published in the Trade Press. A copy of this latest release can be found at :

A major database update is planned for the Tips pages around the 20th Feb and should be available shortly after this date :-)

Welcome to 2003 - Our Best Wishes to everyone for the year ahead. Changes are currently underway as we write including changing the core code / buttons etc throughout the whole site !! This is a fair old task but will offer further enhancements and functionality to the Forum in the near future.

The first task of 2003 was to add a new Employment / Jobs page (after many requests !!), if your an Engineer looking for work or a change of scenery you can now post a Free request on the Forum. The new page is located at :

The new Google search which has been in Beta test for a few months has proved itself judging by the reduction in the number of repeated help requests for problems that had been solved and were available on the Forum. The search page is located at :
Our sincere thanks to Google for providing this new service.

Oct / Nov / Dec 2002: Sorry we have not been updating this page of late, there have been so many changes to the site / methods of posting etc etc (boring details but make the Forum more functional) Anyway many new pages have been added to the Forum including seperate Monitor & Miscellaneous repair tips pages. The Monitor Tips page can be accessed at :

The miscellaneous page which covers info on DVDs, CDs, Camcorders etc can be found at :

There are also a few new repair articles and general repair tips / information located at :

One last important page is our privacy policy page located at :

16th May 2002: update to the Faults databases, over 1000 new faults have been added!! including many new Makes and Models. Sincere Thanks again to everyone who has taken the time to contribute. Every single Tips page has been updated (again) for better browser compatibility (we hope !)

The latest stats show huge increases in the number of visitors to the site which has overloaded the server at certain times, you may receive a message saying "too many users", don't worry - please visit us later when things are quieter !! We hope to get this sorted soon.

Just like to say a big thanks to Adam and all at (aq) limited (our web host sponsors) for their Brilliant service. Please visit them at or even better, buy something from them and let them know that you saw them on E-repair !! -- this way we can continue to provide the forum free of charge

And Finally: Please keep sending your repair Tips - Much appreciated by all !!

22nd October 2001: MAJOR update to the Product Recalls page, lots of new info!! Latest details of electronic products safety issues, Please read as these notices may affect you or your customers.

17th October 2001: Third update to the Faults databases, Loads more new faults have now been added!! Thanks again to everyone who has taken the time to contribute. Every single Tips page has also had to be updated due to a quirky change with the new Explorer 6 browser (thanks Microsoft - Huh)

Over 20,000 engineers per month are now using the Tips pages, Please keep sending your repair Tips and help other engineers who may be stuck with an unfamiliar chassis / machine !!

P.S. Don't forget to click refresh on the fault index pages or you may be looking at the old versions of the pages cached by your browser!!

30th September 2001: Second MAJOR update to the Faults databases, Bucket loads of new faults have now been added!! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to contribute, Very much appreciated by all. Please keep them coming in!!

20th August 2001: Well we finally got there - PHEW, the online faults database is now available!! Thousands of Television and Video fault pages!! Best of all the new pages are FREE to service engineers, All we ask is that you send us YOUR tips to add to the online database.

A few BIG thank you's below for making these pages possible!!

Mark Stevenson (and the generous contributors and supporters of his site over the last 5 years)
For offering a lot of the original data and starting the ball rolling with the online database at the forum (Cheers)

Jackie F :
For countless hours sorting, editing, checking and preparing faults (your a genius - who never gives up - Brilliant)

Brian H :
For the HTML input & validation, cross browser checking and more (does nothing get past this man!!)

Mike L :
For making the worst tea (and for the Javascript, HTML, DBase, CGI and QB programming) - Gis a job (making tea !!)

Ok - seen enough, let's get to the databases - Please Click Here

23rd January 2001: Welcome to the new look site, If you experienced problems viewing the site before, we hope everything now looks ok, If not PLEASE LET US KNOW by sending us a message Here. We would be grateful if you could tell us your browser type & version number and if you have javascript enabled.

The new pages have been tested with Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera 5, & the Web TV browsers in as many resolutions as we can think of !!!
Work still continues on our ordering system pages for non java browsers, we hope to have this sorted soon.

If you are a regular visitor to the Forum don't forget to click your browser re-load or re-fresh button on all viewed pages to make sure you have the new versions loaded (All site pages now have the new navigation bar at the top below each title)

Ironically the pages have been changed not to take advantage of new whizz bang technologies like flash etc, but to be more compatible with older browsers and varying page resolutions.
The pages will now display normally with browsers that do not support javascript (or have java disabled)

Please note the cookie policy for the Service Engineers Forum remains the same: WE DON'T USE THEM.

More changes to the Forum are to follow soon, If there is something you would like to see covered on the site please email us Here.

And Finally: That's it for now, A quick thanks to Brian at WT for his time & head scratching on these pages (and for putting up with the rest of us at the Forum)!!

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